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Section i. The contribution or devise of fifty thousand dollars in 
cash, securities or property to the funds of the Museum shall 
render the donor eligible to be elected or declared a Benefactor 
of the Museum by the Board of Trustees. 

Sec. 2. The contribution of five thousand dollars in cash, securities 
or property to the funds of the Museum shall render the donor 
eligible to be elected or declared a Fellow of the Museum in 
Perpetuity by the Board of Trustees. Such person shall have a 
Fellow's right in Perpetuity for each sum of five thousand dol- 
lars so contributed, with the privilege in each case of appoint- 
ing the successor in such Fellow's right in Perpetuity. 

Sec 3. No future appointment of a successor shall be valid, unless 
the same shall be in writing, endorsed on or attached to the 
certificate, or by last will and testament. Should neither of 
these conditions be complied with, the Executor or Executors 
or the Administrator or Administrators of the deceased may 
nominate a successor subject to the approval of the Board of 
Trustees. . 

Sec 4. The contribution of one thousand dollars in cash, securities 
or property shall render the donor eligible to be elected a Fellow 
for Life by the Board of Trustees. 

Sec 5. The Trustees may elect to either of the above degrees any 
person who shall have given to the Museum books, works of 
art or objects for its collections, which shall have been duly 
accepted, to the value of the amount in money requisite to his 
admission to the same degree, and the President and Secretary 
shall issue diplomas accordingly, under the seal of the Museum. 

Sec 6. The Trustees may also elect Honorary Fellows of the 
Museum, in their discretion. 


There shall be the following classes of Members other than 
Members of the Corporation: 
Annual Members, who pay an annual contribution of #10. 



Sustaining Members, who pay an annual contribution of £25, and 
less than $100. 

Fellowship Members, who pay an annual contribution of $100 
or more. 

Contributing Members, who pay an annual contribution of $250 
or more. 

These contributions shall be payable on or before the first day of 
January in each year. 

All these classes of Members shall be entitled to the following 

First — A ticket admitting the Member and his family, and any 
non-resident friends visiting them, to the Museum on the two days 
of each week, namely, Monday and Friday, when the Museum is 
not open free to the public. 

Second — Ten complimentary tickets a year for distribution, each 
of which admits the bearer once on either Monday or Friday. These 
tickets must bear the signature of the Member. 

Third — An invitation to any general reception or lecture given 
by the Trustees at the Museum. 

Fourth — The services of the Museum Instructors. 

Fifth — A copy of the Annual Report. 
_ Sixth — A copy of the Monthly Bulletin. 

Seventh — A set, upon personal request, of all handbooks published 
by the Museum for general distribution. 

In addition to the privileges to which all classes of Members are 
entitled: Contributing, Sustaining, and Fellowship Members shall 
have, upon request, double the number of tickets to the Museum 
accorded to Annual Members; their families shall be included in the 
invitation to any general reception, and whenever their subscriptions 
in the aggregate amount to $1,000 they shall be entitled to be elected 
Fellows for Life and to become Members of the Corporation. 



Adams, Kempton 
Adams, Pierpont 
Adams, William 
Allen, Thomas, Jr. 
Andrews, Mrs. Jane E. 
Appleton, Frances R. 
Arnold, E. 

Arnold, Mrs. Edmund K. 
Arnold, Mrs. Harriette M. 
Arnold, Henry Newton 
Aymar, Mrs. Jose 
Baillie, William E. 
Baker, Miss Charlotte S. 
Baker, Edith Kane 
Baker, George F., Jr. 
Baker, Mrs. Guy Ellis 
Ballou, George W. 
Baltazzi, S. A. Warner 
Barney, Ashbel H. 
Barney, James W. 
Bartlett, Willard 
Bell, Dennistoun M. 
Bell, Louis V. 
Benjamin, William Evarts 
Bishop, Francis C. 
Bishop, Heber R. 
Bishop, James C. 
Bishop, Ogden M. 
Bliss, Walter Phelps 
Blodgett, Miss Eleanor 
Bloomingdale, Samuel J. 
Blumenthal, George 
Brower, William Loverich 
Brown, Alexander Har- 

Brown, Alfred Lockwood 

Brown, James Crosby 
Brown, Miss Mary Magoun 
BroWn, Thatcher Magoun 
Brown, Waldron Post 
Brown, William Adams 
Bryce, Peter Cooper 
Burgess, Mrs. Ruth Payne 
Butler, Howard Russell 
Carter, Mrs. Ernest T. 
Church, Willard 
Clews, Henry 
Coe, Mrs. Henry E. 
Colman, Samuel, Jr. 
Colt, Harris D. 
Cornell, Mrs. W. T. 
Cross, Mrs. Richard J. 
Curtis, Charlbs B. 
Cuyler, Thomas De Witt 
Dahlgren, Mrs. Drexel 
Dean, Bashford 
Debbas, John Abdo 
de Forest, Mrs. Amy Bright- 
de Forest, Johnston 
de Forest, Lockwood 
de Jonge, S. W. 
Delcambre, Mrs. Alfred P. 
Dering, Sylvester 
Devlin, Daniel C. 
Dodge, A. G. P. 
Dodge, Cleveland Hoadley 
Dodge, D. Stuart 
Dorr, George B. 
Douglas, Mrs. William P. 
Dows, David 
Duncan, A. Butler 



Dwight, Mrs. Edward F. 
Edgar, Morgan 
Ellis, Ralph 
Evans, Mrs. Mary J. 
Evarts, Allen W. 
Everit, William D. 
Fahnestock, William 
Ferguson, John C. 
Ferguson, Mrs. John C. 
Field, Edward M. 
Flagg, Mrs. Montague 
Folsom, George W. 
Foote, Sterling T. 
Forbes, M. E. 
Fuller, Charles 
Gandy, Miss Katharine 
Glaenzer, Richard Butler 
Godwin, Frederick Marquand 
Godwin, Harold 
Godwin, Mrs. Harold 
Gordon, Kenneth Bruce 
Gordon, William 
Gray, John Clinton 
Hall, Mrs. John H. 
Hall, John Hudson, Jr. 
Hamilton, Mrs. William P. 
Harrison, Mrs. H. Norris 
Hasbrouck, John Chester 
Henry, Mrs. Seton 
Hewitt, Miss Eleanor G. 
Hewitt, Miss Sarah Cooper 
Hicks, Theodore 
Hitchcock, Francis R. 
Hoag, Daniel Danforth 
Hoe, Arthur I. 
Howard, Mrs. May Sands 
Hunt, Joseph Howland 
Hunt, Richard Howland 
Huntington, Archer M. 
Huntington, Mrs. Henry E. 
Hyde, E. Francis 
Hyde, James Hazen 
Invison, William C. 
Jaffray, Edward S. 
James, Arthur Curtiss 
Jesup, Charles M. 

Jewett, W. Kennon 

Johnston, J. Herbert 

Johnston, John Humphreys 

Johnstone, Mrs. Alan 

Jones, Mrs. Cadwalader 

Jones, Mrs. Josephine K. 

Judson, Mrs. Isabelle Field 

Kahn, Otto H. 

Kennedy, Mrs. John S. 

Kerr, Mrs. Walter Raleigh 

King, George Gordon 

Kinnicutt, May A. 

Kitching, Mrs. Grace Elinor 

Knoedler, Roland F. 

Landon, Henry H. 

Lawrence, Henry C. 

Lawrence, Richard H. 

Ledyard, Lewis Cass 

Lehr, Mrs. Harry S. 

Lewisohn, Adolph 

Libbey, Jonas M. 

Lindley, Miss Mary Grace 

Lobdell, Mrs. Ruth A. 

Loeser, Charles A. 

Loubat, Joseph Florimond 

Loutrel, Cyrus H. 
Lummis, Benjamin R. 
McAlpin, David H., Jr. 
McClellan, George B. 
McCulloch, Mrs. Hugh 
Mali, Mrs. Pierre 
Marcy, Louis 
Marie, Mrs. Leon 
Marquand, Allan 
Marquand, Mrs. Henry 
Martin, Bradley, Jr. 
Mason, Alexander T. 
Mills, Ogden 
Moore, Charles B. 
Moore, Edward C, Jr. 
Moore, Mrs. Eliza Coe 
Moore, John Chandler 
Morgan, Alexander C. 
Morgan, Miss Anne 



Morgan, .Mrs. J. Pierpont 
Morgan, Junius Spencer, Jr. 
Morrell, William H. 
Murphy, Mrs. Mary Sheldon 
Olyphant, Robert Morrison, 


Osborn, William Church 
Peck, Thomas Bloodgood 
Pell, Alfred Duane 
Penrose, Mrs. Catharine 


Plummer, Mrs. Albert T. 
Porter, Mrs. Frank B. 
Potter, James Brown 
Prime, Ralph E. 
Renwick, William W. 
Rhinelander, Frederick W. 
Rhinelander, Thomas N. 
Riker, Samuel, Jr. 
Robbins, George D. Phelps 
Robinson, Arthur 
Robinson, Mrs. Eli K. 
Robinson, George H. 
Robinson, Nelson 
Robinson, Mrs. Nelson 
Rockefeller, John D., Jr. 
Rockefeller, William 
Roebling, John A. 
Root, Edward W. 
Root, Elihu 
Ryan, Thomas F. 
Satterlee, Mrs. Herbert L. 
Schott, Hubert 
Schott, Ralph Pingry 
Sedelmeyer, Charles 
Seney, Mrs. Robert 
Seney, Robert Nicholson 
Shaw, Quincy A. 
Shepard, Mrs. Finley J. 
Simpson, Mrs. John W. 
Slade, Mrs. Henry Lewis 
Sloane, William M. 
Slosson, Mrs. Annie T. 
Smillie, James C. 
Smillie, Ralph 

Smith, Caswell Moen 
Smith, Mrs. Charles Stewart 
Smith, Charles Stewart, Jr. 

Smith, Howard C 

Smith, Rene Moen 

Squires, Grant 

Sterling, Ruth Lancaster 

Stevens, Frederic W. 

Storer, Mrs. David A. 

Story, George H. 

Swords, Henry C. 

Tatham, Edwin 

Taylor, Mrs. Henry Osborn 

Taylor, Miss Isobel M. 

Teissier, Mrs. Geoffrey de 

Terry, Mrs. L. M. 

Terry, Roderick G. 

Thompson, Charles Miner 

Thorn e, Samuel, Jr. 

Tod, Robert E. 

Tod, William Stewart 

Tousey, Sinclair 

Townsend, Edward M. 

Trevor, Mrs. John B. 

Tuckerman, Paul 

tuckerman, walter rupert 

Van Alen, James J. 

Vanderbilt, Cornelius 

Vanderbilt, Mrs. Cornelius, 

Vanderbilt, Reginald C. 

Vaux, Downing 

Vincent, Mrs. Harriet Still- 

Wales, Edward H. 

Wallis, T. W. 

Wanamaker, Rodman 

Warburg, Felix M. 

Ward, H. Galbraith 

Waterbury, James M. 

Watrous, Harry W. 

Watson, John Hall 

Weatherbee, Mrs. Edwin H. 

Weitenkampf, Frank 

Welcher, Miss Alice Lee 

Welcher, Miss Amy Ogden 



Welcher, Miss Emma Avery Whitney, Mrs. Henry Payne 

Welcher, Lester G. Wickersham, George W. 

Welles, Benjamin Winthrop, Egerton L. 

Weston, Richard W. Wyckoff, Mrs. Peter B. 

Wetmore, Miss Edith Mal- Yewell, George H. 

vina Young, Mrs. Louise Hurlbut 

White, William Augustus Zasriskie, George 



Alexander Douglas 
Allen, Joel A. 
Andrews, Walter S. 
Baldwin, Joseph C, Jr. 
Baldwin, Moses G. 
Bell, Gordon Knox 
Bement, Edward 
Benedict, Henry Harper 
Berwind, John E. 
Bibb, William G. 
Billings, C. K. G. 
Bliss, Miss Catharine A. 
Bliss, Mrs. George T. 
Bliss, Robert Woods 
Bliss, Mrs. William H. 
Booth, Alfred 
Brawner, Ella F. 
Bridgham, Samuel W. 
Buell, James 

Burbige, Miss Virginia Marie 
Carr, William 
Cartier, P. C. 
Case, Henry P. 
Chadbourne, T. L. 
Clark, Robert Sterling 
Clark, William A. 
Clarkson, Banyer 
Coffin, C. A. 
Coffin, William Sloane 
Coles, J. Ackerman 
Colgate, William 
Connor, Washington E. 
Cox, Henry L. 
Crane, Zenas 
Crawford, William 
Curtis, G. Warrington 

Deering, Charles 
de Forest, Henry W. 
Delano, Moreau 
Delano, Mrs. Warren 
Dennis, John B. 
Dickerman, Watson B. 
Dickey, Mrs. Charles D. 
Dodge, Mrs. Marcellus H. 
Dominick, George F. 
Donald, Miss Anna Edgar 
Dows, Mrs. David, Sr. 
Du Pont, Coleman 
Fahnestock, Ernest 
Fahnestock, Harris 
Falk, Gustav 
Faulkner, Edward D. 
Field, Marshall 
Field, William B. Osgood 
Flagler, Harry Harkness 
Ford, James B. 
Foulds, Thomas H. 
Fowler, Charles A. 
French, Daniel C. 
Frick, Miss Helen Clay 
Gallatin, Albert Eugene 
Garvan, Francis P. 
Gary, Elbert H. 
Glaenzer, Eugene W. 
Goldman, Henry 
Goodwin, Philip Lippincott 
Gould, Charles W. 
Gould, George J. 
Green, Edward H. R. 
Guggenheim, Daniel 
Guggenheim, Murry 
Guggenheim, Sol. R. 



Guggenheim, William 
Gunther, Franklin L. 
Gurnee, Augustus C. 
Hadden, Marie Torrance 
Halsey, R. T. Haines 
Hamersley, L. Gordon 
Harding, Duncan B. 
Harding, J. Horace 
Harriman, Mrs. E. H. 
Hatch, Edward, Jr. 
Hattori, Kihei 
Haupt, Louis 

Hearst, William Randolph 
Hepburn, A. Barton 
Hollins, Harry B. 
Howland, Meredith 
Howland, Samuel 
Hubbard, Samuel T. 
James, Mrs. Julian 
Jennings, Miss Annie B. 
Jennings, Walter 
Joline, Mrs. Adrian H. 
Jones, Francis C. 
Kane, Mrs. John Inness 
Kelley, Mrs. David J. 
Kirby, Thomas E. 
Ladd, Walter G. 
Lanier, Charles 
Lanthier, Louis A. 
Law, Miss Mary Alice 
Le Brun, Pierre L. 
Lee, Mrs. Frederic S. 
Lichtenstein, Alfred F. 
Loeb, James 

Luckemeyer, Mrs. Edward 
Lydig, Philip M. 
McCullough, John G. 
McHarg, Henry K. 
McMillin, Emerson 
Macy, V. Everit 
Macy, Mrs. V. Everit 
Maghee, John H. 
Mali, John Taylor Johnston 
Mansfield, Howard 
Maynard, Walter E. 
Metcalf, Manton B. 

Millett, Stephen C. 
Milton, Mrs. A. R. 
Morawetz, Victor 
Morgan, Mrs. J. P. 
Nathan, Robert F. 
Norton, Charles D. 
Notman, George 
Oehme, Julius 
Ogilvie, Helen Slade 
Or vis, Orel D. 

Osborn, Mrs. William Church 
Parker, Mrs. William L. 
Parmelee, Robert M. 
Parrish, James C. 
Parsons, John E. 
Peabody, George Foster 
Phillips, David L. 
Phillips, Harry L. 
Phipps, Henry 
Pierce, H. Clay 
Potts, Charles E. 
Pritchett, Henry S. 
Pulitzer, Ralph 
Riker, John J. 
Rogers, Henry H. 


Russell, Archibald D. 
Saltus, J. Sanford 
Samuels, Mitchell 
Schaus, William G. 
Schiff, Mortimer L. 
Scott, Stevenson 
Sherman, George 
Sibley, Hiram W. 
Simpson, John W. 
Sloane, William 
Spence, Miss Clara B. 
Steele, Charles 
Steers, James R. 
Stevens, Mrs. Byam K. 
Stewart, John A. 
Stillman, Charles 
Stokes, I. N. Phelps 
Stotesbury, Edward T. 
Straight, Mrs. Willard 
Sturgis, F. K. 



Stymus, W. Pierre Von Linden, Mrs. Isabel 

Talmage, John F. Waterbury, John I. 

Thompson, James Weeks, John A. 

Thompson, Mrs. William Welcher, M. P. 

Reed (Of Pittsburgh) Wheeler, Everett P. 

Thurber, Francis B. Williams, Blair S. 

Tiffany, Louis C. Wilson, Mrs. Theodore De- 
Tooth, Arthur hon 

Tuck, Edward Winthrop, Grenville Lindall 

Turner, Charles A. Wittmann, Joseph 

Uhl, Oswald W. Woerishoffer, Mrs. Anna 

Vanderbilt, F. W. Wylie, Walker Gill 



Angst, Sir Henry 
Armour, Allison V. 
Ballard, James F. 
Bode, William 
Bumpus, Hermon C. 
Clearwater, Hon. A. T. 
Dean, Bashford 
Dielman, Frederick 
Finley, John H. 
Gray, Morris 
Hutchinson, Charles L. 
Johnston, Miss Margaret 

Kaldenberg, Frederick R. 
Keppel, David 
Lockwood, Luke Vincent 
M annes, David 
Nuttall, Mrs. Zelia 

Palmer, George S. 
Paris, Wm. Francklyn 
Parsons, Miss Mary 
Place, Miss Lily S. 
Quinn, John 
Rey, Emile 
Riggs, William H. 
Robinson, Edward 
Roversi, Luigi 
Sherborn, Charles Da vies 
Straubenmuller, Gustave 
Taft, Hon. William Howard 
Walcott, Charles D. 
Waller, Frank 
Wenman, Hon. James F. 
Whiting, Miss Gertrude 
Williams, Charles F. 
Yatsu, Prof. Naohide 



Blount, Mrs. Charles Williams, Harrison 


Bache, Jules S. 
Bliss, Miss Lizzie P. 
Boettger, Henry W. 
Bowen, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Brice, Miss Helen 
Burlingham, Hiram 
Carnegie, Mrs. Andrew 
Carpenter, Miss Agnes 
Chalmers, Arthur A. 
Chanler, Robert W. 
Clifton, Charles 
Coe, W. R. 
Cowl, Clarkson 
Du Pont, Mrs. Coleman 
Duright, Mrs. E. F. 
Flagler, Mrs. Harry 

Fry, John H. 
Gerard, Mrs. James W. 
Hirsch, Angelo A. 
Huntington, H. E. 
Hyde, Mrs. Clarence M. 
Jennings, OJiver G. 
Kirkman, Sidney A. 
Lancashire, J. Henry 
Lancashire, Mrs. J. 

Lindenmeyr, Gustave 
McEwen, Mrs. Paul 
Maddock, John Brundrett 
Maddock, Mrs. John 

Markoe, Stephen C. 
Martin, Mrs. Walton 

Miller, Byron D. 
Park, Franklin Atwood 
Parsons, Mrs. John E, 
Peyton, Mrs. William C. 
Pyne, Percy R. 
Resor, Stanley 
Ryan, John D. 
Smathers, E. E. 
Spengler, Otto 
Thompson, Loren Ogden 
Tucker, Carll 
Ward, Artemas 
Webb, Mis. William 

Wickham, Mrs. Delos 0. 
Williams, Richard H. 
Woods, A. H. 



Achelis, Fritz 
Achelis, John 
Adams, Frederick B. 
Aldred, J. E. 
Alexander, John Franklin 
Allien, Frederick 
Altschul, Charles 
Anable, Courtlandt V. 
Archer, Mrs. George A. 
Armour, George Allison 
Armour, Mrs. H. O. 
Armsby, George 
Aubin, Miss Edith R. 
Auchincloss, Mrs. Hugh 

Avery, Charles F. 
Bachmann, Norbert H. 
Bacon, Mrs. Robert 
Baerwald, Emil 
Baerwald, Paul 
Baker, Stephen 
Bakewell, Mrs. Thomas 

Ballantine, Miss Isabel 

Bamberger, Louis 
Barber, James 
Barron, C. W. 
Bartlett, P. G. 
Bartow, Charles S. 
Baskerville, Mrs. Jessie 
Beard, Mrs. Jeremiah R. 
Beatty, W. Gedney 
Beaty, Amos L. 
Beer, Edwin 
Beers, John M. 
Begg, William R. 
Bell, Edward T. 
Bellak, Charles Morton 
Belmont, August 
Bendheim, Adolph D. 
Benedict, Lemuel C. 
Benson, Robert D. 
Benson, William S. 
Berberyan, Ohan S. 
Berolzheimer, Emil 

Bertron, S. R. 
Betts, Samuel R. 
Bid die, Louis A. 
Biddle, Mrs. Louis A. 
Biddle, Nicholas 
Billings, Mrs. Harry M. 
Billquist, C. Edward 
Bishop, Cortlandt F. 
Blashfield, Edwin H. 
Bleekman, John Ebene- 

Blum, Mrs. Albert 
Blumenthal, Hugo 
Blumenthal, Sidney 
Boese, Quincy Ward 
Bonaventure, Edmond C. 
Bond, Stephen Norman 
Bonner, G. T. 
Bonwit, Paul J. 
Bosworth, Mrs. William 

Boury, Louis J. 
Bowen, Miss Elizabeth 

Bradley, William H. 
Bragg, Caleb S. 
Brand, Mrs. Herbert W. 
Brandon, Isaac 
Brewster, Mrs. Benjamin 
Brewster, George S. 
Brewster, William 
Brown, Dickson Q. 
Brown, Edwin H. 
Brown, Elmer Ellsworth 
Brown, Miss Orella Doty 
Brummer, Harold M. 
Bry, Louis 
Buchman, Albert 
Bucknall, Mrs. Henry 

Budd, Henry A. 
Budlong, F. A. 
Bulkley, Edwin M. 
Bulkley, Mrs. Lucy K. 
Burchard, Mrs. A. W. 
Burchard, Anson W. 


Burlingham, Charles C. 
Burr, Winthrop 
Butler, Elmer T. 
Butler, William H. 
Cahen, James P. 
Caiman, Henry L. 
Cannon, H. W. 
Carhart, Hamilton 
Carlebach, Emil 
Carman, William W. 
Case, J. Herbert 
Cass, Alvin C. 
Chambers, Frank R. 
Chanler, Mrs. Winthrop 
Chapin, Edwin Seymour 
Chapin, S. B. 
Chase, George 
Cheney, George L. 
Chisholm, Hugh J. 
Choate, Joseph K. 
Chubb, Percy 
Church, C. T. 
Church, George H. 
Cinelli, Delfino 
Clapp, Arthur P. 
Clark, Miss E. Mabel 
Clarke, Lewis L. 
Cockcroft, Miss Mary T. 
Cohen, William N. 
Cokefair, Isaac W. 
Colgate, R. R. 
Connable, Mrs. John Lee 
Conway, Eustace 
Conway, Thomas F. 
Cook, Alfred A. 
Cooper, Mrs. M. Le Brun 
Cordier, Mrs. Auguste 

Cornwall, George H. 
Cortelyou, George B. 
Cowperthwait, Walter B. 
Cramer, Mrs. J. Van 

Crane, Frank H. 
Cravath, Mrs. Agnes H. 
Cravath, Paul D. 


Creighton, William V. 
Crews, Ralph 

Crocker, George A., Jr. 
Cromwell, James W. 

Cromwell, William Nel- 

Cross, John W. 

Currier, Mrs. E. B. 

Curtis, F. Kingsbury 

Curtis, W. J. 

Cutting, Mrs. W. Bayard 

Dakin, Mrs. Henry D. 

Dallett, Frederic A. 

Dater, John Grant 

Davidge, William H. 

Davis, William Hammett 

Davison, Alvah 

Davjson, George W. 

Davison, Henry P. 

Day, Mrs. Frank A. 

De Coppet, Mrs. L. C. 

de Forest, Henry L. 

de Forest, Shepherd K. 

De Lamar, Miss Alice A. 

Dery, D. George 

Despard, W. D. 

De Wild, Carel F. L. 

De Witt, Theodore 

Dick, J. Henry 

Dodd, Miss Gertrude 

Dodson, Robert B. # 

Dorman, Mrs. Richard 

Doscher, Henry 

Dowd, Joseph 

Dows, Mrs. David 

Dreier, Miss Dorothea 

Drummond, I. Wyman 

Dull, Mrs. A. P. L. 

Dunn, Mrs. Gano 

Dunn, Homer A. 

Duryea, Mrs. H. B. 

Dwight, Henry R. 

Dwight, John E. 

Dyer, George J. 

Eddy, Charles B. 

Edge, Mrs. Charles Noel 

Edison, Thomas A. _ 

Edwards, Mrs. William 

Eh ret, George 

El-Khoury, Mrs. Marie 

Elkus, Abram I. 

Elliman, Douglas 

Elliman, Lawrence Bo- 

Elliott, Howard 

Emery, Cornell 
Emmerich, William 
Emmet, Miss Lydia Field 
Emmons, Arthur B. 
Empey, Arthur Guy 
Engel, Louis G. 
Epstean, Edward 
Erickson, A. W. 
Erlanger, Mrs. S. B. 
Evatt, F. G. 
Faber, Lothar W. 
Fairchild, B. T. 
Farnam, Mrs. Tracy 
Farquhar, Percival 
Farrell, Thomas F. 
Fayor, Irving P. 
Feist, Leo 
Ferguson, Mrs. Charles 

Fermon, Edouard 
Ferris, Miss Amy 
Ferry, Mrs. Mansfield 
Fjsher, Leon 
Fitz-Simons, Mrs. Paul 
Flagler, John H. 
Fleischmann, Leon 
Fletcher, Mrs. Henry 
Flindell, E. Fred. 
Floyd-Jones, Edward H. 
Fowler, Arthur A. 
Francklyn, Mrs. Cyril 
Frank, Edgar E. 
Fraser, R. C. 
Frederick, Mrs. Leopold 
Frew, Walter E. 
Frost, Edward I. 
Frueauff, Frank W. 
Fuller, George A. 
Gallatin, R. Horace 
Garver, John A. 
Gest, Morris 
Gilbert, Cass 
Gilliss, Walter 
Gleason, Herbert P. 
Goldfrank, Mrs. B. 
Goldman, Mrs. Henry 
Goldman, Julius 
Goldschmidt, S. A. 
Goman, H. A. 
Goodhart, Howard L. 
Goodhue, Bertram G. 
Goodrich, Charles C. 
Goodwin, Mrs. James J. 
Gould, Charles A. 
Gould, Edwin 
Grace, Lee Ashley 
Grace, Mrs. W. R. 


Graham, Sinclair 

Graves, Henry, Jr. 

Gray, Arthur D. 

Graziadei, John D. 

Greenough, John 

Griffith, Miss Susan D. 

Griswold, Mrs. F. Gray 

Guggenheim, Simon 

Gunther, Mrs. Frederick 

Gurnee, Mrs. W. S. 

Guthrie, W. D. 

Haas, Mrs. Harriet F. 

Hagemeyer, Mrs. Frank, 

Hagerty, George V. 

Hague, Miss Marian 

Haig, C. H. 

Hall, Mrs. Cornelia Ward 

Hamilton, Miss Eliza- 
beth Stewart 

Hammerstein, Mrs. Os- 

Hammond, John Henry 

Hare, J. Montgomery 

Harkin, Frank A. 

Harkness, Mrs. W. L. 

Harmon, William E. 

Harris, John F. 

Harrison, Benjamin V. 

Hatfield, Joshua A. 

Hauswirth, Louis 

Havemeyer, Horace 

Heaton, Wm. Weaver 

Hegeman, Benjamin A., 

Hencken, Hancke 

Herman, Max 

Herrick, Newbold L. 

Higbie, James S. 

Higgins, Mrs. Samuel 

Hine, Francis L. 

Hines, Mrs. Walker D. 

Hitch, Mrs. Frederic 

Hochschild, Berthold 

Hodgman, Hope K. 

Hoe, Richard March 

Hoe, Mrs. Richard 

Holden, Mrs. Edwin B. 

Holmes, E. Burton 

Hopkinson, Ernest 

Howard, Mrs. Frederick 

Howard, Mrs. John L. 

Howell, Maxwell D. 


Hoyt, Colgate 
Hoyt, Edward C. 
Hoyt, John Sherman 
Hoyt, Theodore R. 
Hubbard, Walter C. 
Hubert, Conrad 
Hull, John A. 
Humphreys, Mrs. Arents 
Hurd, George B. 
Hutchins, R. G., Jr. 
Hutton, Mrs. Edward F. 
Imbrie, James 
Iselin, Adrian 
Iselin, Mrs. Adrian 
Iselin, William E. 
Ives, Mrs. Brayton 
Jacob, Samuel Keller 
Jaffray, Robert 
James, Mrs. Walter B. 

James, Mrs. Wortham 
aretzki, Alfred 
eaume, Jean 
enkins, Alfred W. 
ennings, Robert E. 
Johnson, Guy B. 

iones, De Witt Clinton 
ones, Mrs. Edward H. 
ones, William R. 
udkins, Everett L. 
Kane, Mrs. De Lancey 
Keeble, Frank H. G. 
Kelley, Solon C. 
Kennedy, E. G. 
Kerr, John B. 
King, Mrs. Le Roy 
Kiser, John W. 
Kleinberger, Francis 
Knapp, Mrs. George 

Koch, William T. 
Kohl, Mrs. Caroline L. 
Kohn, Albert M. 
Kohn, Emil W. 
Kohnstamm, Joseph 
Koopman, Joseph 
Kountze, Miss Elizabeth 
Kursheedt, Alphonse H. 
Laighton, Alfred P. 
Lamb, Lowell 
Lambert, Samuel W. 
Lamont, Miss Elizabeth 

Lamprecht, Theodore H. 
Landau, Kirk A. 
Lane, Edward V. Z. 
Lanjer, Henry M. 
Lanier, Mrs. J. P. D. 

Lapham, Lewis H. 

Larson, Mrs. Peter 

Law, Robert, Jr. 

Leask, George 

Lee, Humphrey A. 

Leewitz, A. 

Lefferts, M. C. 

Leffingwell, R. C. 

Lehman, Arthur 

Lehman, Irving 

Lehman, Philip 

Lehman, Mrs. Philip 

Lehman, Robert 

Lehne, Richard W. 

Leland, Miss Eufrasia 

Leon, Henry 

Leslie, W. Gray 

Levinson, Edwin D. 

Levy, B. E. 

Lewis, E. St. Elmo 

Ley, Fred. T. 

Lindsay, Harley B. 

Lissberger, M. 

Livermore, Arthur L. 

Livingston, Louis 
Lloyd, Richard Lewis 
Loeb, Julius 
Loeb, Mrs. Morris 
Loines, Russell H. 
Loinger, Morris M. 
Lord, Andre 
Lord, Daniel M. 
Lord, Frank 
Lord, Mrs. Frederic W. 
Low, Ethelbert Ide 
Lowe, Henry W. 
Lyle, Miss Janet 
Lyman, Alexander S. 
Lynch, William J. Turner 
Lyon, Arthur S. 
McAlpin, Charles W. 
McCampbell, Leavelle 
McCann, Francis J. 
McClintock, Gilbert S. 
McCulloh, Allan 
McCulloh, James S. 
McGarrah, G. W. 
McGregor, Robert 
McKelvey, Robert 
McKenney, Henry P. 
McKim, John A. 
McRoberts, Samuel 
MacCracken, John H. 
Macdonald, Ranald H. 
MacDonough, Glen 
Mackay, Clarence H. 
Mackay, Donald S. 


MacKelvie, Mrs. Bruce 

Mackenzie, Clinton 

MacNeill, Mrs. Charles 

Magrath, George F. 
*Maguire, Mrs. J. D. 

Maher, James S. 

M aland re, Theodore 

Manderson, E. W. 

Manges, Morris 

Mann, George W. 

Mansfield, Mrs. Howard 

Marble, Mrs. John P. 

Markle, John 

Markoe, Mrs. John 

Marling, Alfred E. 

Maron, Otto 

Marshall, Louis 

Marston, Edwin S. 

Mason, George Grant 

Masten, Everett 

Maxwell, Francis T. 

Mead, William Ruther- 

Meade, Richard W. 
Menezes, T. Langgaard 

Metcalf, Jesse 
Meyer, Arthur G. 
Meyer, Eugene, Jr. 
Meyer, Fredrik Fischer 
Meyer, Julius P. 
Meyer, Walter E. 
Middlebrook, Frederic J. 
Milburn, John G. 
Milch, Albert 
Miller, Charles R. 
Miller, Frank E. 
Miller, L. B. 
Milliken, Gerrish H. 
Miner, Henry M. 
Mitchell, Arthur Min- 

Mitchell, Francis L. 
Mohan, Herbert 
Moller, Miss S. Adelina 
Montross, N. E. 
Moore, Casimir de R. 
Moore, Mrs. Edward S. 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 
More, Miss Alice M. 
Morgan, William Fel- 

Morgenthau, Mengo L. 
Morrell, J. B. 
Morrow, Dwight W. 
Morse, Charles A. 


Mortimer, Stanley, Sr. 
Mosenthal, Philip J. 
Muelberger, Eric 
Muller, Carl 
Munn, Charles A. 
Myers, L. G. 
Nadelman, Mme. Elie 
Nahon, Edward E. 
Nathan, Alfred 
Newhall, Henry B. 
Newton, Francis 
Nichols, Mrs. George 
Notman, Arthur 
Notman, Howard 
Notman, Mrs. Kathrine 

Nutting, Wallace 
Obermeyer, Joseph 
O'Brien, Morgan J. 
Ochs, Adolph S. 
Olds, Edward A. 
Olyphant, Robert 
Opdyke, William S. 
Orth, Charles D. 
Ottinger, Marx 
Ottley, James H. 
Oudin, Lucien 
Pagenstecher, Albrecht 
Parker, Junius 
Peloubet, Louis G. 
Penfold, Edmund 
Pentz, A. Maclay 
Perkins, Robert P. 
Peters, Mrs. Theodore 
Pfeiffer, Curt G. 
Pfeiffer,_ Gustavus A. 
Pforzheimer, Arthur 
Phelan, Michael F. 
Pierrepont, Mrs. Seth 

Pitcairn, Raymond 
Platzek, M. Warley 
Pond, Miss Florence L. 
Poor, Ruel W. 
Pope, Charles F. 
Pope, James E. 
Porter, Mrs. Henry Kirke 
Porter, William H. 
Pratt, George D. 
Pratt, Harold I. 
Pratt, Mrs. Harold I. 
Pratt, John T. 
Price, Joseph F. 
Prince, Julius 
Prince, Mrs. Winifred N. 
Pulitzer, Mrs. Joseph 
Putzel, Leopold 

Pyle, Mrs. James Tolman 

Raymond, H. H. 

Rea, Samuel 

Read, George R. 

Reid, Ogden M. 

Reid, Mrs. Whitelaw 

Rennult, William 

Reynolds, Mrs. H. 

Rhines, I. Olcott 

Rhoades, Miss Nina 

Richards, Ellis G. 

Riegger, Arnold F. 

Riesenfeld, Hugo 

Riker, William J. 

Rives, William C. 

Roach, Miss Emeline 

Robbins, Charles S. 

Robbins, Mrs. Julian W. 

Rodewald, Frederick L. 

Roe, Albert J. 

Roelker, H. B. 

Rogers, E. L. 

Rogers, Mrs. G. R. 

Roosevelt, Mrs. James 

Roosevelt, Mrs. Theo- 
dore, Sr. 

Rosenbaum, Harold A. 

Rosenbaum, Selig 

Rosenbaum, Sol. G. 

Rossin, Alfred S. 

Rouss, Peter W., Jr. 

Runyon, Walter Clark 

Ruppert, George E. 

Rupprecht, Frederick 

Russell, Mrs. Horace 

Russell, Miss Marie L. 

Ruutz-Rees, Miss Caro- 

Ryan, John Barry 

Ryle, Arthur 

Sabin, Charles H. 

Sachs, Arthur 

Sachs, Harry 

Sachs, Julius 

Sachs, Samuel 

Sadowsky, Reuben 

Saks, Horace A. 

Sampson, Charles E. 

Sandhagen, H. 

Sands, Adolph 

Sanfihppo, Frank 

Sargent, Miss Georgiana 

Satterlee, Herbert L. 

Scheuer, Arnold L. 


Schnakenberg, D. _ 
Schniewind, Heinrich, Jr. 
Schutz, Bernard 
Schwarzenbach, Robert 

Scott, Miss Mary Evelyn 
Scott, Walter 
Scoville, Robert 
Scudder, Willard 
See, Alonzo B. 
Sefton, Edwin 
Seligman, Jefferson 
Senff, Mrs. Gustavia A. 
Seymour, Daniel 
Seymour, Henry T. 
Sheldon, Edward W. 
Shepard, Mrs. Elliott F. 
Shepherd, James G. 
, Shoemaker, James M. 
Shreve, J. Nelson 
Siegman, Samuel M. 
Simmons, Benjamin F. 
Simon, Franklin 
Simon, Joseph 
Skerten, Mme. P. R. 
Skinner, William 
Skougaard, Jens 
Slade, Francis Louis 
Slater, Mrs. William A. 
Sloan, Benson B. 
Sloan, Samuel 
Sloane, Henry T. 
Sloane, John 
Slocum, J. J. 
Smith, Charles Robinson 
Smith, Elias D. 
Smith, Miss Fanny A. 
Smith, R. K. 
Smithers, Mrs. Frances S. 
Solomon, Eugene 
Spencer, Vivian 
Sperling, Emil M. 
Starr, Louis Morris 
Steinmetz, Miss Clara W. 
Steinway, Frederick T. 
Stern, Mrs. Elise M. 
Sterrett, Joseph E. 
Steward, Alexander M. 
Stewart, Elwin K. 
Stewart, Lispenard 
Stewart, Wm. Rhine- 
Stillman, Chauncey 
Stimson, Daniel M. 
Stone, Miss Ellen J. 
Stone, Galen L. 
Stralem, C. I. 

Straus, Herbert N. 
Straus, Jesse Isidor 
Straus, Percy S. 
Strauss, Albert 
Strauss, Charles 
Strauss, Frederick 
Streit, Mrs. Samuel F. 
Stursberg, Julius A. 
Stursberg, William 
Swan, Harry 
Tag, Albert 
Taylor, Charles H. 
Taylor, Mrs. Ida T. 
Taylor, Irving K. 
Taylor, Robert Coleman 
Taylor, Stevenson 
Thompson, Edward 
Thompson, Mrs. Gris- 

wold A. 
Thompson, J. S. 
Thompson, Mrs. Lewis 

Thorne, Mrs. Jonathan 
Tiedemann, Theodore 
Tilton, Mrs. Benjamin T. 
Titus, Erastus, Jr. 
Titus, Norman E. 
Tod, J. Kennedy 


Todd, W. Parsons 
Towne, Henry R. 
Troescher, A. F. 
Trowbridge, Breck 
Tuckerman, Alfred 
Tuthill, William Burnet 
Tuttle, Miss Margaret 

Twombly, Mrs. Arthur 

Ulmann, Carl J. 
Valentine, Mrs. Patrick 

Van Vleck, Miss Jane 
Varnum, Mrs. James M. 
Velie, Jesse G. 
Von Zedlitz, Mrs. Anna 
Voynich, Wilfred M. 
Wade, Louis B. 
Walker, William I. 
Ward, John G. 
Warner, Charles M. 
Warner, William E. 
Warren, Mrs. John 

Watson, Mrs. Charles W. 
Webb, Thomas D. 
Webster, Hamilton Fish 

Wellington, Miss Eliza- 
beth R. 
Welwood, John C. 
Weston, Edward 
Wey, H. F. G. 
Wheeler, Miss Lilla C. 
Whitaker, John E. 
Whitall, W. Van R. 
White, Alexander M. 
White, Harold T. 
Whiting, Giles 
Whitlach, Mrs. Agnes B. 
Whitney, George 
Wilgus, Mrs. William J. 
Willcox, WiUiam G. 
Williams, William 
Williams, William E. 
Wilson, Mrs. Henry B. 
Wilson, Orme, Jr. 
Wilson, R. Thornton 
Wimpfheimer, Charles A. 
Wise, Edmond E. 
Wolff, Mrs. Lewis S. 
Woodhull, Daniel E. 
Worcester, Edwin D. 
Wren, Mrs. Edward 
You, C. F. 
Zicha, August R. 



Aaron, David 

Aaron, Herman 

Abbate, Paolo S. 

Abbe, Robert 

Abberbock, Harry- 
Abbes, Diedrich 

Abbott, Franklin 

Abbott, Lyman 

Abbott, Samuel N. 

Abbott, Theodore J. 

Abel, L. Hosford 

Abell, Earle F. 

Abenheimer, Louis H. 

Abraham, Joseph H. 

Abraham, Ludolph H. 

Abrahams, Mrs. Mark L. 

Abrahams, Max 

Abrahams, Mrs. Michael 

Abrahams, Robert 

Abrahamson, Isador 

Abramson, Ivan 

Abromeit, Carl M. 

Acheson, Edward G. 

Ackerman, Ernest 

Ackerman, Mrs. Eugene 

Ackerman, Samuel 

Ackermann, Mrs. A. M. 

Acly, Miss Julia H. C. 

Adams, C. E. 

Adams, Charles J. 

Adams, Comfort A. 

Adams, Elbridge L. 

Adams, Miss Evangeline 

Adams, Mrs. Frances Q. 

Adams, George Matthew 

Adams, Herbert 

Adams, John P. 

Adams, Maurice D. 

Adams, Thomas W. 

Adams, Walter 

Adams, Mrs. Warren S. 

Adams, Wayman 

Adams, William Critten- 

Adams, William R. 
Addinsell, H. M. 
Addoms, Everett 
Addoms, Mortimer C. 
Adee, George T. 
Adelson, Abraham N. 
Aderer, Julius 
Adkins, Leonard D. 
Adleman, I. M. 
Adler, Jerome C. 
Adler, Max 
Adler, Mortimer C. 
Adler, Morton L. 
Adler, Samuel A. 
Adlman, Harry 
Agar, John G. _ 
Agnew, Cornelius R. 
Agnew, Mrs. George B. 
Agostini, Victor D. 
Ahles, Robert L. 
Ahlstrom, Carl F. 
Ahnelt, Mrs. Katharine S. 
Ainslie, George H. 
Aird, Alexander 
Aitchison, John R. 
Aitken, Miss Helen J. 
Aitken, Mrs. John 
Akin, Albro 
Albee, Edward F. 
Albers, William F. 
Albert, Benjamin 
Alberti, Eva 
Alcock, William A. 
Aldcroftt, Richard B. 
Alden, Percy S. 
Alder, Thomas P. 
Alderton, George Hardy 
Aldrich, Chester Holmes 
Aldrich, Miss Lucy 
Aldrich, Mrs. Margaret 

Aldrich, Mrs. Winthrop 


Aldridge, Darwin R. 
Alexander, Mrs. E. M. 
Alexander, Ernest W. 


Alexander, F. 
Alexander, Frank D. 
Alexander, George 
Alexander, Harry 
Alexander, Mrs. Henry 

Alexander, J. S. 
Alexander, Mrs. John W. 
Alexander, Miss Ma- 

Alexander, Mrs. Nathan 

Alexander, 0. L. 
Alexander, Peter 
Alexandre, Mrs. John E. 
Alger, Mrs. Ellice M. 
Alger, Mrs. George W. 
AH, Mrs. George D. 
Alker, James W. 
Alkus, Isaac 
Alleman, Mrs. O. F. 
Allen, Mrs. Alvoni R. 
Allen, Arthur H. 
Allen, Charles Dexter 
Allen, Ethan 
Allen, Miss F. G. 
Allen, Francis B. 
Allen, Frederic W. 
Allen, J. Roy 
Allen, James Frederick 
Allen, Jerome R. 
Allen, Joseph H. 
Allen, Mrs. Kathryn W. 
Allen, Miss Mary 
Allison, S. J. 
Allison, W. M. 
Almirall, Mrs. Raymond 

Almond, Mrs. Thomas R. 
Alofsin, Louis M. 
Alpern, Milton 
Alsberg, William 
Alsop, G. F. 

Alsop, Joseph Wright, Jr. 
Altman, Mrs. Morris P. 
Altmayer, Leon S. 


Altschul, Miss Clara 

Altschul, Frank 

Alverdi, Miss Blanche 

Alvord, Andrew P. 

Amberg, Harold V. 

Ambos, C. L. 

Ambrose, Miss Ida V. 

Amdur, Morris 

Amend, Mrs. Elenore 

Ameresi, Umile 

Amerman, William H., 

Ames, Miss C. McE. 

Ames, Edward Winslow 

Amling, Mrs. M. 

Amoroso, D. F. 

Amsden, Mrs. Medora A. 

Amundsen, A. N. 

Anderson, A. A. 

Anderson, Alexander L. 

Anderson, Anselm P. 

Anderson, Archibald J. 
C. (In memory of) 

Anderson, F. Richard 

Anderson, George A. 

Anderson, J. Herbert 

Anderson, John 

Anderson, John B. 

Anderson, P. Chauncey 

Anderson, Percy E. 

Anderson, Ronald 

Anderton, Stephen Phil- 

Andre, Jorge R. 

Andreini, J. M. 

Andrews, Archie M. 

Andrews, Mrs. Barrett 

Andrews, C. Sperry 

Andrews, Charles Lee 

Andrews, Miss Charlotte 


Andrews, Miss G. K. B. 
Andrews, Mrs. George H. 
Andrews, Gwynne M. 
Andrews, Henry E. 
Andrews, Mrs. Samuel 

Andrews, William N. 
Angelon, Emil 
Annin, R. E. 
Ansbacher, David A. 
Anthony, Daniel 
Anthony, Joseph J. 
Anthony, Miss Minnette 

Anthony, Mrs. Nicholas 


Anthony, Wilfred E. 

Antolim, Dante 

Antony, Charles L. 

Apfel, Charles L. 

Appell, Albert J. 

Appleton, Herbert 

Appleton, M. 

Aranow, Frank 

Arbib, Arthur 

Archbold, John F. 

Archer, Mrs. H. W. 

Archibald, James F. J. 

Archibald, Miss Mary L. 

Ardrey, Mrs. J. Howard 

Arend, Francis J. 

Arents, George, Jr. 

Argueso, Manuel 

Arkell, Bartlett 

Arkush, Mrs. Ralph M. 

Arkush, Reuben 

Arleigh, Miss Phoebe 

Armitage, Joshua D. 

Armor, Grant 

Armour, Bernard R. 

Armour, Mrs. William 

Armstrong, Arthur S. 

Armstrong, C. M. 
Armstrong, David _W. 
Armstrong, Frederick S. 
Armstrong, William A. 
Armstrong, William B. 
Armstrong, William C. 
Armstrong, William J. 
Arnold, Dr. Alice R. 
Arnold, Miss Charlotte B. 
Arnold, Edward W. C. 
Arnold, Felix 
Arnold, Frank 
Arnold, Mrs. Glover C. 
Arnold, Mrs. W. H. 
Arnott, Charles E. 
Arnstein, Albert H. 
Arnstein, Alex. 
Arnstein, Mrs. Leo 
Aron, Harold G. 
Aron, Jacob 
Arons, Mrs. Samuel 
Aronsohn, Mrs. Harry 
Aronson, Mrs. L. A. 
Aronson, Max _ 
Aronstein, William 
Arrowood, Stacy D. 
Arrowsmith, Gilbert C. 
Arthur, James B. 
Arvedson, Mrs. George C. 
Arvidson, Karl A. 
Asch, Ben M. 


Asch, Mrs. Etta 
Ascheim, David J. 
Ascher, Mrs. Moses 
Ascione, Gennaro 
Ash, Elias 
Ash, Mark 
Ashforth, Albert B. 
Ashforth, Edward 
Ashley, Edward E._, Jr. 
Ashman, Mrs. Elizabeth 

Ashmore, Mrs. Sidney G. 
Asiel, Nelson 
Aspell, John 
Aspell, Miss S. B. 
Aspinwall, Miss Eliza M. 
Ast, Abraham W. 
Atkins, Mrs. Harold B. 
Atkins, Richard T. 
Atkinson, C. J. 
Atkinson, Henry A. 
Atterbury, Anson P. 
Atterbury, Mrs. John T. 
Atwater, William C. 
Auchincloss, Mrs. Charles 

Auchincloss, Mrs. E. S. 
Auchincloss, Hugh 
Auchincloss, John W. 
Audibert, Xavier M. 
Auerbach, A. Leopold 
Auerbach, Joseph S. 
Auerbacher, Louis J. 
August, Mrs. Harmon 
Austen, Mrs. Valle 
Austin, Chellis 
Austin, Dwight E. 
Austin, George H. 
Austin, William H. 
Avery, Miss Myrtilla 
Avignone, Frank 
Axman, Mme. Gladys 
Aycrigg, B. Arthur 
Ayer, Charles F. 
Ayer, James C. 
Ayres, Clifford H. 
Ayres, Louis 
Babbage, Richard G. 
Babbitt, Mrs. K. R. 
Babbott, Frank L. 
Babcock, F. Huntington 
Babcock, J. W. 
Babcock, Woodward 
Babst, Earl D. 
Bach, Frederick F. 
Bach, Milton J. 
Bache, Leopold 


Bachia, Robert 
Bachman, Louis 
Backus, Grosvenor 
Bacon, Francis M., Jr. 
Bacon, George W. 
Bacon, Henry 
Bacon, John F. 
Bacon, Marshal Chandler 
Bacon, Rogers H. 
Baecheller, Mrs. George 

Baer, Mrs. Abraham 
Baer, Armand, Jr. 
Baer, Mrs. Herbert M. 
Baer, Ludwig 
Baer, Mrs. Max 
Baermann, Miss Hermine 
Bagg, Mrs. Clinton L. 
Bagot, Peter 
Bagues, Robert J. 
Bahnsen, Christian 
Bahr, A. W. 
Bailey, Edward H. 
Bailey, Harold 
Bainbridge, Arthur C. 
Baird, Charles 
Baird, John J. 
Baird, Robert B. 
Baker, Benjamin H. 
Baker, Frederic A. 
Baker, Miss Hettie G. 
Baker, Robert B. 
Baker, Mrs. Wendell 
Baker, William S. 
Balamuth, Herman L. 
Balch. F. D. P. 
Baldridge, William H. 
Baldwin, Alvi T. 
Baldwjn, C. L. 
Baldwin, Edward E. 
Baldwin, Edwin 
Baldwin, Frederick H. 
Baldwin, G. V. N, Jr. 
Baldwin, Mrs. Henry de 

Baldwin, Runyon S. 
Baldwin, W. D. 
Baldwin, William H. 
Ball, David C. 
Ball, Levester G. 
Ball, R. Newham 
Ball, S. H. 
Ball, T. Arthur 
Ballantine, Arthur A. 
Ballantine, John Herbert 
Ballard, Miss Anna 


Ballard, Edward L. 
Ballin, Mrs. Jacques 
Bambach, Christian 
Bamberger, Mrs. William 

Bancroft, Frederic W. 
Bandler, Mrs. David 
Bandler, Harry S. 
Bandler, Samuel W. 
Bane, William L. 
Bang, Charles 
Bangs, Mrs. Lemuel B. 
Banks, Henry W. 
Banks, Mrs. James L., 

Banks, Mrs. Theodore H. 
Bannard, Otto T. 
Banner, Mrs. Eugene 
Banton, Joab H. 
Barbour, Mrs. F. K. 
Barbour, Miss Kate 
Barclay, Mrs. James Lent 
Barclay, Mrs. Reginald 
Bard, Albert S. 
Bares, Emmerich 
Baring, Charles 
Barker, Mrs. Fordyce D. 
Barker, Frank 
Barker, Mrs. H. O. 
Barker, Louis H. 
Barker, Percival M. 
Barker, Wendell P. 
Barker, William H. 
Barlow, Mrs. Thad. S. 
Barnaby, Kenneth T. 
Barnard, William H. 
Barnes, Mrs. Courtlandt 

Barnes, Davis 
Barnes, George W. 
Barnes, Henry B. 
Barnes, Ira C. 
Barnes, Mrs. J. H. 
Barnes, John W. 
Barnes, Julius H. 
Barnes, Mrs. Richard S. 
Barnett, Charles M. 
Barnett, Mrs. Chester P. 
Barnett, Mrs. L. H. 
Barnett, Maurice 
Barney, Mrs. Charles T. 
Barney, Edgar S. 
Barney, J. E. 
Barnum, Walter 
Barnum, William H. 
Barnum, William M. 
Barnwell, R. Huntingtoh 


Barras, Mrs. Madeleine 

Barratt, Roswell F. 
Barrie, George 
Barron, George D. 
Barrows, Ira 
Barrows, Miss Louise 
Barrows, Miss Nancy 
Barry, Mrs. B. J. 
Barry, J. G. H. 
Barry, L. Frank 
Barsky, J. 

Barthman, F. William 
Bartholomew, Raymond 

Bartlett, B. P. 
Bartlett, Frank S. 
Bartol, Henry G. 
Barton, C. Vanderbilt 
Barton, William O. 
Bartos, M. 
Bartow, Francis D. 
Baruch, B. M. 
Baruch, Benjamin 
Baruch, Emanuel de M. 
Baruch, Mrs. S. W. 
Baruth, B. K. 
Basford, G.M. 
Baskin, Julius 
Bass, Mrs. E. W. 
Bass, Mrs. Jacob 
Bass, Mrs. James M. 
Bassett, Edward M. 
Bassett, Mrs. John H. R. 
Bassett, N. B. 
Bassler, Anthony 
Bastedo, Helen Russell 
Bate, Oscar M. 
Bates, Mrs. Andrew J. 
Bates, Mrs. Charles A. 
Bates, Mrs. Frank D. 
Bates, John E. 
Bates, Mrs. Joseph 
Bateson, Mrs. E. Farrar 
Batten, L. W. 
Batterman, Henry L. 
Batterson, James G. 
Battey, William J. 
Battin, Mrs. A. 
Battle, George Gordon 
Batty, Arthur 
Batzes, Harry 
Baudouine, Mrs. Abram 
Bauer, H. E. 
Baum, Dwight James 
Baum, Mrs. Dwight J. 
Baum, Mrs. Jacob B 


Bauman, Mrs. Eugene _ 

Baumann, Mrs. Berenice 

Baumert, Miss M. Chris- 

Baumgarten, Emile 

Baumgarten, Paul 

Baumgarten, Paul J. 

Bausch, M. S. 

Bausher, C. L. 

Baxter, Malcolm, Jr. 

Baxter, William 

Bayer, Edwin S. 

Baylies, Edmund L. 

Baylis, William, Jr. 

Baylor, A. K. 

Bayne, Howard 

Bayne, Mrs. Lawrence P. 

Beach, Mrs. Chisholm 

Beach, Edward S. 

Beach, Miss Elizabeth T. 

Beach, Mrs. M. V. 

Beach, Miss Sarah E. 

Beach, Warren C. 

Beadleston, Miss Edith 

Beale, Mrs. J. D. 

Beall, Jeremiah 

Beals,Tohn D._ 

Bear, Joseph Ainslie 

Beard, Curtis J. 

Beardslee, Lester E. 

Beasley, David S. 

Beattie, Thomas A. S. 

Beatty, A. Chester 

Beatty, Harold D. 

Beaty, Julian B. 

Beaudreau, Miss Marce- 

Beaudry, Mme. C. 

Beaufort, Mrs. John E. 

Beausire, R. L. 

Bechoff, B. B. 

Bechtel, Edward E. 

Bechtel, Edwin De Turck 

Bechtold, Lewis 

Beck, Mrs. David 

Beck, Martin 

Becker, A. R. 

Becker, Mrs. Alfred L. 

Becker, Mrs. Edward C. 

Becker, John 

Becker, Neal D. 

Becker, O. Godfrey 

Beckert.W. F. 

Beckhard, Martin A. 

Beckmann, A. F. 

Beckwith, Mrs. Charles 

Beckwith, Edward P. 
Beder, Harold W. 
Beebe, Miss Carolyn 
Beebe, Kenneth J. 
Beebe, S. P. 
Beebe, Mrs. William H. 

Beecroft, Mrs. Marie A. 
Beeken, Axel V. 
Beekman, Charles K. 
Beekman, Mrs. W. R. 
Beeks, M. W. 
Beer, Mrs. George L. 
Beer, Mrs. J. 
Beer, Walter E. 
Beerman, Mrs. Louis 
Beers, E. Le Grand 
Beers, Mrs. Edwin 
Beers, H. H. 
Beers, Mrs. Lucius H. 
Beetar, Kalil 
Begg, Colin L. 
Begg, Mrs. Colin L. 
Begrisch, Frank, Jr. 
Beha, James A. 
Behan, J. F. 
Behr, Herman 
Behrbohm, H. A. W. 
Bein, Murray _ 
Beinecke, Edwin J. 
Beiser, H. E. 
Belais, David 
Belden, W. A. 
Belin, Paul B. 
Belknap, Chauncey 
Belknap, Edwin D. 
Belknap, Ward 
Bell, Algernon S. 
Bell, Frank N. 
Bell, James 
Bell, Mrs. M. Ward 
Bell, Mrs. Marcus L. 
Bell, Oliver L. 
Bell, Mrs. Raymond 
Bell, William B. 
Beller, Abraham 
Beller, William F. 
Bellin, Charles H. 
Bellinger, W. W. 
Bellinger, William H. 
Bellingham, W. J. 
Bellows, David S. 
Bement, Mrs. Katherine 

Bender, George 

8 9 

Bendheim, Max 
Bendick, Mrs. I. 
Bendit, S. 
Bendit, Mrs. S. 
Bendix, Albert J. 
Benecke, Alex. 
Benedict, Frederick S. 
Benedict, James A. 
Benedict, James H. 
Benjamin, Eugene S. 
Benjamin, George Powell 
Benjamin, Hamilton F. 
Benjamin, Scott R. 
Benjamin, William M. 
Benjamin, Mrs. William 

Benkard, Harry 
Benkard, J. P. 
Benneche, Edward 
Benner, John R. 
Bennett, Harold M. 
Bennett, Whitman 
Bennick, Max 
Benson, John G. 
Bentley, Miss Bertha M. 
Berg, Albert A. 
Berg, Henry W. 
Berg, Irving H. 
Berg, Joseph 
Berg, Phihp A. 
Bergamini, Herbert 
Bergolio, Mrs. Mabel P. 
Benzzi,_Mrs. Stefano 
Berkowitz, Louis 
Berlin, Irving 
Berlin, Mrs. Walter G. 
Berliner, J. S. 
Berlinger, J. M. 
Berlinger, Mrs. Joseph 
Berlingieri, R. G. 
Berman, J. George 
Berman, Louis K. 
Bernard, Mrs. Barney 
Bernard, Mrs. G. 
Bernard, Jules E. 
Bernays, Eli 
Bernhard, Mrs. Morris 
Bernheim, Mrs. Eli H. 
Bernheim, George B. 
Bernheim, Henry J. 
Bernheim, Isaac J. 
Bernheimer, Charles L. 
Bernheimer, Edgar J. 
Bernheimer, Miss R. 
Bernikow, Maurice 
Bernstein, Mrs. Allan M. 
Bernstein, Miss Celia 


Bernstein, D. 
Bernstein, Maurice 
Bernstein, Mrs. Milton L. 
BernstorfF, Mrs. Hans 
Berolzheimer, Alfred C. 
Berolzheimer, Edwin M. 
Berolzheimer, Philip 
Berry, Mrs. 6. J. 
Berry, Carroll 
Berson, Milton 
Bertora, G. 
Bertuch, Paul 
Berwanger, Mrs. Albert 

Berwjn, Franklin 
Berwin, Mrs. Martin 
Berwind, Edward J. 
Beskow, Axel 
Bessell, Wesley S. 
Bessie, Abraham 
Betteley, Mrs. C. Austin 
Bettes, John A. 
Betts, L. F. H. 
Betzig, Edward P. 
Betzig, William B. 
Bianchi, William 
Biardot, Mrs. Ernest 
Bibby, Henry Lambert 
Biberman, Charles 
Bickel, Otto 
Bickerstaff, R. M. 
Bickert, Paul 
Bickerton, Joseph P. 
Bickett, William P. 
Bickmore, Albert H. 
Bieber, Joseph 
Biel, William 
Bjele, Charles F. 
Bier, Mrs. Sylvan 
Bierhoff, F. 
Biesenthal, Mrs. Sidney 

Bjgelow, Ernest A. 
Biggs, Mrs. Hermann M. 
Bijur, Abraham 
Bijur, Nathan I. 
Bijur, Samuel H. 
Bill, Raymond 
Bjlleb, Miss Erna E. 
Billings, Cornelius C. 
Billings, John S. 
Billings, Miss Margaret S. 
Billings, Richard 
Billups, Pope B. 
Billwiller, Charles J. 
Binder, Elmer C. 
Bing, Alexander M. 

Bing, John 
Binger, Mrs. Frances 
Binger, Robert E. 
Binger, Walter D. 
Bingham, Mrs. Harry P. 
Bjnkerd, Robert S. 
Binswanger, Max 
Binswanger, Samuel 
Birch, John W. 
Birch, Mrs. Stephen 
Birckhead, Mrs. William 

Bird, Hobart S. 
Birdsall, Charles C. 
Birdsong, Silas A. 
Birenbach, Samuel 
Birge, Charles E. 
Birkenhauer, John 
Birn, Jesse fl. 
Birnbaum, Martin 
Birnkrant, Maxim. 
Bischoff, Mrs. Henry 
Biscow, Charles 
Bishop, Mrs. Antoinette 

Bishop, Ernest F. 
Bishop, William J. 
Bissell, Mrs. Louis G. 
Bisset, Thomas B. 
Bitner, E. F. 
Bittiner, Mrs. Libbie 
Bjttner, Franklin 
Bivona, Alfonso 
Black, D. D. 
Black, James C. 
Black, John A. 
Black, John V. 
Black, William H. 
Blackiston, Harry C. 
Blackman, Edward L. 
Blackmore, Arthur W. 
Blackmore, Joseph J. 
Blackwell, George E. 
Blackwell, James M. 
Blackwell, Wilson H. 
Blagden, Dexter 
Blagden, Mrs. Dexter 
Blagden, Mrs. George 
Blagden, Mrs. Meredith 
Blagden, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Blaine, Mrs. James G. 
Blaine, James G, Jr. 
Blaine, Miss Lela R. 
Blair, Bruce 
Blair, C. Ledyard 
Blair, J. Insley 
Blair, James A., Jr. 


Blair, Joseph P. 
Blair, Paxton 
Blake, Edward P. 
Blake, Miss Henrietta 
Blake, Mrs. Israel O. 
Blake, Joseph A. 
Blake, T. E. 
Blake, Mrs. Thomas M. 
Blaker, Walter H. 
Blanc, Mrs. Edward H. 
Blanc, J. E. 
Blanchard, Isaac H. 
Blanchard, John F. 
Blandy, Graham F. 
Blaney, Mrs. Charles P. 
Blattstain, Leon 
Blau, A. L. 
Blauner, Isadore 
Blauner, Samuel A. 
Blauvelt, George A. 
Bleecker, Mrs. T. Bache, 

Bleyer, Leo 
Blis, David 
Bliss, C. N. 
Bliss, Walter P. 
Bloch, Arthur 
Bloch, Henry 
Bloch, Leon 
Bloch, Miss Louise 
Bloch, Maurice 
Bloch, Richard H. 
Block, Benjamin 
Block, Henry 
Block, Mrs. Isaac 
Block, John 
Block, Mrs. Paul 
Blodgett, Mrs. Thomas H. 
Blood, Samuel Shipley 
Bloodgood, Wilbur A. 
Bloodgood, William D. 
Bloomberg, Mrs. Sara K. 
Bloomingdale, Hiram C. 
Bloomingdale, Irving I. 
Blount, Mrs. Camille 
Blowers, William B. 
Bluen, Mrs. M. J. 
Bluhm, Mrs ; Julius 
Bluhm, Louis 
Blum, Edward 
Blum, Edward C. 
Blum, Henry 
Blum, Mrs. Henry L. 
Blum, Mrs. J. 
Blum, Morton G. 
Blum, Richard 
Blumberg, Samuel 


Blumenkron, Adolph 
Blumenstock, M. 
Blumenthal, Mrs. Ben 
Blumenthal, Gustav 
Blumenthal, Mrs. L. W. 
Blumenthal, Mrs. Walter 
Blumgart, Louis 
Bluthenthal, Mrs. Gabe 
Boardman, Phillip W. 
Boardman, Miss Rosina 

Boas, Mrs. EmilL. 
Bob, Maurice H. 
Bocande, Olivier B. 
Bock, Karl 
Bock, Mrs. L. B. 
Bodman, Mrs. Edward C. 
Boecker, Mrs. Alexander 
Boeg, Miss Lina 
Boehm, Alfred P. 
Boekelman, Bern.^ 
Bogert, Miss Antoinette F. 
Bogert, Walter L. 
Boggs, Samuel R. 
Bogue, Morton G. 
Boissevain, Mrs. A. M. 
Boker, Carl F. 
Boker, J. R. 
Boles, Edgar H. 
Boles, Emil 
Boiler, William J. 
Boltan, Jacob 
Bolton, Reginald Pelham 
Bomann, George A. 
Bonawit, G. Owen 
Bond, Miss A. W. 
Bondies, Charles 
Bondy, Julius 
Bondy, Richard C. 
Bondy, William 
Bonham, Mrs. C. L. 
Bonhotal, Mrs. George W. 
Bonica, Charles 
Bonime, Ellis 
Bonn, A. E. 
Bonne, Mrs. Josephine 
Bonnell, J. V. 
Bonner, Mrs. Frederic 
Bonner, Mrs. Isabel W. 
Bonnet, Mrs. Leon Du- 

Bonooff, E. M. 
Bonties, Harry P. 
Bookman, Samuel 
Boom, C. S. 
Boomer, L. M. 
Boone, James 0. 

Booram, C. B. 
Boos, William A. 
Boote, James B. 
Booth, Enos S. 
Booth, Mrs. Frederick A. 
Booth, G. Chester 
Bopp, John 
Borchard, Samuel 
Borck, Charles L. 
Borden, Mrs. Lewis M. 
Borden, Mrs. William 
Bordier, W. F. 
Borg, John 
Borg, Myron I. 
Borg, Sidney C. 
Borgia, D. 
Borie, A. E. 
Borland, Middleton S. 
Born, Edward 
Borner, A. J. 
Boross, Eugen 
Borrowscale, Miss Belle F. 
Bosch, R. J. 
Boschen, Ernest H. 
Boschen, George D. 
Bossom, Alfred C. 
Boston, Charles A. 
Bostwick, Mrs. W. W. 
Boswell, Mrs. Henry H. 
Bosworth, Welles 
Botsford, W. H. 
Bouimistrow, W. W. 
Bouker, J. Franklyn 
Bourgeois, Stephen 
Bourne, Mrs. George G. 
Bourslogue, Miss Miriam 
Bouvier, Mrs. John Ver- 
non, Jr. 
Bouvier, M. C. 
Bouvier, Maurice 
Bouvier, W. Sergeant 
Bouy, Jules 
Bovee, Miss Eleanor 
Bowdoin, Miss Edith G. 
Bowdoin, Mrs. George T. 
Bowdoin, Mrs. Harold M. 
Bowen, Mrs. A. F. 
Bowen, David J. 
Bower, A. C. 
Bower, Joseph A. 
Bowie, Miss Bessie 
Bowling, Otho S. 
Bowman, George P. 
Bowman, Harold H. 
Bowman, J. E. 
Bowman, John Hall 
Boyce, Addisone S. 


Boyd, John P. 
Boyd, Miss Mabel 
Boyd, Melville 
Boyd, Mrs. S. 
Boyd, William A. 
Boyd, William Young 
Boyer, Arthur A. 
Boyer, J. R. C. 
Boyesen, H. H. 
Boyle, James M. 
Boynton, Miss Louise 
Brace, Donald C. 
Brackenridge, Mrs. G. D. 
Brackett, Mrs. William 
Braden, Mrs. William 
Bradford, William A. 
Bradlee, John R. 
Bradley, Allan B. A. 
Bradley, James A. 
Bradley, Miss Mary T. 
Bradley, William 
Bradshaw, G. B. 
Brady, A. Eugene 
Brady, Nicholas F. 
Brady, Stanley 
Brady, William S. 
Bragg, James F. 
Brainard, Ira H. 
Brainard, William J. 
Braman, Chester A. 
Brand, Mrs. J. L. 
Brand, James H., Jr. 
Brand, Wolf 
Brander, James M. 
Brandon, Francis Marion 
Brandon, William C. 
Brandt, Mrs. Herman 
Brandt, Mrs. Louis 
Brandt, Paul L. 
Brandt, Randolph 
Brannan, John W. 
Brannigan, Robert A. 
Branower, William 
Brasol, Boris L. 
Brassil, D. S. 
Bratter, William 
Brauer, August 
Brauer, Martin 
Braunfels, G. Martin 
Braunlich, Arthur R. 
Braus, Mrs. Arthur L. 
Bray, J. R. 
Brazer, Clarence W. 
Bready, George L. 
Brecher, Isadore 
Brecher, Leo 
Breck, G William 


Breed, William C. 
Breen, J. D. 
Breese, James L. 
Breitung, Mrs. Edward N. 
Brenauer, Joseph B. 
Brennan, John F. # 
Brennglass, Joachim 
Breslin, Miss Evelyn M. 
Breslin, Mrs. Frank J. 
Breslin, P. N. 
Bressler, Jacob 
Brett, Everett A. 
Brett, Mrs. G. M. 
Brett, Philip M. 
Breuchaud, Mrs. Jules 
Brevoort, Edward R., Jr. 
Brewer, George E. 
Brewer, Mrs. Harriet E. 
Brewer, Horatio J. 
Brewster, Mrs. F. K. 
Brewster, Guy Otis 
Brewster, Mrs. John H. 
Brewster, Mrs. Le Roy 
Brewster, Mrs. Samuel D. 
Bricka, George W. 
Brickner, Mrs. David M. 
Briesen, Hans V. 
Briggs, Mrs. James E. 
Briggs, M. H. 
Briggs, Mrs. William H. 
Brjgham, H.H. 
Brigham, William E. 
Brightman, Henry M. 
Brill, A. A. 
Brill, M. D. 

Brinsmade, Charles Ly- 
Brinsmade, Henry N. 
Brinton, Mrs. Willard C. 
Briscoe, Chesleigh H. 
Briskman, Samuel 
Bristol, Edward N. 
Bristol, Henry M. 
Bristol, John I. D. 
Brite, James 
Britton, N. L. 
Broadbent, Mrs. C. L. 
Broadhurst, Mrs. George 
Brockway, J. D. 
Brodman, Henry 
Brody, Henry 
Brody, Mrs. Joseph M. 
Broenniman, Edward G. 
Brokaw, Isidor D. 
Bromberger, Edgar 
Bromell, A. H. 
Bronner, Harry 

Bronner, Mrs. William H. 
Bronson, Edward B. 
Brook, A. T. 
Brooker, Charles F. 
Brookman, Mrs. Ernest G. 
Brookman, Mrs. H. D. 
Brooks, Mrs. A. J. H. 
Brooks, Miss B. G. 
Brooks, Charles J. 
Brooks, Frank E. 
Brooks, Frederick 
Brooks, Frederick W. 
Brooks, George B. 
Brooks, George M. 
Brooks, Gerald 
Brooks, Miss Gertrude 
Brooks, Harlow 
Brooks, Mrs. J. Arthur 
Brooks, Leonard 
Brooks, Mrs. Louis 
Brower, Henry W. 
Brower, William L. 
Brown, Aaron 
Brown, Albert L. _ 
Brown, Mrs. Addison 
Brown, Alfred S. 
Brown, Allan R. 
Brown, Mrs. Alvah H. 
Brown, Archer H. 
Brown, Mrs. Archibald M. 
Brown, Burdette B. 
Brown, Charles F. 
Brown, Mrs. Charles H. 
Brown, Charles Hilton 
Brown, Mrs. Charles Hil- 
Brown, Charles T. 
Brown, Davis 
Brown, Edward B. 
Brown, Edward W. 
Brown, Floyd S. 
Brown, Franklin Q. 
Brown, Mrs. Frederick 
Brown, George M. 
Brown, George Royce 
Brown, Horace 
Brown, Hubert R. 
Brown, Miss I. M. 
Brown, J. Franklin 
Brown, Mrs. J. Stuart 
Brown, Mrs. James 
Brown, James D. 
Brown, Lawrason 
Brown, Lewis B. 
Brown, Lowell H. 
Brown, Luther C. 
Brown, M. Bayard 


Brown, Miss M. Bergh 
Brown, Miss Nina A. 
Brown, Robert C. 
Brown, Robert W. 
Brown, S. A. 
Brown, Sanger 
Brown, Mrs. Thomas Ellis 
Brown, Vernon C. 
Brown, Vernon C. 
Brown, Walston H. 
Brown, Mrs. Walter W. 
Brown, Mrs. William T. 
Brownback, Mrs. Garrett 

Browne, Gilbert G. 
Browne, Warren C. 
Brownell, E. Garnsey 
Brownell, George F. 
Brownell, Mrs. S. B. 
Browning, Clarence P. 
Browning, Mrs. Henry K. 
Browning, Mrs. William 

Brownlie, Mrs. A. D. 
Brownrigg, Mrs. John N. 
Bruce, Douglas 
Bruce, Edward B. 
Bruce, James C. 
Bruce, Miss S. E. 
Bruck, Isaac I. 
Bruckheimer, Samuel 
Brudi, A. L. 
Bruen, 0. H. 
Bruere, Henry 
Bruere, Robert W. 
Brugman, A. F. 
Bruhm, Carl 
Bruhn, William 
Brundrett, Hart B. 
Brunori, Nicola 
Bruns, Edwin G., Jr. 
Brunswick, Emanuel 
Brussel, Herbert S. 
Bryan, Benjamin B. 
Bryan, Charles W. 
Bryan, Mrs. N. Zimmerly 
Bryant, Mrs. Frances A. 
Bryant, Mrs. W. Sidney, 

Bryce, Miss Mary T. 
Bryson, Thomas B. 
Bubeck, Frederick 
Buccini, Alberto 
Buch, Miss Emily 
Buchanan, William R. 
Buchholz, Louise Z. 
Buchman, Julius 


Buckhout, Frank C. 
Buckley, B. Lord 
Buckner, Emory R. 
Buckner, Thomas A. 
Buckner, Walker 
Buckner, William A. 
Budd, Frederick W. 
Budd, Miss Katharine C. 
Buechner, C. F. 
Buedingen, W. John 
Buffa, Paul L. 
Buhlmann, A. W. 
Buhrman, T. Scott 
Bulkley, Jonathan 
Bulkley, L. Duncan 
Bull, Charles C. 
Bull, F. Kingsbury 
Bull, Henry W. 
Bull, James R. 
Bull, John L. 
Bull, Ludlow S. 
Bull, Thomas 
Bull, Wellington E. 
Bullowa, Jesse G. M. 
Bunch, Mrs. T. H. 
Bunin, Abraham L. 
Bunker, Miss Caroline 
Bunker, William 
Burbank, Miss Emily 
Burbank, Reginald 
Burch, Mrs. Lowell R. 
Burchell, H. J., Jr. 
Burden, James A. 
Burden, Mrs. James A., Jr. 
Burden, Mrs. William A. 

Burden, Mrs. Williams 
Burdick, Edward W. 
Burggraf, E. R. 
Burghard, Mrs. Edward 

Burgheim, Miss Anne 
Burgi, Oscar 
Burke, Mrs. Frank G. 
Burke, Martin 
Burleigh, Andrew F. 
Burleigh, George W. 
Burleigh, Mrs. George W. 
Burnett, Eugene R. 
Burnett, Mrs. J. C. 
Burnham, Mrs. D. B. 
Burnham, Mrs. E. Palmer 
Burnham, Gordon W. 
Burnham, Miss Nina H. 
Burns, G. A. P. 
Burns, Robert 
Burns, William J. 

Burr, Algernon T. 
Burr, Miss Emily T. 
Burr, George H. 
Burr, William H. 
Burr, William P. 
Burridge, Frank C. 
Burrows, F. W. 
Burton, C. 

Burton, Mrs. Frank V. 
Buschhoff, Mrs. Emil 
Busey, Norval H., Jr. 
Bush, Irving T. 
Bushnell, Charles E. 
Bushnell, Mrs. George H. 
Busk, Fred T. 
Busse, George 
Bussing, Mrs. John S. 
Butler, Arthur W. 
Butler, C. Le Roy 
Butler, Charles 
Butler, Charles Stewart 
Butler, E. Santley 
Butler, Miss Emily 0. 
Butler, Miss Helen C. 
Butler, Mrs. Henry W. 
Butler, J. Ormonde 
Butler, Mrs. J. W. 
Butler, Lawrence Smith 
Butler, Maxwell Evarts 
Butler, William 
Butler, William Allen, Jr. 
Butt, Mrs. McCoskry 
Butterworth, George F. 
Butterworth, J. C. 
Button, William H. 
Buys, Arthur F. 
Byrne, Frank T. 
Byrne, James_ 
Cabot, Francis H. 
Cady, Daniel L. 
Caesar, Henry A. 
Cahn, Jacob 
Cahns, Arthur L. 
Caldarazzo, L. T. 
Caldwell, Brown 
Caldwell, Edward 
Caldwell, H. H. 
Caldwell, W. E. 
Calhoun, Charles L. 
Calhoun, Miss Mary E. 
Callaghan, James G. 
Callahan, Frank 
Callender, W. R. 
Calvert, Marcel 
Calvocoressi, Leonidas J. 
Cameron, James A. 
Cameron, Miss Viola Root 


Cammann, Mrs.George P. 

Cammann, Henry L. 

Cammann, Hermann H. 

Cammann, Mrs. H. L. 

Cammann, Miss I. M. 

Campbell, David 

Campbell, Henry G. 

Campbell, John 

Campbell, Mrs. John 

Campbell, John J. 

Campbell, Miss Mary M. 

Campbell, Mrs. Robert 

Campion, William M. 

Candee, Lyman 

Cane, George W. 

Cane, Melville H. 

Canessa, A. 

Canfield, George F. 

Cannon, H. W., Jr. 

Cannon, Henry Breyoort 

Cantine, Mrs. Charles F. 

Cantine, Martin 

Canton, Herman J. 

Capen, O. B. 

Caplin, Harry 

Capolino, J. 

Caranicholas, George 

Carbone, C, Jr. 

Carden, George A. 

Cardozo, Danforth 

Cardozo, Michael H., Jr. 

Cardozo, William B. 

Carey, Thomas F. 

Carle, Robert W. 

Carlebach, Herbert L. 

Carlebach, Walter M. 

Carlisle, Mrs. George Lis- 
ter, Jr. 

Carlisle, R. J. 

Carlton, Newcomb 

Carlucci, Gaston 

Carmichael, Otto 

Carnochan, William E. 

Carpenter, Charles W. 

Carpenter, J. E. R. 

Carpenter, J. Herbert 

Carpenter, Mrs. Lillian T. 

Carr, Kenneth S. 

Carret, J. E. 

Carrie, F. G. 

Carrillo, R. Martinez 

Carrington, W. T. 

Carroll, Mrs. Howard 

Carroll, Mrs. R. P. 

Carse, Henry R. 

Carse, John B. 


Carson, Mrs. Hampton L. 
Carter, Mrs. B. S. 
Carter, Herbert S. 
Carty, John J. 
Caruana, Joseph 
Carvalho, J. S. 
Casamajor, Louis 
Case, Charles L. 
Case, Frank M. 
Case, Ralph S. 
Casey, Miss Annie F. 
Casey, John S. 
Cassell, Miss Beatrice 
Casseres, M. Gomes 
Casson, Charles P. 
Castle, William A. 
Castle, Worden L. 
Catania, Joseph 
Catchings, Waddill 
Catlow, James N. 
Catrow, H. G. 
Cauter, Edwin A. 
Cavanagh, Richard B. 
Ceribelli, Mrs. S. C. 
Chadbourne, Waldemar 
Chadbourne, William M. 
Chadwick, John R. 
Chaikin.A. H. 
Chaiman, Allan 
Chaimas, Meyer 
Chalif, Louis H. 
Chalmers, Harry 
Chalmers, James P. 
Chamberlain, George A. 
Chambers, Arthur D. 
Chambers, Harry B. 
Chambers, Walter B. 
Champ, William S. 
Chandler, George W. 
Chandor, Miss Valentine 

Chapin, Charles M. 
Chapin, Miss Maria 

Chapin, Robert S. 
Chapin, Samuel A. 
Chapman, Clarence E. 
Chapman, Miss Edith P. 
Chapman, George 
Chapman, Mrs. George 
Chapman, Mrs. John J. 
Chapman, John M. 
Chapman, Page 
Chapman, William P., Jr. 
Chappell, Howard F. 
Charleton, John W. 
Chase, J. Oscoe 

Chase, Oscar J., Jr. 

Chatillon, Alfred J. 

Chatillon, George E. 

Chatillon, Mrs. George H. 

Chauncey, Mrs. Elihu 


Chaves, Jose Edward 

Cheever, H. 

Cheney, O. H. 

Cherouny, Mrs. A. E. 

Cherry, George A. 

Chesebro, Samuel Z. 

Chester, C. L. 

Chetwqod, Charles H. 

Chevalier, T. Frank 

Child, John H. 

Childs, Mrs. Charles A. 

Childs, Harris R. 

Childs, Mrs. Starling W. 

Childs, William, Jr. 

Chilton, H. P. 

Chipman, R. L. 

Chisholm, George E. 

Chisholm, Mrs. Hugh J., 

Chisolm, B. Ogden 

Chittick, James 

Christie, Samuel N. 

Christy, Howard Chand- 

Church, Louis P. 

Churchill, Lawrence W. 

Ciechanow, Julius 

Cillis, Hubert 

Citron, G. B. 

Claflin, John 

Clancy, John Evarts 

Clapp, Marshall 

Clapp, Russell A. 

Clare, John E. J. 

Clare, William F. 

Clark, C. M. 

Clark, Mrs. C. Waterbury 

Clark, Mrs. Campbell 

Clark, Charles Martin 

Clark, Edward E. 

Clark, Mrs. Edward 

Clark, Miss Emily Vernon 

Clark, George E. 

Clark, George Maxwell 

Clark, Grenville 

Clark, Harlow C. 

Clark, Harold B. 

Clark, Henry A. 

Clark, J. F. A. 

Clark, Mrs. John Peyton 


Clark, Louis C. 
Clark, Mrs. Marshall 
Clark, Nathan M. 
Clark, P. A. 
Clark, Stephen C. 
Clark, William E. 
Clark, William J. 
Clark, William L. 
Clarke, Miss Anna M. 
Clarke, E. A. S. 
Clarke, George A. 
Clarke, George M. 
Clarke, Gustave A. 
Clarke, James I. 
Clarke, Miss Mary Dale 
Clarke, Samuel B. 
Clarke, Thomas B. 
Clarke, William H. 
Clausen, Holger V. 
Clay, George E. 
Clayburgh, Albert 
Clearman, Frank D. 
Clegg, Alfred E. 
Clemens, James B. 
Clements, Mrs. G. M. 
Clergue, Francis H. 
Cleveland, De Coursey 
Cleveland, M. C. 
Cleveland, Miss Maude E. 
Clinch, Alfred D. 
Clinch, Edward S. 
Clocke, T. E. 
Close, Edward B. 
Close, Miss Frances H. 
Clough, C. A. 
Clowes, F.J. 
Clowes, Frederick V. 
Clowry, Robert C. 
Cloyes, Frank W. 
Clyde, William P. 
Clymer, Paul K. 
Clyne, Miss Frances 
Coady, Charles B. 
Coakley, C. G. 
Cobb, A. P. 
Cobb, Frank I. 
Cobb, Henry Ives 
Cobb, Mrs. James S. 
Cobb, John B. 
Cobe, Ira M. 
Coblentz, Gaston 
Cochrane, Adam W. S. 
Cockran, W. Bourke 
Coddington, Mrs. Jeffer- 

Codman, Ogden 

Cody, Frederick 


Coe, George V. 

Coffall, Edward M. 

Coffin, Charles A. 

Coffin, Edmund 

Coffin, Francis A. 

Coffin, Mrs. I. Sherwood 

Coffin, Miss Marion C. 

Coffin, Mrs. Sturgis 

Coffin, William A. 

Coggeshall, Edwin W. 

Cohen, Abraham B. 

Cohen, Abram H. 

Cohen, Charles 

Cohen, De Witt Clinton 

Cohen, Harry D. 

Cohen, Harry J. 

Cohen, Harry Z. 

Cohen, Iser P. 

Cohen, Jacob D. 

Cohen, Martin 

Cohen, Max 

Cohen, Michael 

Cohen, Mrs. Tina 

Cohen, William W. 

Cohn, Mrs. Abraham 

Cohn, Alfred E. 

Cohn, Charles W. 

Cohn, Edward R. 

Cohn, Eugene 

Cohn, Harry A. 

Cohn, Mrs. Leonard A. 
Cohn, Martin L. 
Cohoe, Wallace P. 
Coit, Richard M. 
Cokefair, George W. 
Cokefair, Herman F. 
Colbourne, Miss Clara 
Colby, Franklin G. 
Colcord, Alan H. 
Cole, Edward F. 
Cole, Edward S. 
Cole, Frank C. 
Cole, Frederic A. 
Cole, Howard E. 
Cole, J. Emerson 
Cole, John N. 
Cole, Lewis Gregory 
Cole, Rufus 
Cole, W. Bundy 
Coleman, Charles Philip 
Coleman, Mrs. John Scott 
Coleman, L. W. T. 
Coleman, McAlister 
Coleman, Pierre 
Coles, W. Chauncey 
Coley, William B. 
Colgate,' Craig 

Colgate, Gilbert 

Colgate, James C. 

Colladay, Frank H. 

Collette, Miss Lucille 

Collier, Barron G. 

Collings, Albert J. 

Collins, Mrs. H. S. 

Collins, Harry 

Collins, Martin L. 

Collins, Oliver C. 

Collins, P. D. 

Colon, George Edward 

Cols, Willis V. 

Colt, Russell G. 

Coman, J. F. 

Combs, Frank 

Comstock, Mrs. Albert 

Comstock, Miss Elinor 

Comstock, Dr. Elizabeth 

Comstock, George Carl- 

Comstock, Louis K. 

Conant, Ernest L. 

Conant, Leonard H. 

Conboy, Martin 
Condon, Richard 
Condon, Thomas G. 
Cone, Andrew 
Cone, Frederick H. 
Conheim, Hermann 
Conklin, Fred H. 
Conklin, Miss S. L. 
Conklin, Thomas E. 
Conkling, Paul 
Connell, Herbert S. 
Connell, J. F. 
Connelly, John 
Conner, Lewis A. 
Connett, A. N., Jr. 
Connett, E. V., Jr. 
Connett, Ernest 
Connett, L. R. 
Connett, Mrs. Lyndon 
Connfelt, C. M. 
Connolly, Robert E. 
Connor, W. B. 
Conover, Frank Bruen 
Constable, Mrs. Howard 
Content, Harry 
Content, Walter 
Converse, Mrs. Edith D. 
Cook, Mrs. Charles T. 
Cook, Ernest H. 
Cook, Herman J. 
Cook, John P. 
Cook, M. S. 
Cook, Robert H. 


Cooke, Frederick P. 

Cooke, Horace G. 

Cooke, Richard W. 

Cooke, Mrs. Wilbur J. 

Cooke, William G. 

Cooksey, Curtis 

Cooley, Elmer E. 

Cooley, James W. 

Coombe, H. B. 

Coombs, James B. 

Coonan, J. E. 

Cooper, Mrs. Charles W. 

Cooper, Drury W. 

Cooper, Dudley M. 

Cooper, Leon 

Cooper, Oscar 

Cooper, Mrs. Sarah D. 

Cooper, Washington L. 

Cooper, William F. 

Coote, Albert F. 

Coppell, Herbert 

Corbett, William R. 

Corbin, Floyd S. 

Corbin, R. Beverley 

Cordes, Albert 

Cordier, Charles X. 

Cordley, Frank R. 

Corell, Philip R. 

Cornell, Miss Arven 

Cornell, Charles G., Jr. 

Cornell, William H. 

Cornjng, Christopher R. 

Corning, Mrs. John J. 

Cornish, Edward J. 
Cornwall, H. C. 
Cornwell, William C. 
Corscaden, James A. 
Cory, A. E. 
Cory, Robert H. 
Cosgrove, Wallace M. 
Coss, John J. 
Cossow, Harry 
Coste, John 
Costello, J. George 
Costelo, David 
Coster, Mrs. C. H. 
Costikyan, Lemuel H. 
Costikyan, S. Kent 
Cotner, James A. 
Cottaz, Charles A. 
Cotton, Joseph B. 
Cotton, Miss Lucy 
Cottrell, Edgar H. 
Cottrell, J. C. 
Couch, Francis G. 
Coudert, Philip 
Coulter, Elmer D. 


Counihan, Miss Hannah 
Courtais, Henri G. 
Coutard, Robert P. 
Coverdale, W. H. 
Covert, Mrs. Lillian 
Covert, William G. 
Cowan, Charles C. 
Cowan, Harry F. 
Cowdin, John E. 
Cowdin, Winthrop 
Cowen, William 
Cowles, Percival W. 
Cox, Arthur W. 
Cox, Douglas F. 
Coykendall, Frederick 
Cozzens, Miss Estelle 
Cozzens, John B. 
Cozzens, Leonard 
Crabbe, Miss Louise G. 
Crabtree, Miss Ellen H. 
Craft, George W. 
Craig, Charles L. 
Craig, W. R. 
Cramp, W. C. 
Crane, Albert S. 
Crane, Alexander M. 
Crane, Arthur M. 
Crane, Charles R. 
Crane, Charles W. 
Crane, George F. 
Crane, Henry M. 
Crane, J. Irving 
Crane, Mrs. Jonathan H. 
Crane, William M. 
Crasto, Frank P., Jr. 
Cravath, Erastus M. 
Craven, J. B. 
Crawford, Dr. Mary M. 
Crawford, Miss Rebekah 
Creange, Henry _ 
Cresson, Benjamin F., Jr. 
Crimmins, Thomas 
Crise, Stewart S. 
Critchley, William H. 
Crocker, William T. 
Crockett, Albert S. . 
Cromwell, Lincoln 
Cromwell, S. L. 
Crone, Frederick W. 
Cronemeyer, C. 
Cronin, Richard 
Cronson, Reuben 
Crook, M. 
Crosby, Miss Helen 
Crosby, Miss Isabel 
Crosby, Miss Katharine 

Cross, George D. 
Cross, Morton R. 
Cross, Mrs. William R. 
Crossley, George R. 
Crouch, W. D. 
Crowell, Gilbert L. 
Crowley, Chase 
Crowley, Timothy F. 
Cruger, Bertram 
Crumley, Mrs. T. R. 
Crump, Armistead C. 
Cryer, Albert A. 
Crystal, Frank J. 
Cullen, James H. 
Cullman, Joseph F. 
Culver, Henry B. 
Cuming, Robert M. 
Cummings, John L. 
Cunniffe, E. R. 
Cunningham, Frank L. 
Cunningham, Philip J. 
Curie, Charles, Jr. 
Currie, A. W. 
Currie, M. D. 
Currie, William S. 
Currier, E. P. 
Currier, Ernest M. 
Currier, Harry G. 
Curtin, J. Clark 
Curtin, Thomas H. 
Curtis, Bridgham 
Curtis, Edward F. 
Curtis, Miss Elizabeth 
Curtis, Mrs. Ronald Eliot 
Curtis, William E. 
Curtis, William F. 
Curtiss, Julian W. 
Cusachs, Philip A. 
Cusack, George R. M. 
Cushing, Harry Alonzo 
Cushing, Mrs. Howard G. 
Cushman, Arthur E. 
Cushman, Mrs. B. A. 
Cushman, James Stewart 
Cushman, Merton L. 
Cussler, Edward 
Cutcheon, Franklin W. M. 
Cuthbertson, W. A. 
Cutler, George E. 
Cutner, Harry B. 
Cutter, Ralph Ladd 
Cutting, R. Fulton 
Cutts, G. Berthon 
Cuyler, Mrs. Barton 
Cuyler, Miss Eleanor de 

Daboll, M. W. 

9 6 

Dailey, Granville F. 
Daingerfield, Elliott 
Dale, Mrs. Chester 
Dall, Charles Whitney 
Dall, J. 
Dallin, I. N. 
D'Alton, C. J. 
Dalton, Hubert 
Dalton, M. P. 
Dalziel, Mrs. Frederick Y. 
Dammann, Leonard 
Dammann, Milton 
Damrosch, Frank 
Damrosch, Walter 
Dana, Miss Carolyn A. 
Dana, Charles L. 
Dana, Edward S. 
Dana, Mrs. Orlando N. 
Dana, Paul 
Dana, Richard H., Jr. 
Danenbaum, William 
Danforth, Francis J. 
Daniel, Charles 
Daniels, Lorenzo 
Danzig, Jerome J. 
Danziger, Charles 
Danziger, Miss Matilda 
Danziger, Mrs. Max 
Darby, Samuel E. 
Dark, D. S. 
Darling, Byron C. 
Darling, Elmer A. 
Darling, Herbert C. 
Darrell, E. F. 
Darrow, Karl K. 
D'Aubigne, Mrs. B. L. 
Davenport, Henry 
Davenport, Mrs. Ira 
Daverin, Daniel J. 
Davey, William N. 
David, B. Edmund 
David, Edgar R. 
David-, Harry Percy 
Davidson, David 
Davidson, De Witt A. 
Davidson, Jacob N. 
Davies, Mrs. Frederick 
Davies, J. Clarence 
Davies, John M. 
Davies, William E. 
Davis, Abraham 
Davis, Abraham M. 
Davis, Asa B. 
Davis, Benjamin 
Davis, Charles J. 
Davis, Mrs. Charles P. 
Davis, Mrs. Clark 


Davis, Edgar 8. 

Davis, George S. 

Davis, Gherardi 

Davis, Herbert E. 

Davis, J. E. 

Davis, John H. 

Davis, John W. A. 

Davis, Morton I. 

Davis, Moses 

Davis, Norman H. 

Davjs, O. K. 

Davjs, Oliver E. 

Davis, Royal J. 

Davis, Samuel D. 

Davis, Mrs. Thos. B. 

Davis, Waters S. 

Davis, William E. 

Davison, Miss Alice M. 

Dawson, Reed B. 

Dawson, Thomas C. 

Day, Dwight H. 

Day, Franklin 

Day, H. Herbert 

Day, Herbert W. 
Day, Hiram B. 
Day, Irving G. 
Day, John 
Day, Joseph J. 
Day, Joseph P. 
Day, Sherman 
Day, Mrs. William H. 
Daych, H. C. 
Dayrell, H. G. B. 
Dayton, Miss Helena S. 
Dazian, Henry 
Deal, Edgar 
Dean, Miss F. 
Dearborn, D. B., Jr. 
Dearden, Clarence J_. 
Dearden, John Edwin 
De Barry, Mrs. Louis A. 
De Bary, Adolphe 
De Beltrand, J. B. 
Debevoise, Thomas M. 
De Bosch, Mrs. Eugene L. 
De Buys, Alfred 
De Cardenas, Mrs. Am- 
Decker, Melvin L. 
Decker, Thompson W. 
De Coppet, Andre 
De Cordova, Cyril 
Deery, John J. 
Deery, Stanislaus J. 
Deeves, Lester P. 
de Forest, George B. 
de Forest, Mrs. Johnston 

Degener, George L. 

Degener, John F. 

Degener, John F., Jr. 

Degener, P. A. 

de Gersdorff, Mrs. Carl A. 

De Goff, Herman 

De Groff, Arthur L. 

Deiches, Maurice 

Dejsler, G. F. 

Deitsch, Mrs. Edward J. 

De Jong, Jacob 

Dejonge, Alfred L. 

De Journo, Ernest 

de Koven, Mrs. Reginald 

Delafield, Frederick P. 

Delafield, Lewis L. 

De Lamater, J. H. 

Delano, Frederick M. 

Delano, Miss Laura F. 

De Lano, SafFord S. 

De Lanoy, William C. 

Delaporte, Edward 

De Laugier-Villars, Coun- 

Delehanty, P. Henry 

De Ljma, E. A., Sr. 

De Lisser, Horace 

Delmont, Paul 
de Long, George B. 

Delve, William 
Demarest, Benjamin G. 
Demarest, Robert L. 
de Marmon, A. Paluel 
Demjng, Charles C. 
Demjng, Mrs. Horace E. 
Deming, L. C. 
Deming, Richard 
Demuth, Mrs. Irene 
Demuth, Leopold 
De Naouley,_ George A. J. 
Denby, Edwin H. 
Denckla, Mrs. Nelsine P. 
Denison, Mrs. Charles H. 
Denison, William S. 
Denman, Frederick H. 
Dennett, Roger H. 
Dennis, B. S. 
Denny, Mrs. Thomas, Sr. 
Depew, Chauncey M. 
de Peyster, Frederic Ash- 
De Pinna, L. S. 
Deppe, William P. 
Derby, J. Lloyd 
De Rham, Mrs. Casimir, 

de Rham, Charles 


De Ronde, Philip 

Desmond, Thomas A. 

De Sola, Solomon 

Despard, Mrs. Clement L. 

Dessauer, H. C. 

Dette, William 

Dettelbach, Morris 

Deutsch, Lee 

De Vecchi,_ Paolo 

Devens, Richard 

Devereaux, W. B._ 

De yictoria, Cassius L. 

Devine, John 

De Vinne, Theodore B. 

Devlin, John F. 

Devoll, George 

Dewes, A. 

De Witt, William G. 

De Wolf, William A. 

De Wolfe, Miss Elsie 

Deyer, Robert 0. 

De Zayas, M. 

d'Hauteville, Mrs. F. 

Diamant, Herbert A. 

Dibben, S. F. 

Dick, Fairman R. 

Dick, Mrs. Fairman R. 

Dickens, A. C. 

Dickerman, George W. 

Dickie, Henry A. 

Dickinson; Charles 
Dickinson, George E. 
Dickinson, Mrs. Howard 

Dickinson, John M. 
Dickson, James B. 
Diedel, Mrs. Henry R. 
Diefenthaler, Charles E. 
Dieffenbach, William H. 
Dieges, Charles J. 
Dienl, John 
Dieterich, Charles F. 
Dietz, John Edwin 
Dietz, Lawrence J. 
Diffenbach, George M. 
Dildine, H. W 
Dill, Augustus G. 
Dill, H. O. 

Dillemuth, Frederick J. 
Dillenberg, Joseph 
Diller, Miss Angela 
Dilley, A. U. 
Dillingham, Frank A. 
Dillingham, James 
Dillingham, Mrs. Thomas 


Dillon, Frank J. M. 
DHworth, Joseph R. 
Dimond, Mrs. Thomas 
Dineen, Paul A. 
Dinsmore, William B. 
Dinwiddie, James H. 
Dippel, M. W. 
Dippel, William T. 
De Sesa, Nicholas D. 
Dithridge, J. Duncan 
Ditmars, Edward W. 
Dittenhoefer, I. M. 
Dittman, Charles 
Dittmar, William D. 
Dittrjch, A. E. 
Dittrich, Herman 
Diver, Miss Pauline L. 
Dix, Mrs. John A. 
Dix, Mrs. Morgan 
Dixon, C. P. 
Djxon, George A. 
Dixon, Theodore P. 
Djorup, Christian 
Doane, S. E. 
Dodd, Mrs. Philip S. 
Dodds, Chamberlin 
Dodds, Mrs. Marie H. 
Dodge, Mrs. Arthur M. 
Dodge, Edward L. 
Dodge, Marshall J. 
Dodge, P. T. 
Dodge, Randolph 
Dodsworth, Miss A. M. 
Doelger, Theodore E. 
Dohen, Joseph M. 
Doherty, Henry L. 
Doherty, John 
Dolan, James M. 
Doll, Otto 
Dolson, W. Strong 
Dolson, William H. 
Dominick, Bayard 
Dominick, Mrs. Bayard 
Dominick, H. Blanchard 
Dominitz, Hyman 
Dommerjch, L. W. 
Dommerich, O. L. 
Domph, Herman A. 
Donald, James 
Donaldson, F. E. _ 
Donaldson, Francis 
Donaldson, Mrs. John W. 
Donaldson, Robert M. 
Donat, Gustave 
Doniger, Sundel 
Donnan, D. Howard 
Donnan, Mrs. E. O. 

Donnell, G. T. 

Donnell, Harry E. 
Donnellan, George L. 
Donnelly, John E. 
Donnelly, William T. 
Donoho, Mrs. Ruger 
Donohoe, Dr. Margaret 
Donohugh, Mrs. Thomas 

Donovan, Edward F. 
Donovan, J. P. 
Donovan, John J. 
Donovan, William 
Dorb, Abraham 
Doremus, Arthur L. 
Doremus, Frederic S. 
DorfFman, N. I. 
Dorfman, Louis 
Dorfman, Reuben 
Dorman, Benjamin 
Dorman, Horatio 
Doming, Samuel 
Dorr, Goldwaite H. 
Dorr, John V. N. 
Dorr, Roy L. 
Doskow, Samuel 
Dotter, Charles T. 
Doty, Mrs. Aivah H. 
Doty, John W. 
Doughten, Mrs. Cazenove 
Douglas, Mrs. B. M. 
Douglas, C. W. 
Douglas, Mrs. George W. 
Douglas, Louis W. 
, Douglas, Mrs. Walter 
Douglass, Benj., Jr. 
Douglass, George 
Douglass, George A. 
Douglass, Robert Dun 
Douglis, Charles 
Dowd, W. E., Jr. 
Dowling, Edward J. 
Dowling, Frank N. 
Dowling, Robert E. 
Downer, Miss Eliza de 

Downes, William A. 
Downey, John I. 
Dows, Tracy 
Dowsey, George H. 
Doying, Arthur S. 
Drago, Mrs. Josephine del 
Drake, Albert W. 
Drake, Mrs. Ella R. 
Drake, Mrs. F. E. 
Drakenfeld, B. F., Jr. 
Draper, Charles D. 

9 8 

Draper, Ernest G. 
Draper, Mrs. George 
Draper, Mrs. William P. 
Drasner, A. 
Drayton, Emlen M. 
Drayton, J. Coleman 
Drayton, Mrs. W. Hey- 

ward, 3rd. 
Dreier, Miss K. S. 
Dreifuss, Louis 
Dresser, George L. 
Dresser, L. T. 
Dressier, Oscar 
Dressner, Phil 
Drew, Charles V. 
Drew, Walter 
Drewsen, Viggo 
Drexel, John R. 
Drexel, Mrs. John R. 
Dreyer, Eugene R. 
Dreyfoos, Alexander W. 
Dreyfus, Mrs. Jesse 
Dreyfuss, Julius 
Dreyfuss, Mrs. Ludwig 
Dreyfuss, Max 
Driggs, Adrian P. 
Driggs, Miss Alice A. 
Driggs, Lawrence L. 
Driggs, Louis L., Sr. 
Driggs, Mrs. Spencer T. 
Driver, William S. 
Droescher, S. R. 
Drucker, George 
Drucker, M. A. 
Drummond, Howard 
Dryden, Miss Helen 
Dryer, Alfred 
Dryer, B. J. 
Dryfoos, Mrs. Jack A. 
Dryfoos, Otto F. 
Drysdale, Robert A. 
Duane, Miss Annie Deas 
Duane, W. North 
DuBois, Mrs. Anna G. 
Du Bois, H. 0. 
Du Bosque, Clayton 
Dubourcq, Louie I. 
Ducker, Sol 
Dudley, William B. 
Duel, Arthur B. 
Duer, Mrs. John B. 
Duffo, Augusto 
Duffy, Mrs. J. E. 
Du Four, Mrs. Oliver J. 
Duggan, Mrs. John F. 
Dugro, Francis A. 
Dugundji, B. D. 


Dujat, Joseph F. 
Dula, Mrs. R. 8. 
Dumarest, Albert 
Dumbell, Henry T. 
Dunaway, Frank E. 
Duncan, Frederick S. 
Duncan, Stuart 
Dunckel, Walter A. 
Dunham, Mrs. Carroll 
Dunham, Edward K. 
Dunham, Ernest F. 
Dunham, Lewis L. 
Dunham, Sturges S. 
Dunhill, John 
Dunkak, Henry _ 
Dunlap, Miss Elizabeth 8. 
Dunlop, George M. 
Dunlop, William F. 
Dunn, Edward D. 
Dunn, Gano 
Dunn, Mrs. Harris A. 
Dunn, Henry E. 
Dunn, James A. 
Dunne, Mrs. James 
Dunning, A. G. 
Dunning, Carroll H. 
Dunning, Frank O. 
Dunning, William B. 
Dunseith, Samuel 
Du Parcq, Edward R. 
Dupjgnac, Dudley 
Dupignac, Frank J. 
Durgin, E. L. 
Durham, Herbert 
Durkee, A. M. 
Durkee, Eugene W. 
Durkee, Richard P. H. 
Durland, William 
Dury, Elie 
Duryea, Walter B. 
Duryee, Miss Amy C. 
Dusenberry, E. W. 
Dusenberry, James D. 
Dutcher, Charles M. 
Dutcher, George G. 
Dutcher, John Gerow 
Duval, Herman 
Duval, Miss Nannie C. G. 
Duval, W. H. 
Duvall, William C. 
Duys, John H. 
Dwjght, Arthur S. 
Dwight, Edmund 
Dwight, Frederick 
Dwight, Mrs. M. E. 
Dwight, Mrs. Richard E. 
Dwight, Stanley 

Dwight, Mrs. Winthrop 
Dwight, Winthrop E. 
Dworetzkv, Morris 
Dwyer, Mrs. Anna N. 
Dwyer, J. F. 
Dwyer, John J. 
Dyas, Miss Louise 
Dyer, B. Wheeler 
Dyer, F. Monroe 
Dyer, G. C. 
Dyer, Mrs. George R. 
Dyer, Henry W. 
Dyer, John G. 
Dykes, Mrs.S. A. 
Dykman, William M. 
Eager, Ernest W. 
Eagle, Mrs. Clarence H. 
Eagleson, William A. (In 

memory of) 
Earl, Walter G. 
Earle, Ellis P. 
Early, Ernest R. 
Early, Joseph N. 
Earp, Wilbur F. 
Easley, Mrs. Ralph M. 
East, Edgar P. 
Easton, Mrs. R. F. 
Eaton, Bradley L. 
Eaton, Charles Edwin 
Eaton, Frank W. 
Eaton, Mrs. Frederick H. 
Eberhardt, E. T. 
Eberth, William F. 
Ebling, L. Allen 
Eby, Kerr 
Eck, Ulrich 
Eck, William J. 
Eckart, Edmund 
Eckart, William 
Ecker, Frederick H. 
Eckmann, Julius 
Eckstein, Arthur 
Eckstein, Joseph 
Eckstein, Maurice M. 
Eddy, George Simpson 
Eddy, Miss Mildred 
Eddy, William H. 
Edelman, Joseph S. 
Edelson, Charles 
Eder, Phanor J. 
Ederheimer, Richard 
Edgar, A. B. 
Edgar, Herman L. R. 
Edgar, Mrs. J. Clifton 
Edgar, Miss Jean 
Edgar, Mrs. Newbold Le 



Edgar, William S. 
Edgerly, Miss Anne R. 
Edmonds, Dean Stockett 
Edmonds, John W. 
Edmonds, Walter D. 
Edmunds, Frank W. 
Edsall, Mrs. Clarence 
Edstrom, David 
Edwards, Mrs. Carrie D. 
Edwards, Charles G. 
Edwards, Edward B. 
Edwards, Harold T. 
Edwards, Mrs. Julian 
Edwards, Miss Margaret 
Edwards, Mrs. Pierrepont 
Edwards, Ralph E. 
Edwards, Robert, Jr. 
Eells, H. C. 
Eells, James 
Efremoff, J. S. 
Egan, C. C. 
Egan, James F. 
Eggert, Mrs. Herbert F. 
Egginton, Hersey 
Ehrenberg, Berthold 
Ehret, George, Jr. 
Ehrich, Mrs. Adelaide P. 
Ehrich, H. L. 
Ehrich, Walter L. 
Ehrlicher, Mrs. Victor 
Ehrmann, Mrs. Ernest 
Eidlitz, Leopold 
Eidlitz, Otto M. 
Eidlitz, Robert James 
Eilers, Karl 
Eimer, August 
Eimer, Carl B. 
Eimer, Walter 
Einhorn, Isaac 
Einstein, Hubert G. 
Einstein, Isaac D. 
Einstein, Milton I. D. 
Einstein, Monroe L. 
Einstein, Samuel E. 
Einstein, William 
Eiseman, Frederick F. 
Ejseman, Lewis H. 
Eiseman, Samuel 
Eisenberg, Herbert L. 
Eisenstaedt, A. L. 
Eisinger, Ernest F. 
Eisler, Isaac 
Eisman, Max 
Eisner, Jacob 
Eisner, Mark 
Eisner, Samuel 


Eisner, William J. 

Elbert, August 
Elian, W., Jr. 
Elkus, A. M. 
Ellenwood, J. R. 
Elliot, Arthur F. 
Elliot, Mrs. E. Stewart 
Elliot, George T. 
Elliott, Clyde E. 
Elliott, James 
Elliott, William 
Ellis, Frederick A. G. 
Ellis, George Adams 
Ellis, George W. 
Ellis, Lawrence E. 
Ellison, Bennett 
Ellsworth, E. E. 
Ellsworth, James W. 
Elmer, Mrs. C. W. 
Elsberg, Herman A. 
Elsberg, Nathaniel A. 
Elsbree, George M. 
Elsinger, Joseph 
Eisner, Conrad F. 
Elson, Benjamin S. 
Elster, Hyman B. 
Elterman, Joseph 
Elwood, Mrs. Ellis D. 
Elwood, M. V., Jr. 
Ely, Mrs. Alfred 
Ely, Cheever N. 
Ely, George Page 
Ely, Richard 
Ely, Mrs. William H. 
Emanuel, John H., Jr. 
Embleton, Edward 
Embury, Mrs. James W. 
Emelin, M. J. 
Emerman, Joseph S. 
Emerson, John 
Emerson, Victor H. 
Emerson, William 
Emery, Henry C. 
Emery, Joseph H. 
Emery, Samuel 
EmeryjWilliam S. 
Emmerich, Walter 
Emmet, Grenville T. 
Emmett, Burton 
Endel, Maurice B. 
Endicott, Mrs. Robert 
Engel, Adam 
Engel, George C. 
Engel, George J. 
Engel, Morns 
Engel, Nicholas 
Engelhard, Charles 

Engelhard, George H. 
Engelhardt, John 
Englar, D. Roger 
Englehart, Miss Leo B. 
Engler, Arthur 
Englis, Mrs. C. M. 
English, J. Radford 
Ennis, Joseph B. 
Eno, Miss Mary P. 
Eno, William P. 
Epstein, Abraham 
Epstein, Albert A. 
Epstein, Daniel 
Epstein, Hermann 
Erb, Newman 
Erbsloh, Rudolf 
Erdmann, Albert J. 
Erdmann, John F. 
Erdmann, Martin 
Erdmann, William 
Erdwurm, Frank 
Erganian, John K. 
Erhard, Gus 
Erickson, Carl 
Ericsson, Charles A. 
Erlanger, Abraham 
Erlanger, Abraham L. 
Erlanger, Arthur _ 
Erlanger, Mrs. Milton 
Ernst, Alwin C. 
Ernst, Irving L. 
Erskine, Mrs. John 
Erskine, Ralph C. 
Erstein, Mrs. Jesse H. 
Ervin, Charles K. 
Erving, Miss Katharine 

Esberg, Henry 
Esberg, Mrs. Henry 
Escala, Carlos E. 
Eschenbach, Mrs. E. R. 
Esquerre, Paul 
Esslinger, John G. 
Estes, J. 

Estey, Mrs. Alice Roff 
Etheridge, George 
Etra, William 
Ettinger, Richard P. 
Ettlinger, Abraham 
Ettlinger, Louis 
Eulenstein, H. 
Eustis, John E. 
Evans, Miss Anna B. 
Evans, Daniel W. 
Evans, David G. 
Evans, Miss Ellen J. 
Evans, Evan M. 


Evans, Mrs. Fanny R. 

Evans, Miss Florence P. 

Evans, Mrs. Hartman K. 

Evans, Henry 

Evans, Mrs. John K. 

Evans, Joshua L. 

Evans, Mrs. Katharine W. 

Evans, M. Preston 

Evans, Paul E. 

Evans, Rudolph 

Evans, William H. 

Evens, N. I. 

Everett, A. Leo 

Everett, Mrs. Henry W. 

Everhart, Rollin'O. 

Ewart, Talbot 

Ewen, William C. 

Ewing, Charles 

Ewing, Mrs. F. B. 

Ewing, Frank E. 

Exstein, Henry L. 

Exton, B. N. 

Exton, Herbert E. 

Fabbri, Alessandro 

Fabbri, Mrs. E. G. 

Fabbri, Ernesto G. 

Faber, Albert S. 

Faber, Eberhard 

Faber, Rudolph C. 

Fabricant, Hyman 

Fahr, J. W., Jr. 

Fahys, George E. 

Fajrbank, Wallace 

Fairchild, Arthur S. 

Fairchild, Charles S. 

Fairchild, Mrs. Charlotte 

Fairchild, Samuel W. 

Fairfax, Mrs. Hamilton R. 

Fairfield, Mrs. E. M. 

Fakes, Miss Grace 

Falahee, John J. 

Fales, Haliburton, Sr. 

Fales, Miss Jane 

Fales, Mrs. W. S. 

Falk, Albert 

Falk, R.Tracy _ 

Falkinham, Percival E. 

Falls, Mrs. DeWitt Clin- 

Fancher, Bertram H. 

Fane, William F. 

Faraday, Mrs. Cornelia 

Faraon, J. P. 

Faris, Martin B. 

Farish, George E. 

Farjeon, Albert 


Farley, Frank C. 
Farmer, Edward I. 
Farmer, Mrs. F. Malcolm 
Farnam, Mrs. Charles H. 
Farnham, Mrs. S. J. 
Farnsworth, Charles H. 
Farr, H. Bartow 
Farr, John 
Farrand, Frank B. 
Farrand, Max 
Farrell, Benjamin P. 
Farrell, Morgan G. 
Farrelly, Stephen 
Farrington, Earl M. 
Farris, Charles E. 
Fassett, Truman E. 
Fast, F. R. 
Faterson, Mrs. Adam 
Fatman, Morris 
Fatman, S. A. 
Faulkner, Barry 
Faulkner, Ben C. 
Faust, I. S. 
Fauver, C. K. 
Faw, J. H. 
Fawer, M. 
Fay, Charles J. 
Fearn, Charles C. 
Fecheimer, S. M. 
Feder, Joel 
Feder, Joseph F. 
Federman, Samuel 
Fehlman, Frank E. 
Fehr, H. B. 

Feiber, Mrs. Samuel L. 
Feigenbaum, Frederick E. 
Feigin, Mrs. Philip 
Feilitzsch, Mrs. Louise 

Feinberg, Israel L. 
Feinberg, Joseph H. _ 
Feiner, Mrs. Benjamin F. 
Felder, Mrs. Thomas B. 
Feldhus, H. W. 
Feldman, Benson M. 
Feldman, Harold B. 
Feldman, Leo A. 
Feldman, Max 
Fellowes, Mrs. Cornelius 
Fellows, B. M. 
Felsenfeld, Jack J. 
Felter, Arthur C. 
Fenn, Paul 
Fenner, Burt L. 
Fenning, John 
Fenton, Emil 
Ferdinand, John E., Jr. 

Ferenz,F. K. 
Ferguson, Miss Edna 
Ferguson, George E. 
Ferguson, Hardy S. 
Ferguson, J. E. 
Ferguson, John F. 
Ferguson, Louis 
Ferguson, Robert W. 
Ferguson, William G. 
Fernsler, John P. 
Ferris, Ralph H. 
Ferry, Mrs. Charles H. 
Fetterolf, A. C. 
Fetzer, Frank 
Feuchtwanger, Henry 
Feustman, L. P. 
Fickinger, Emil H. 
Field, C. Everett 
Field, E. B. 
Field, Frank H. 
Field, Howard F. 
Field, Joseph E. 
Field, Mrs. Lila V. 
Field, Thomas G. 
Field, Wm. B. Osgood 
Fielding, Warren C. 
Fierst, Harry P. 
Filley, F. H. 
Finch, Edward L. 
Finck, Simon 
Fincke, Mrs. Charles L. 
Fincke, Clarence M. 
Finel, Ray D. 
Fink, George 
Fink, Morns 
Finke, Myron A. 
Finkelstein, Mrs. Mannie 
Finken, Charles E. 
Finkenberg, Leo 
Finn, Mrs. Jacob A. 
Finn, Mrs. James Wall 
Finn, John F. 
Fjrth, John _ 
Firuski, Louis L. 
Fisch, Gustav G. 
Fischel, Harry 
Fischer, Mrs. B. 
Fischer, Frederick G. 
Fischer, H. 

Fischer, Mrs. Hortense B. 
Fischer, Walter 
Fischer, William H. 

Fischman, William 
Fish, Edwin A. 
Fish, Mrs. Hamilton 
Fish, Mrs. Sidney 


Fishbein, Louis 

Fishel, Theodore 

Fisher, C. L. T. 

Fisher, Charles A. 

Fisher, Miss Elizabeth R. 

Fisher, H. J. 

Fisher, J. 5. 

Fisher, Robert C. 

Fisher, Samuel H. 

Fisher, Walter G. 

Fishman, W. I. 

Fisk, Henry S. 

Fisk, Pliny 

Fiske, Mrs. James Porter 

Fitch, Ashbel P. 

Fitch, B. F. 

Fitch, Mrs. Winchester 

Fitz, Wyman 

Fitzgerald, F. J. C. 

Fitzpatrick, Frank J. E. 

Fitzsimmons, Walter T. 

Flagg, Ernest 

Flammer, Edward F. 

Flanders, Mrs. Paul 

Flaumenbaum, J. 
Flaxbaum, Charles H. 
Flechter, Victor S. 
Fleischman, Marco 
Fleischmann, G. J. 
Fleischmann, Mrs. Maxi- 
Fleischmann, William N. 
Fleishel, Mrs. D. P. 
Fleisher, Mrs. Walter L. 
Fleitmann, Frederick T. 
Fleitmann, H. C. 
Fleitmann, William M. 
Fleming, Mrs. G. W. 
Fleming, Henry C. 
Fleming, James 
Fleming, John J. 
Fleming, Matthew C. 
Fleming, S. P. 
Fletcher, Mrs. Andrew 
Fletcher, Mrs. Henry P. 
Fletcher, Mrs. James, Jr. 
Fletcher, Peter 
Flexner, Simon 
Flinn, Alfred D. 
Flint, Miss Annie 
Flint, Mrs. Charles J. 
Flint, Mrs. Charles R. 
Flint, T. J. S. 
Floan, John P. 
Floring, W. M. 
Flory, William E. 
Flower, Frederick S. 


Floyd, William T. 
Flynn, Mrs. Mabelle W. 
Fobes, Miss Harriet K. 
Fobes, Stanley D. 
Fogg, Julius H. B. 
Foggo, Miss Agnes 
Foley, Edward F. 
Folger, B. W. 
Folger, H. C. 
Follmer, Willis M. 
Folsom, A. H. 
Folwell, Nathan T. 
Fonda, J. L. 
Fondeville, August J. 
Fontana, Alfred G. 
Fontheim, Alphonse R. 
Foord, John 
Foot, Mrs. James D. 
Foot, Sandford Dwight 
Foote, E. Rosedon 
Foote, Miss Mary 
Foran, George J. 
Forbes, Mrs. C. F. 
Forbes, F. Y. 
Forbes, Mrs. Francis 
Ford, Albert H. 
Ford, Frank R. 
Ford, Lawrence D. 
Ford, Lyman A. 
Fordham, Herbert L. 
Fordyce, J. A. 
Foreman, Frank L. 
Foringer, A. E. 
Forney, J. A. 
Forrest, Archibald A. 
Forrest, Edgar 
Forrest, Mrs. Thomas E. 
Forsch, Albert 
Forsch, Carl 
Forsch, Mrs. F. 
Forstbauer, Charles 
Forster, William C. 
Forsyth, Harry 
Forsyth, John B. 
Forsythe, John, Jr. 
ForteBcue, Kenyon 
Forth, Frederick 
Fosburgh, Mrs. R. L. 
Fosdick, Miss Evelyn L. 
Foss, Mrs. M. M. 
Foster, Charles F. 
Foster, Edward W. 
Foster, Frederic de P. 
Foster, George D. 
Foster, Harold A. 
Foster, Philip L. 
Foster, Reginald 

Foster, Robert J. 
Foster, S. A. 
Foster, Scott 
Foster, Walter H. 
Foster, William E. 
Fountain, Gerard 
Fountain, Mrs. Helen 
Fowler, Mrs. Anderson 
Fowler, Carl H. 
Fowler, Charles 
Fowler, Clarence 
Fowler, Clarence C. 
Fowler, Mrs. E. W. 
Fowler, Mrs. Edward P. 
Fowler, Robert L., Jr. 
Fowler, T. Coolidge 
Fox, Mrs. A. J. 
Fox, Austen G. 
Fox, Charles A. 
Fox, Cornelius F. 
Fox, Mrs. David J. 
Fox, Miss Frances 
Fox, Frederick 
Fox, George 
Fox, Mrs. Horace E. 
Fox, Hugh F. 
Fox, Mrs. Irving J. 
Fox, M. Ewing 
Fox, Mortimer J : 
Foxcroft, Frederick 0. 
Foy, Miss Sophie 
Fradley, George F. 
Frampton, Mrs. Helen 
Francis, Arthur W. 
Francis, Charles C. 
Franck, Maurice 
Frank, Adam 
Frank, Alfred 
Frank, Miss Aline 
Frank, Arthur 
Frank, Arthur E. 
Frank, Charles A. 
Frank, David M. 
Frank, Harry G. 
Frank, Mrs. Helen F. 
Frank, Henry 
Frank, Henry 
Frank, Herman M. 
Frank, Mrs. Lawrence A. 
Frank, Lawrence D. 
Frank, Mrs. Lewis S. 
Frank, Marcus A. 
Frank, Stuart H. 
Frank, Mrs ; Walter 
Franke, Julius 
Frankel, Louis 
Frankel, Mrs. Simon 


Frankenberg, Henry E. 
Frankenberg, Mrs. Jacob 

Frankenberg, Werner V. 
Frankfeld, Benjamin 
Frankfield, A. 
Franklin, George S. ' 
Franklin, Philip A. S. 
Franks, Robert A. 
Franz, Joseph F. 
Franzen, August 
Frasca, Joseph 
Frasch, Hans A. 
Fraser, A. V. 
Fraser, Arthur C. 
Fraser, George C. 
Fraser, Mrs. J. K. 
Fraser, Miss Jane K. 
Fraser, John 
Fraser, Miss S. Grace 
Fraser, William 
Frauenthal, Henry W. 
Frazier, Frederic H. 
Frederick, Karl T. 
Frederick, William 
Frederickson, Frederick J. 
Fredricks, Hugo 
Freeborn, James L. 
Freedlander, Arthur R. 
Freedlander, Joseph H. 
Freedley, Mrs. Vinton 
Freedman, Daniel B. 
Freedman, Leo 
Freedman, Robert S. 
Freedman, Samuel 
Freeman, Mrs. Alfred 
Freeman, Charles D. 
Freeman, Mrs. Edward W. 
Freeman, Mrs. Halstead 

Freeman, John E. 
Freeman, Victor E. 
Frejberger, Leopold 
Freid, Isidore 
Freid, John 
Freisinger, P. R. 
Frelinghuysen, G. G. 
Frelinghuysen, P. H. B. 
French, Amos Tuck 
French, Darwin G. 
French, George Barton 
French, Mrs. Hugh R. 
French, Mrs. John 
French, Percy W. 
Frenkel, Emil 
Frese, Joseph F. 
Freud, Miss Hannah 


Freudenheim, Harry W. 

Freund, John C. 

Freund, Mrs. Karl 

Freund, M. H. 

Freundlich, M. L. 

Frevola, Arthur 

Frey, D. I. 

Frey, Joseph L. 

Frick, Mrs. Childs 

Fried, Gustav A. 

Fried, Joseph 

Friedberg, Millard J. 

Friede, Leo 

Friedenberg, David S. 

Friedenheit, Isaac 

Frieder, Mrs. Marcus 

Friedkin, Israel 

Friedlander, Louis 

Friedlander, Philip M. 

Friedman, E. D. 

Friedman, Lester 

Friedman, Louis 

Friedman, Reuben W. 

Frjedmann, Zoltan 

Friedrich, Charles H. 

Fried richs, A. C. 

Fries, H. H. 

Frjssell, A. S. 

Fritz, Jeremiah W. 

Fritz, Robert C. 
Froehlich, Monroe 

Froment, Mrs. Eugene 

Frost, Dan 
Frost, Frederick G. 
Frost, Leroy 
Frothingham, John W. 
Frowert, Percival K. 
FrueauiF, Charles A. 
Fuchs, Emil 
Fuerst, I. 

Fuerth, Mrs. O. H. 
Fuhrer, Clarence 
Fukushima, Otto 
Fuld, Felix 
Fuld, Maurice 
Fulle, John H. 
Fuller, Mrs. Eugene 
Fuller, F. Roswell 
Fuller, Frederic J. 
Fuller, George W. 
Fuller, Henry J. 
Fuller, J. D. 
Fuller, Miss M. W. 
Fuller, Melville B. 
Fuller, Raymond D. 
Fuller, Samuel L. 

Fuller, Thomas S. 
Fullerton, Henry S. 
Fulper, W. H. 
Fulton, Frank J. 
Fulton, Mrs. L. M. 
Fulton, Robert C. 
Fulton, Robert E. 
Funcke, Louis 
Funke, Edmund A. 
Furchgott, Mrs. L. 
Furlong, John T. 
Furness, Mrs. Harriet V. 
Furry, S. E. 
Furth, R. L. 
Fyffe, Mrs. Joseph 
Fyscher, Maximilian 
Gabbe, Louis 
Gabler, Frank M. 
Gaebelein, A. C. 
Gaffney, Miss M. Cecilia 
Gaffney, Mrs. Peter J. 
Gaige, Crosby 
Gaillard, Mrs. W. D. 
Gaines, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Gaines, T. Foster 
Gaines, Thomas J. 
Gainsburg, I. 
Galban, Eugenio 
Galef, f. L. 
Gales, Mrs. Harry D. 
Gallatin, Albert 
Gallatin, Frederic 
Gambrill, J. Montgomery 
Gambrill, Mrs. Richard, 

Gannon, Frank S., Jr. 
Gannon, Thomas J. 
Gans, Mrs. Howard S. 
Gans, Milton H. 
Gans, Nathan 
Gansel, Henry 
Ganss, Hermann O. 
Gant, Samuel G. 
Gantz, Aaron 
Gantz, M. F. 
Ganz, Samuel H. 
Garden, Robert D. 
Gardiner, Miss A. G. 
Gardiner, Miss Gertrude 

Gardiner, Miss Sarah 
Gardner, Donald 
Gardner, Isaac 8. 
Gardner, J. Howland 
Gardner, W. Harris 
Gardner, William 
Garfunkel, Aaron 


Garland, Miss Olive R. 

Garrje, D. T. 

Garrison, C. M. 

Garrison, Mrs. William 

Gartz, Victor E. 

Garvin, Frank W. 

Gaston, George A. 

Gatling, N. P. 

Gawtry, Lewis B. 

Gayler, Julius F. 

Gayley, Mrs. Henry B. 

Gaylor, Clarence W. 

Gaylord, Irving C. 

Gear, Miss Bertha 

Gebhardt, Henry L. 

Geddes, Donald G. 

Geer, Walter 

Gehring, Charles E. 

Gejgerman, Charles 

Gejsman, Samuel 

Geissenhainer, Frederick 

Gelb, Herman 
Gellatly, John 
Geller, Samuel 
Gellert, Ferdinand 
Gellert, Samuel 
Gelshenen, William H. 
Geneen, Samuel 
Gengoult, Manuel 
Gennert, Henry G. 
Genscher, Charles 
Genthe, Arnold 
Gerard, Sumner 
Gerber, Charles A. 
Gere, James B. 
Germani, H. 
Gerrish, Frank Scott 
Gerrity, Thomas 
Gerry, James L. 
Gerry, Mrs. Robert L 
Gershel, Maurice L. 
Gerster, A. G. 
Getsky, Isaac M. 
Gettenberg, Solomon 
Gettenger, J. H. 
Gettner, Herman 
Getz, Edward G. 
Getz, John 
Geyer, Fred. P. 
Ghaldiali, Dinshah P 
Ghio, Miss Annie 
Giannini, Gaetano W. 
Gjbb, Mrs. Lewis M. 
Gibbons, G. Reynolds 
Gibbons, John 


Gibbons, Stephen 8. 
Gibbs, George 
Gibbs, Harold B. 
Gibbs, Herbert H. 
Gibbs, J. Rice 
Gibbs, Mrs. Margaret J. 
Gibby, Edgar M. 
Giberson, E. D. 
Gibney, Virgil P. 
Gibson, Mrs. Henry S. 
Gidding, J. M. 
Giebelhouse, Philip H. 
Gies, Carl J. 
Giffen, R. L. 
Gifford, Tames M. 
Gifford, Livingston 
Gifford, W. S. 
Gilbert, Abraham S. 
Gilbert, Alexander 
Gilbert, Archibald F. 
Gilbert, Edward H., Jr. 
Gilbert, Mrs. Fitch, Jr. 
Gilbert, Frederic N. _ 
Gilbert, Mrs. Halpin 

Gilbert, Harry M. 
Gilbert, Isaac N. 
Gilbert, Mrs. M. B. 
Gilbert, Mrs. Newton W. 
Gilchrist, George 
Gildersleeve, Charles 
Gildersleeve, Henry A. 
Gildersleeve, Raleigh 
Giles, Lewis C. 
Gilford, Mrs. Samuel T. 
Gilkey, Roscoe R. 
Gill, Mrs. Alice 
Gillespie, Miss Margaret 
Gillespie, Robert McM. 
Gillette, Curtenius 
Gillies, Edwin J. 
Gilligan, Anthony M. 
Gilliss, Frank Le G. 
Gillmore, Mrs. Henry van 

Gillsison, Mrs. A. 
Gilman, A. B. 
Gilman, Mrs. Charlotte P. 
Gilroy, Vincent 
Gimbel, Mrs. Bernard F. 
Gimbel, Mrs. Isaac 
Gimpel, Rene 
Ginsberg, Alfred 
Ginsburg, L. 
Gintzler, Morris 
Gitterman, Joseph L. 
Glackens, William J. 

Glaser, George M. 

Glaser, Jacob S. 

Glasgow, Mrs. Robert 

Glass, George D. 

Glassberg, G. 

Glassburg, John A. 

Glasser, Mrs. Herman 

Glatzer, Sigmund 

Glazier, Henry S. 

Gleason, Charles K. 

Gledhill, James E. 

Gleitzman, Isaac 

Glemby, Harry 

Glendinning, Miss Eliza- 
beth H. 

Glenn, John M. 

Glenn, William L. 

Glick, Bernard 

Glidden, Earle H. 

Glidden, Nathaniel F., Jr. 

Glinert, Maurice 

Glogau, Mrs. Eleanor B. 

Glogau, Otto 

Glokner, Edward O. A. 

Glover, W. Irving 

Glueck, Edmund 

Glyn, W. E. 

Goadby, William H. 

Goan, Orrin S. 

Gober, Walter D. 

Goble, Frank N. 

Goddard, Mrs. Frederic 

Goddard, Mrs. J. Warren 

Goddard, Mrs. Ralph B. 

Godfrey, E. Drexel 

Godfrey, Mrs. Elise 

Godley, Mrs. Frederick A. 

Godoff, Harry 

Godwin, Allan W. 

Godwin, David G. 

Godwin, George G. 

Goedecke, Oscar A. 

Goetz, Isidor 

Goetz, Joseph Addison 

Goetz, Norman S. 

Goetze, Otto 

Goff, Lyman B. 

Goffe, Robert H. 

Goggin, John 

Goldan, S. Ormond 

Goldberg, Bennett 

Goldberg, Mrs. Henry J. 

Goldberg, R. L. 

Goldberg, Samuel 

Goldberg, William H. 

Goldburg, Arthur 


Golden, John L. 
Golden, S. Herbert 
Goldfarb, David E. 
Goldfarb, Martin 
Goldman, Albert 
Goldman, Charles 
Goldman, Emanuel 
Goldman, Harry G. 
Goldman, Hyman 
Goldman, Mrs. Julian 
Goldman, Lewis K. 
Goldman, Samuel P. 
Goldman, Sigmund 
Goldman, Victor 
Goldman, William P. 
Goldsborough, Charles S. 
Goldschmidt, Samuel 
Goldsmith, Abraham 
Goldsmith, Mrs. Bertha 
Goldsmith, Byron B. 
Goldsmith, Frederick 
Goldsmith, Harry B. 
Goldsmith, James A. 
Goldsmith, Joel S. 
Goldsmith, Louis S. 
Goldsmith, Moses 
Goldsmith, Peter H. 
Goldstein, Charles 
Goldstein, Jonah J. 
Goldstein, Joseph 
Goldstein, Julius 
Goldstein, Michael _ 
Goldwasser, I. Edwin 
Gold water, Henry 
Goldwater, Sigismund S. 
Good, Mrs. Annie M. 
Good, Robert 
Goodchild, Frank M. 
Goodfriend, Jacob 
Goodfriend, Meyer 
Goodhart, Albert E. 
Goodhart, Philip J. 
Goodhue, Charles E. 
Goodhue, Isaac W. 
Goodhue, Mrs. Lillian E. 
Good kind, Emil 
Goodkind, Mrs. Martin H. 
Goodlett, Nicholas M. 
Goodman, Abraham L. 
Goodman, Edwin 
Goodman, Eugene W. 
Goodman, Louis R. 
Goodnow, Mrs. Ruby 

Goodrich, Edward I. 
Goodrich, George S. 
Goodwin, George M. 


Goodwin, William B. 
Gorab, Albert 
Gordh, Arvid 
Gordon, A. Douglas 
Gordon, Harry A. 
Gordon, Henry W. 
Gordon, John 
Gordon, Mrs. Kilbourn 
Gordon, Nathan 
Gordon, S. H. 
Gordon, Samuel 
Gordon, W. Lindsay 
Gorman, Miss Gertie £. 
Gorton, Charles E. 
Gossler, Philip 
Gotshall, W. C. 
Gottfried, Joseph 
Gottheil, Leon 
Gottheil, Mrs. Paul 
Gotthelf, Charles 
Gotthold, Frederick 
Gottlieb, Julius 
Gottschalk, Edward 
Gould, Mrs. Charles J. 
Gould, Everett W. 
Gould, Frank J. 
Gould, Horace S. 
Gould, Howard 
Gould, J. W. du B. 
Gould, Le Grand A. 
Gould, Miss Margaret B. 
Gould, Miss Mary 
Grabelsky, Mrs. Boris 
Gradwohl, M. H. 
Grady, Franklin 
Grady, Joseph I. 
Graef, Joseph E. 
Graf, E. R. J. 
Graf, William 
Graff, Charles E. 
Graff, Mrs. E. C. 
Graham, Arthur Butler 
Graham, Clinton 
Graham, George A. 
Graham, James, Jr. 
Graham, Miss Mary D. 
Graham, Richard H. 
Graham, Robert E. 
Graham, Thomas P. 
Graham, W. T. 
Granat, Miss Selma 
Grandeman, C. E. 
Grant, Adolph 
Grant, Mrs. De Forest 
Grant, Gordon H. 
Grant, Mrs. Hugh J. 
Grant, J. P. 

Grant, Michael 
Grant, Percy S. 
Grant, Mrs. William T. 
Granville, Bernard 
Gratz, Anderson 
Gravelle, F. Walter 
Graves, Allen B. 
Gray, Albert M. 
Gray, Albert Z. 
Gray, Henry G. 
Gray, Mrs. James H. 
Gray, John L. 
Gray, Robert P. 
Gray, William S., Sr. 
Greeff, Bernard 
Greeff, Mrs. Enno 
Green, Charles 
Green, Henry 
Green, Nathan William 
Green, R. Granville 
Green, Samuel S. 
Green, William G. 
Green, William H. 
Greenbaum, Victor 
Greenberg, Geza 
Greenberg, Robert W. 
Greendlinger, Leo 
Greene, Ernest 
Greene, James B. 
Greene, John W., Sr. 
Greene, Richard T. 
Greene, Theodore A. 
Greenebaum, F. H. 
Greenfield, Leo D. 
Greenhut, Benedict J. 
Greenleaf, James L. 
Greenley, Howard 
Greenman, Frederick F. 
Greenough, Mrs. Charles 

Greenough, Mrs. William 
Greenstone, Abraham 
Greenwald, Carl 
Greenway, G. C., Jr. 
Greenwood, Clinton M. 
Greenwood, Miss Eliza R. 
Greenwood^ Joseph R. 
Greer, Louis M. 
Greer, Mrs. William A. 
Gref, Mrs. Anthony 
Gregg, John R. 
Gregory, Alfred 
Gregory, Dr. Alice 
Gregory, Edward C. 
Gregory, Eugene J. (In 

Memory of) 
Gregory, Franklin U. 


Gregory, George D. 
Gregory, Mrs. William K. 
Grenier, Mrs. A. S. 
Greve, William M. 
Grey, Mrs. Albert L. 
Grey, Arthur J. 
Grey, David S. 
Grieb, William G. 
Grier, John P. 
Griesel, Mrs. John H. 
Grieve, Maurice 
Griffin, Charles E. 
Griffin, Charles L. 
Griffin, Mrs. Eugene 
Griffin, H. M. 
Griffin, John F. 
Griffin, Mrs. John W. 
Griffin, Walter H. 
Griffin, Walter W. 
Griffin, William V. 
Griggs, John S., Jr. 
Griggs, John W. 
Griggs, Maitland F. 
Griggs, R. E. 
Grill, J. George 
Grimberg, L. 
Grimes, Charles B. 
Grinnell, E. Morgan 
Grjnnell, George Bird 
Grinnon, Lawrence J. 
Grjsmer, Joseph R. 
Gristede, Charles H. 
Griswold, Mrs. Chester, 

Griswold, Frank Gray 
Griswold, M. L. 
Griswold, William E. S. 
GrofF, Eugene A. 
Grosch, Charles 
Grose, Waldo 
Gross, Albert B. 
Gross, Arnold 
Gross, Arthur 
Gross, George V. 
Gross, James S. 
Gross, Leopold 
Gross, Theodore 
Grosset, Alexander 
Grosskurth, Charles 
Grossman, Abraham 
Grossman, William 
Grossmann, L. William 
Grossmith, Lawrence 
Grove, Clark 
Grudin, S. 
Gruenberg, A. 
Gruening, Mrs. E. H. 


Gruenstein, Benjamin M. 
Grumbach, Louis J. 
Grumbacher, Max 
Grundner, Mrs. M. 
Gruner, William C. 
Gruntal, Benedict H. 
Gruntal, Mrs. Herman 
Grupe, Henry J. 
Grushlaw, I. 
Grymes, Arthur 
Guckenheimer, Edward 
Gude, Edward C. 
Gude, 0. J. 
Guenther, Louis 
Guernsey, Henry William 
Guernsey, Mrs. Joseph R. 
Guernsey, N. T. 
Guffey, Joseph F. 
Guggenheim, Albert 
Guggenheim, Bernard 
Guggenheim, Isaac 
Guggenheim, Karl 
Guggenheim, Max 
Guggenheimer, Mrs. Eliza 
Guggenheimer, H. Ran- 
Guggenheimer, Jay C. 
Guillaume, J. A. 
Guinsburg, Nathan M. 
Guinzburg, Frederic V. 
Guinzburg, Henry A. 
Guinzburg, Victor 
Guiterman, Percy L. 
Gulick, Archibald A. 
Gumbiner, D. 
Gumpel, Morris 
Gumpert, Martin E. 
Gundlach, Frank A. 
Gunn, Andrew H. 
Gunn, Archie 
Gunn, James Newton 
Gunnell, Edward 
Gunther, Bernard G. 
Gunther, John Jacob, 2nd 
Gurry, Thomas F. 
Gushee, Edward S. 
Gushee, Ralph A. 
Guthman, Roy I. 
Guthman, William 
Guthrie, W. Norman 
Gutman, Malvin 
Guttzeit, Charles W. 
Guy, Mrs. Charles L. 
Guye, Charles H. 
Gwalter, Henry L. 
Gwinn, F. W. 
Gwinn, Ralph W. 

Gwynn, Charles T. 

Gwynne, Arthur C. 

Haag, Joseph 

Haan, Rudolph M. 

Haar, David 

Haas, Miss Alma M. 

Haas, George C. 

Haas, Samuel 

Haas, Sidney V. 

Haber, Ferdinand I. 

Haber, Harold E. 

Haber, Jacob 

Haberman, Joshua 

Habig, Louis C. 

Hack, Harold W. 

Hacker, Frederick 

Hackett, Frank S. 

Hadduck, Mrs. B. Frank- 

Hadlock, Mrs. A. Emer- 

Hadra, Mrs. L. G. 

Haering, M. A. 

Hafer, Henry E. 

Hage, John D. 

Hagelstein, Harry P. 

Hagelweide, George 

Hagen, Arthur 

Haggard, Mrs. Flora 

Haggerson, Fred H. 

Harm, Arthur W. 

Hahn, Berthold 

Hahn, Morton S. 

Hahn, Simon 

Haigh, George C. 

Haight, Sherman P. 

Hailey, Robert L. 

Haines, Charles D. 

Halberstadt, Albert G. 

Halcomb, C. Herbert 

Hale, Thomas 

Hall, A. Mitchell, 2nd 

Hall, Albert C. 

Hall, Edward E. 

Hall, Frank L. 

Hall, H. J. 

Hall, H. Oakey 

Hall, Harold H. 

Hall, Harry 

Hall, Harry T. 

Hall, Henry B. 

Hall, Henry J. S. 

Hall, Mrs. I. A. 

Hall, Louis F. 

Hall, Louis H. 

Hall, Roger R. 

Hall, Tom 

1 06 

Hall, Walter H. 

Hall, William H. 

Hall, William W. 

Halla, Charles 

Hallahan, W. L. 

Halle, H. J. 

Halle, Mrs. Jacques S. 

Hallenbeck, Mrs. H. C. 

Hallenbeck, John J. 

Hailey, S. R. 

Halliday, Alexander B. 

Hallinan, Miss Sarah E. 

Hallock, George G., Jr. 

Hallock, Silas F. 

Hallowell, Mrs. Mont- 

Halls, William, Jr. 

Halper, H. 

Halpern, Samuel 

Halsey, Charles B. 

Halsey, Charles D. 

Halsey, Frederick A. 

Halsey, Mrs. Robert H. 

Halstead, Frank M. 

Halsted, Mrs. Harbeck 

Haltman, Philip 

Ham, F. J. 

Ham, I. F. 4 # 

Hamann, William A. 

Hamberger, Mrs. William 

Hambur, Mrs. M. R. 

Hamburger, D. Ellis 

Hamburger, Harry 

Hamburger, L. 

Hamburger, Samuel B. 

Hamerschlag, Royal P. 

Hamilton, Cosmo 

Hamilton, Henry De Witt 

Hamilton, John G. 

Hamilton, John W. 

Hamilton, William A. 

Hamlen, George D. 

Hamlin, Frank H. 

Hamlin, Mrs. Harry L. 

Hammel, Rudolf 

Hammer, E. L. 

Hammer, T. 

Hammerschlag, James C. 

Hammerschlag, Victor H. 

Hammerslough, Alexander 

Hammerslough, Edward 
Hammerslough, Mrs. 

Hammill, C. W. 
Hammond, Graeme M. 


Hammond, Henry 8. 
Hammond, John Hays 
Hammond, Mrs. John 

Hammond, Merville F. 
Hammond, Ogden H. 
Hammond, Mrs. R. F. 
Hammond, William K. 


Hampden, Walter 

Hampton, George A. 

Hampton, Walter £. 

Hams, John J. _ 

Hanabergh, William W. 

Hanan, Herbert Wilmer 

Hanauer, Jerome J. 

Hance, Mrs. John A. 

Hand, Herbert T. 

Hand, William 

Handel, George F. 

Handy, Cortlandt W. 

Handy, Parker D. 

Haneman, John Theo- 

Hanks, John T. 

Hanlein, Theodore J. 

Hanley, Stephen J. 

Hanley, William 

Hanlon, Daniel E. 

Hann, William 

Hanna, Charles A. 

Hannah, C. G. 

Hannan, Mrs. Reed 

Hansen, A. H. 

Hansen, Ferdinand 

Hansen, Hans P. 

Hanson, E. Irving 

Hanson, Henry H. 

Harcourt, Vivian 

Harde, Dudley 

Harden, Edward W. 

Hardenbergh, Henry 

Hardenbergh, Mrs. Wil- 
liam P. 

Harder, Frank B. 

Hardin, William B. 

Harding, Frederick C. 

Harding, Herbert B. 

Harding, William T. 

Hardinge, Mrs. H. W. 

Hardy, Charles 

Hardy, Charles J, 

Hardy, George F., Jr. 

Hardy, Mrs. Lamar 

Hare, Mrs. Meredith 

Hare, Mrs. Montgomery 

Hare, William 

Harkness, Miss Margaret 

Harlow, Arthur H. 

Harman, John F. 

Harmer, Hugh M. 

Harmon, A. L. 

Harmon, Mrs. Clifford 

Harnecker, L. 0. 

Harper, Mrs. Florence A. 

Harriman, W. A. 

Harrington, Mrs. W. E. 

Harrington, Walter G. 

Harris, Albert H. 

Harris, Mrs. B. B. 

Harris, Beverly D. 

Harris, Charles C. 

Harris, George 

Harris, George A. 

Harris, Hayden B. 

Harris, Max 

Harris, Modie 

Harris, O. T. 

Harris, R. H. 

Harris, Victor 

Harris, Mrs. William H. 

Harris, William Laurel 

Harrison, Mrs. Benjamin 

Harrison, Frank P. 

Harrison, Henry S. 

Harrison, Philip 
Harrison, Richard C. 
Harrison, Mrs. W. Henry 
Harriss, William H. 
Harrold, Mrs. Orville 
Hart, Edward W. 
Hart, Miss Grace 
Hart, Horace Greeley 
Hart, John F. 
Hart, Mrs. John I. 
Hart, Leo J. 
Hart, N. G. 
Hart, Mrs. Percy Grier 
Hart, William Howard 
Hartmann, Miss Ella 
Hartmann, Waldemar 
Hartshorn, Stewart 
Hartshorn, W. M. 
Hartshorne, Isaac 
Hartshorne, Mrs. J. M. 
Hartshorne, Robert 
Hartwell, John A. 
Harty, Joseph P. W. 
Harvey, H. B. 
Harvey, John J. C. 
Harvey, Richard D. 
Harvey, Wallace P. 
Harwood, Charles 


Hasbrouck, Louis B. 
Haskell, Mrs. Charles N. 
Haskell, Harry 
Haskell, J. Amory 
Haskins, Harry C. 
Hastings, F. S. 
Hastings, Mrs. G. S. 
Hastings, Miss Isabel 
Hastings, Thomas 
Hastings, Mrs. Thomas 
Hastings, Thomas W. 
Hastorf, Albert H., Jr. 
Hatch, Albert J. 
Hatch, Edwin G. 
Hatch, James A. 
Hatcher, Arthur B. 
Hatfield, F. L. 
Hathaway, Charles 
Hathaway, Mrs. Jane F. 
Hattenbach, Joseph 
Hatzel, John C. 
Haubold, Rudolph O. 
Haupt, Mrs. Ira 
Haupt, William A. 
Hauselt, Charles E. 
Havemeyer, H. O. 
Havemeyer, Raymond 
Havemeyer, Theodore A. 
Haven, Miss Frances A. 
Haven, G. G. 
Haven, J. Woodward 
Haven, William I. 
Havens, E. B. 
Havey, Marshall L. 
Hawe, William D. 
Hawkes, Joseph 
Hawkes, McDougall 
Hawkins, Mrs. Eugene D. 
Hawkins, W. W. 
Hawley, Miss Theodosia 

Hay, Mrs. Clarence L. 
Hay, William 
Haydon, Nicholas 
Hayeck, Thomas 
Hayes, Carroll 
Hayes, Henry R. 
Hayes, Miss Irene 
Hayes, James E., Jr. 
Hayes, James H. 
Hayes, Jerome 
Hayes, John A. 
Hayes, Paul N. 
Hayes, William Van V. 
Hayner, Charles 
Hayner, George M., Sr. 
Haynes, Miss Caroline C. 


Haynes, Royal S ; 
Hays, Mrs. Edwin D. 
Hays, Harold M. 
Hays, Henderson 8. 
Hays, Hiram J. 
Hays, Mrs. Jacob 
Hayunga, G. E. 
Hayward, J. B. 
Hayward, John H. 
Hazarian, Artin P. 
Hazell, Arthur M. 
Hazen, Mrs. Charles D. 
Hazen, Frank Allen 
Hazen, George H. 
Hazen, William E. 
Head, G. R. N. 
Heale, James A. 
Healey, Sumner 
Healy, Joseph S. 
Healy, William P. 
Heath, Ernest H. 
Heath, Mrs. W. G. 
Heaton, Clement 
Heaton, John L. 
Heaton, Mrs. M. A. 
Hebberd, Mrs. Isaac N. 
Hebden, R. Y. 
Hecht, Aaron 
Hecht, Sigmund G. 
Heck, George C. 
Heckel, Frederick C 
Heckscher, August 
Hedges, Job E. 
Heebner, Ernest L. 
Heffernan, James E., Jr. 
Heffernan, Miss Kathleen 
Heffernan, W. O. 
Heft, Mrs. N. H. 
Hefter, George A. 
Hegone, Miss Elinor 
Heibel, Walter E. 
Heide, Henry 
Heidecker, H. L. 
Heidelberger, Miss Hattie 
Heiden, Julius 
Heil, Alfred W. 
Heilbroner, Louis 
Heilbrun, Leopold 
Heilbrun, Mrs. Molly 
Heilner, E. J. 
Heilner, J. 
Heim, Mrs. Eugene 
Heim, Max B. 
Heiman, Jacob 
Heimerdinger, Edward C. 
Heimerdinger, Mrs. J. F. 
Heimerdinger, Mrs. M. 

Hejn, Charles 

Heine, Julius F. 

Heineberg, Mrs. Jack 

Hejns, John P. 

Heins, William H. 

Heinsheimer, Mrs. Fred- 
erick S. 

Heinsheimer, Norbert 

Heintz, John C. 

Heisenberg, Karl 

Heisler, Charles N. 

Heitland, Wilmot E. 

Heitman, Charles E. 

Heitzmann, James A. 

Helburn, Julius 

Held, Isidor 

Heifer, E. Reginald 

Heljer, David 

Helitzer, Isidor 

Heller, Abraham A. 

Heller, B. S. 

Heller, H. Howard 

Heller, Isaac M. 

Heller, Martin J. 

Heller, Philip 

Heller, Samuel 

Heller, William H. 

Hellier, Charles E. 

Hellin, Miss Lilian 

Hellman, Abraham J. 

Hellman, Edgar A. 

Hellman, Eugene A. 

Hellman, Mrs. Frances 

Hellman, George S. 

Hellman, Milo 

Hellman, Nat., Jr. 

Hemenway, John F. 

Hemmerdinger, L. 

Hencken, Albert C. 

Hencken, Mrs. Henry 

Hencken, William F. 

Henderson, Mrs. Charles 

Henderson, D. R. 

Henderson, Mrs. E. C. 

Henderson, Mrs. F. C. 

Henderson, H. P. 

Henderson, Harold G. 

Henderson, James A. 

Henderson, Robert 

Henderson, W. A. 

Hendrick, Mrs. Ellwood 

Hendricks, Mrs. H. H. 

Hendricks, Harmon W. 

Hendricks, Henry S. 

Hendrickson, D. de Lan- 

1 08 

Henes, William F. 
Heney, Charles E. 
Henle, Frederick 
Henle, John 
Henlein, Joseph 
Henna, J. Julio 
Hennessy, Charles O'C. 
Henney, James B. 
Henney, Charles I. 
Henry, Charles S., 2nd. 
Henry, Jacob S. 
Henry, Miss Margaret 
Henry, Nelson H. 
Henry, Paul 
Henry, Philip W. 
Henry, R. L. 
Henry, Robert C. 
Henry, Robert F. 
Henschel, Joseph 
Hensle, George L. 
Hensley, Mrs. William L. 
Hentz, Henry 
Henwood, Miss Lucy A. 
Hepburn, Mrs. A. B. 
Hepperle, Walter C. 
Hequembourg, H. C. 
Herb, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Herbert, Henry 
Herbert, John W. 
Herbert, N. H. 
Herbert, Preston 
Herbst, Max 
Hering, Henry 
Herman, Charles 
Herman, I. C. 
Herman, Julius 
Herman, Mrs. Oscar W. 
Hermann, B. F. 
Hermann, Henry 
Hermes, Frank J. 
Hermes, John K. 
Hernsheim, Isidore 
Hernsheim, Joseph 
Hernstadt, W. L. 
Heroy, William W. 
Herr, Charles 
Herr, Miss Mary E. 
Herreshoff, Mrs. E. D. Lee 
Herrick, Mrs. E. Hicks 
Herrick, Harold 
Herrick, Walter 
Herrick, W. Wilson 
Herrick, Mrs. William W. 
Herrman, Mrs. E. P. 
Herrmann, F. 
Herrmann, Sigmund 
Herron, H. J. 


Herschberger, Steve 
Herschmann, Emil M. 
Hersey, Frederick W. 
Hershfield, Isidor 
Hersig, Lee M. 
HerslofF, Nils B. 
Herter, Albert 
Herts, Harold H. 
Herts, Henry Beaumont 
Herty, Charles H. 
Hertz, Emanuel 
Hertz, J. J. 
Hertz, Louis 
Herwig, Frank 
Herwit, Simon T. 
Herz, Mrs. Frederick W. 
Herzbrun, Bernard 
Herzfeld, Alfred A. 
Herzfeld, Felix 
Herzfeld, Melvin G. 
Herzfelder, L. H. 
Herzig, Mrs. Charles S. 
Herzig, George B. 
Herzog, Edward H. 
Herzog, Edward N. 
Herzog, Max 
Herzog, Paul M. 
Herzog, Samuel A. 
Hesdorfer, Joseph 
Hess, Alfred F. 
Hess, Arthur M. 
Hess, Jerome S. 
Hess, Simon 
Hess, Stephen G. 
Hess, Victor R. 
Hesse, Walter 
Hessel, William F. 
Hesslein, Max 
Hester, Charles R. 
Hester,_ Mrs. M. V. 
Hetherington, James A. 
Hetzler, Theodore _ 
Heuermann, Ludwig B. 
Hewitt, Mrs. Charles B. 
Hewitt, Mrs. Edward R. 
Hewitt, Edward Shepard 
Hewitt, John Vance 
Hewitt, Mrs. L. W. 
Hewitt, Mrs. Robert 
Hewlett, George 
Hewlett, Walter J. 
Heyd, Charles G. 
Heydt, Charles E. 
Heye, Carl T. 
Heyl, Irving F. 
Heylmun, C. G. 
Heyman, Mrs. David M. 

Heyman, M. B. 
Heyman, Seymour S. 
Heymann, Albert 
Heymann, Charles E. 
Heymann, Mrs. Seymour 

Heyn, Otto P. 
Heywood, Miss Myrtle C. 
Heywood, Robert R., Sr. 
Hickey, Edward F. 
Hickey, James H. 
Hickman, Mrs. A. 
Hickox, C. V., Jr. 
Hicks, Miss Amy Mali 
Hicks, John M.W. 
Hicks, O. P. 
Hickson, Richard J. 
Higbie, Robert W. 
Higerty, Alex. C. A. 
Higgens, Mrs. J.E. Grote 
Higgins, Mrs. Richard H. 
Higgins, William A. 
Higgs, P. Jackson 
Highman, Walter J. 
Higinbotham, N. J. 
Higley, Charles W. 
Hilder, Mrs. M. 
Hill, Adolpf 
Hill, Mrs. Berton C. 
Hill, Edgar P. 
Hill, Mrs. Frederick T. 
Hill, Mrs. J. N. 
Hill, Mrs. Jessie Fenner 
Hill, John 
Hill, John R. 
Hill, Mrs. Leonard L. 
Hill, Nicholas S., Jr. 
Hill, Percival S. 
Hill, Theodore M. 
Hillard, Mrs. H. R. 
Hiller, Lejaren A. 
Hilliard, Fred E. 
Hilliard, J. G. 
Hillquit, Morris 
Hills, Frank W. 
Himmel, H. 
Himwich, A. A. 
Hinchman, Miss Marga- 

retta S. 
Hinchman, Ralph P. 
Hinckley, Mrs. Samuel N. 
Hinderson, Edward 
Hindes, Harry G. 
Hine, Lyman N. 
Hine, Walter R. 
Hines, Walker D. 
Hinkle, Eugene E. 


Hinrichs, Hans 
Hinsdale, Mrs. F. Gilbert 
Hinshaw, Mrs. William 

Hinton, Alfred P. 
Hinton, Mrs. Caroline C. 
Hippie, Frank E. 
Hirleman, Forrest C. 
Hirsch, Adolf 
Hirsch, Adolph 
Hirsch, Miss Blanche 
Hirsch, C. A. 
Hirsch, Charles S. 
Hirsch, Herman 
Hirsch, Leo 
Hirsch, Leo H. 
Hirsch, Louis 
Hirsch, Ludwig C. 
Hirsch, Morris J. 
Hirsch, Nathan 
Hirsch, Mrs. Richard 
Hirsch, Walter A. 
Hirsch berg, Edgar 
Hirschenbein, Morris 
Hirschfeld, Fred S. 
Hirschfield, Nat C. 
Hirschhorn, Mrs. Fred 
Hirschland, Franz H. 
Hirschman,_ Mrs. Jesse 
Hirsh, David 
Hirshfield, Mrs. M. 
Hirshfield, Milton 
Hirst, Mrs. William H. 
Hirth, Friedrich 
Hitchcock, Frederick C. 
Hitchcock, Mrs. Geral- 

Hitchcock, Mrs. Ripley 
Hitchcock, Samuel M. 
Hitchins, Owen 
Hlavac, Charles W. 
Hoadley, Mrs. Russell H. 
Hoagland, I. G. 
Hoagland, Mrs. Joseph 

C, Sr. 
Hoagland, Raymond 
Hoar, George T. 
Hobart, Mrs. E. L. 
Hobbs, Charles B. 
Hobbs, J. J. 
Hoch, Herman 
Hodell, Charles W. 
Hodenpyl, Anton G. 
Hodenpyl, Mrs. Eugene 
Hodgdon, Frederick C. 
Hodge, Eric L. 
Hodge, Howard D. 


Hodges, Charles E. 
Hodges, George W. 
Hodgson, Mrs. John H. P. 
Hodkinson, William W. 
Hoeber, Paul B. 
Hoehn, W. A. 
Hoelen, G. M. 
Hoes, Ernest P. 
Hofer, Martin 
Hoff, C. M. 
Hoff, Olaf 
Hoff, Samuel 
Hoffman, Mrs. 
Hoffman, Charles L. 
Hoffman, F. B. 
Hoffman, F. B., Jr. 
Hoffman, John E. 
Hoffman, Mrs. Joseph E. 
Hoffman, Miss Mary U. 
Hoffman, Samuel V. 
Hoffman, Mrs. Stoddard 
Hoffman, William G. 
Hoffman, William M. V. 
Hoffmann, George 
Hoffmann, George J. 
Hoffstot, Frank N. 
Hofmann, George 
Hogue, Joseph 
Hoguet, Robert L. 
Hohenstein, Max A. 
Holahan, Frank E. 
Holbrook, Mrs. F. N. 
Holbrook, W. S. 
Holcomb, A. M. 
Holden, Arthur C. 
Holden, Edward R. 
Holden, Frank H. 
Holden, John 
Holden, Lawrence C. 
Holden, Ralph 
Holden, T. N. 
Holden, W. B. 
Holland, Arthur L. 
Holland, Charles H. 
Holland, Ernst S. 
Holland, Frank H. 
Hollander, Barnett L. 
Hollander, Harry 
Hollander, Henry 
Hollander, Louis 
Hollenbach, Phil G. 
Holliday, Francis E. 
Holljngsworth, Edward C. 
Hollingsworth, Mrs. Ellis 
Hollingsworth, Frank 
Hollis, Austin W. 
Holloway, Charles 

Hollstein, Gus M. 
Hollweg, F. E. 
Holman, Frank L. 
Holmes, Carol O. 
Holmes, Mrs. Duncan A. 
Holmes, Francis H. 
Holmes, George E. 
Holmes, James S. 
Holmes, Miss Mary L. 
Holmes, R. A. 
Holmes, Ralph C. 
Holstein, Mark G. 
Holt, Henry 
Holt, L. Emmett 
Holt, Philetus H. 
Holt, Robert S. 
Holter, Mrs. Edwin 0. 
Holton, George C. 
Holtzoff, Alexander 
Holtzoff, L. S. 
Holzman, A. 
Holzwasser, Louis P. 
Homan, B. H. 
Homans, Miss Nancy 
Homer, Eugene M. 
Homer, Lorin L. 
Homer, Sidney 
Honan, William F. 
Honegger, O. P. 
Honigsberg, Mrs. A. 
Hood, Raymond M. 
Hooker, Mrs. Elon H. 
Hooker, H. M. 
Hoole, Charles Henry 
Hooley, Edwin S. 
Hooley, Miss Mary 
Hooper, Mrs. Louise W. 
Hooper, Parker M. _ 
Hoopes, Mrs. Maurice 
Hoople, William Clifford 
Hoops, Herman W. 
Hooven, Paul M. 
Hoover, A. Pearson 
Hoover, C. Velora 
Hope, Walter E. 
Hopken, John H. 
Hopkins, Alfred 
Hopkins, Miss Emma B. 
Hopkins, Eustis Langdon 
Hopkins, Mrs. Moses B. 
Hopper, Arthur J. 
Hopper, John J. 
Hoppin, Bayard C. 
Hoppin, Mrs. Francis L. 

Hoppin, Joseph Clark 
Hopson, Howard C. 


Hopwood, E. B. 
Horan, Mrs. James F. 
Horch, Louis L. 
Hord, Eugene F. 
Horgan, Charles S. 
Horgan, Mrs. H. V. 
Horgan, Stephen H. 
Horner, Richard W. 
Hornor, John W., Jr. 
Hornor, Townsend 
Hornthal, Mrs. Anna W. 
Horowitz, Charles 
Horowitz, Jack L. 
Horowitz, Louis J. 
Horowitz, Philip 
Horowitz, Samuel 
Horr, L. William 
Horsey, Outerbridge 
Horsfall, W. H. 
Horton, Chauncey E. 
Horton, Harry C. 
Horton, Mrs. Loton 
Horwitz, Mrs. Jane G. 
Horwitz, Max 
Horwitz, Otto 
Hosier, Mrs. Edward B. 
Hoskier, H. C. 
Hoskins-Miner, Miss 

Hosmer, Miss Marion 
Hostetter, Mrs. Frederick 

Hotchkiss, Charles E. 
Hotchkiss, Miss Esther S. 
Hotchkiss, Henry D. 
Hotchkiss, William H. 
Hotchner, Maurice 
Houghton, Mrs. Augustus 

Houlberg, Volmer H. 
House, Frederick B. 
House, Joseph S. 
House, Nathan Cable 
Housepian, M. M. 
Housh, Carter F. 
Housman, Clarence J. 
Houston, Charles A. 
Houston, Mrs. George H. 
Houston, John C. 
Houston, R. L. 
Hovey, Charles B. 
How, Kenneth G. 
Howard, Francis 
Howard, Frank S. 
Howard, George H. 
Howard, Montague 
Howard-Martin, Edmund 


Howe, Fisher 
Howe, George 
Howe, Huber S. 
Howe, Walter B. 
Howell, Miss Felicie W. 
Howell, Frederick H. 
Howell, Herbert P. 
Howell, Thomas A. 
Howes, Benjamin 
Howes, Mrs. Mary K. 
Howes, Mrs. Reuben 

Howland, Miss Georgiana 
Howland, Mrs. H. E. 
Howland, Silas W. 
Howley, William E. 
Hoyt, Alfred O. 
Hoyt, Allen G. 
Hoyt, Charles W. 
Hoyt, Dudley 
Hoyt, Mrs. Edwin C. 
Hoyt, Edwin H. 
Hoyt, Miss Elizabeth S. 
Hoyt, Gerald L. 
Hoyt, Mrs. Henry Reese 
Hoyt, Mrs. Orson 
Hoyt, Miss R. S. 
Hoyt, Mrs. Richard F. 
Hoyt, Miss Virginia Scott 
Hubbard, Crescens 
Hubbard, Ernest V. 
Hubbard, Lewis Mac B. 
Hubbard, Norman, Jr. 
Hubbel, Ira H. 
Huber, Edward E. 
Huber, Frederick W. 
Huber, H. F. 
Huber, H. Christian 
Hubert, John Austin 
Hubing, Miss Hilma W. 
Hudnut, Joseph 
Hudson, Mrs. Mariorie 

Huff, Frank K. 
Huffer, Herman C, Jr. 
Huffman, Otto V. 
Huffman, William 
Huggins, G. Ellsworth 
Hughes, Charles E. 
Hughes, Frank L. 
Hughes, James F. 
Hughes, John 
Hughes, John C. 
Hughes, John W. 
Hughes, L. A. 
Hughes, Miss Nelly W. 
Hughes, Sidney W. 

Hughes, Mrs. Thomas, Sr. 
Hughes, Mrs. Thomas L. 
Hughes, William F. 
Hulett, Mrs. J. B. 
Hulick, William H. 
Hull, Harold S. 
Hull, Howard 
Hull, J. Arthur 
Hull, Nelson Y. 
Humason, H. Munroe 
Humbert, John J. C. 
Hume, Frederic W. 
Hume, Raphael 
Humphrey, Frank J. 
Humphrey, H. J. 
Humphrey, Henry M. 
Humphrey, Miss Martha 

Humphrey, Theodore F. 
Humphreys, Alex C. 
Humphreys, Frederic E. 
Humphreys, George H. 
Humstone, Millard C. 
Hundley, S. Woodson 
Hunt, Charles F. 
Hunt, Charles Jack 
Hunt, Miss Ellen D. 
Hunt, James Ramsay 
Hunt, Michael 
Hunt, Thomas 
Hunt, Westley M. 
Hunter, Dwjght W. 
Hunter, George Leland 
Hunter, Mrs. L. G. C. 
Hunter, Miss Lizbeth C. 
Hunter, Paul C. 
Hunter, Samuel J. 
Huntington, C. W. 
Huntington, Henry S. 
Huntington, S. V. V. 
Huntley, F. P. 
Huntsman, Robert F. R. 
Huntzinger, Robert L. 
Hupfel, Christian G. 
Hupfel, J. Chr. G. 
Hurd, Lee M. 
Hurd, W. Wallace 
Hurdman, F. H. 
Hurley, James F. 
Hurley, M. Frank 
Huron, George B. 
Hurst, George J. 
Hurst, William H. 
Husted, Harry B. 
Husted, Miss M. Katha- 


Hustis, James H., Jr. 
Hustis, Mrs. Lydia S. 
Huston, Mrs. Tillinghast 

Hutaf, August W. 
Hutaff, Frederick H. 
Hutcheson, William A. 
Hutchinson, D. W. 
Hutchinson, F. L. 
Hutchinson, Mrs. Harold 
Hutchjnson, Harold G. 
Hutchinson, John 
Hutchinson, William J. 
Hutchinson, William S. 
Hutter, Arthur 
Hutton, Mrs. John 
Hutton, L. Percival 
Hutton, Robert L. 
Hutton, W. D. 
Hutzler, George H. 
Huyler, David 
Huyler, Frank De K. 
Hyatt, A. M. 
Hyde, A. Fillmore 
Hyde, Donald R. 
Hyde, Miss Elizabeth A. 
Hyde, Frederick E. 
Hyde, Miss Hazel 
Hyde, Ralph M. 
Hyde, Mrs. Seymour J. 
Hyers, John S. 
Hyman, Abraham 
Hyman, Charles 
Hyman, Harry 
Hyman, Mrs. Joseph M. 
Hyman, Mrs. Mark 
Hyman, Mortimer 
Hyman, Nathan 
Hyman, William A. 
Hymer, John B. 
Hymes, Jacob 
Ickelheimer, Henry R. 
I jams, J. Horton 
lies, George 
Imamura, Sakio 
Imboden, H. M. 
Imhof, A. G. 
Imhof, Joseph A. 
Ingalls, F. Abbott 
Ingalls, Harry C. 
Ingersoll, Robert H. 
Ingold, William F. 
Ingraham, Phoenix 
Ingraham, Mrs. Roberta 

Ingram, W. Scott 
Inman, Charles S. 


Inman, Miss F._ Tempest 
Innis, Mrs. William R. 
Inslee, Mrs. E. W. 
Intemann, H. 
Ireland, Chandler W. 
Irons, Henry C. 
Irsch, Frank F. 
Irvin, E. TTownsend 
Irwjn, Williain F. 
Irwin, Miss Winifred 
Isaacs, Harry E. 
Isaacs, Herman 
Isaacs, Max W. 
Isaacs, Samuel S. 
Isaacs, Stanley M. 
Isacke, C. E ; 
Iseljn, C.Oliver 
Iselin, Miss Georgine 
Iseljn, Lewis 
Iselin, Miss Louise 
Iselin, CDonnell 
Isert, Theodore A. 
Isham, William 8. 
Islan, Alfred F. 
Isler, Paul A. 
Israel, A. C. 
Israel, Alfred D. 
Israel, Leon 
Israelson, Louis 
Iswolsky, Gregory A. 
Ittleson, Mrs. Henry 
Ives, Charles E. 
Ives, Mrs. Theodore M. 
Ivins, A. H. 
Ivory, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Ivory, Thomas H. 
Izor, Will C. 
Jaburg, Henry K. 
Jaches, Leopold 
Jacka, Thomas 
Jackling, Daniel C. 
Jackson, Alexander H. 

Jackson, Mrs. Edwin B. 
ackson, Mrs. Edwin E., 

Jackson, Mrs. Frederick 

Jackson, Mrs. Frederick 

Jackson, Henry W. 
Jackson, John A. 
Jackson, Lawrence B. 
Jackson, M. 
Jackson, Percy 
Jackson, S. J. 
Jackson, Samuel F. 
Jackson, V. H. 

Jacob, Mrs. Hattie S. 
Jacob, Isaac 
Jacobi, Mrs. M. A. 
Jacobs, Charles B. 
Jacobs, David B. 
Jacobs, E. Louis 
Jacobs, Harry Allen 
Jacobs, Louis 
Jacobs, Michel 
Jacobs, Murray 
Jacobs, S. Jay 
Jacobs, Simon M. 
Jacobs, S. M. Jackson 
facobsen, C. R. 
facobsen, Halvor 
[acobsohn, Victor J. 
jacobson, Aaron H. 
Jacobson, David 
Jacobson, Gustave S. 

Jacobson, Isaac N. 
acobson, Milton 
Jacobson, Samuel A. 
Jacobus, John S. 
Jacobus, Theodore 
Jacoby, Mrs. M. 
Jacoby, S. M. 
Jacques, Jay R. 
Jaeckel, Albert F. 
Jaeger, F. W. 
faehne, H. A. E. 
Jaehne, P. C. 
Jais, Mrs. Jacob D. 
Jallade, Louis E. 
James, Harrie 
Tames, Henry A. 
James, Henry A. 
James, Norman_ _ 
James, Mrs. Philip 
James, Walter B. 
Jameson, Mrs. Edwin C. 
Jamgotchian, K. M. 
Jamison, A. B. 
Jamison, William A. 
fanes, Arthur 
Janes, Franklin H. 
Janicke, Louis J. 
[archo, Julius 
farnow, Samuel 
jarvie, James N. 
Jarvis, Henry J. 
Jasper, E. W. S. 
Jay, Mrs. Augustus 
Jay, Mrs. William 
Jefferies, Mrs. M. O. 
Jefferson, Alan 
Jeffrey, Alexander Mac L. 
Jekyll, A. B. 


Jellinghous, C. F. 
Jenkins, A. C. 
Jenkins, Mrs. Helen H. 

Jenkins, Thomas A. 
enkins, William B. 
Jenks, Jeremiah W. 
Jenks, Robert I. 
Jenney, Edgar ; 
Jenney, Mrs. William S. 
Jennings, Mrs. Frank C % 
Jennings, Mrs. Frederic 

B., Jr. 
Jennings, Mrs. Percy Hall 
Jennings, Sydney J. 
Jephson, Mrs. George S. 
Jervey, Huger W. 
Jessup, Henry W. 
Jessup, Mrs. James R. 
Jewell, Charles H. 
Jewett, Mrs. Edward H. 
Jewett, Mrs. George W. 
Joannes, Francis Y. 
Joffe, Morris 
Johanns, Frederick L. 
Johansen, Mrs. John C. 
John, Robert 
Johnson, Aymar 
Johnson, Mrs. Bradish 
Johnson, Columbus 0. 
Johnson, Edward S. 
Johnson, Elias M. 
Johnson, Miss Evange- 
line B. 

Johnson, F. C. 
ohnson, Mrs. Frederick 
Johnson, G. Leonard 
Johnson, Miss Helen R. 
Johnson, J. Ford, Jr. 
Johnson, Leeds 
Johnson, Reginald M. 

Johnson, Mrs. S. D. 
ohnson, Mrs. S. Pitney 
Johnson, Thomas W. 
Johnson, W. Parke 
Johnson, Wilbur S. 
Johnson, William B. 
Johnson, Mrs. Wolcott H. 
Johnston, Alfred C. 
Johnston, F. Cliffe 
Johnston, Miss Frances B. 
Johnston, Henry Alan 
Johnston, J. K. 
Johnston, Robert A. 
Johnston, William J. 
Jonas, Ralph 
Jonasson, Joseph 


Jones, Adam L. 
Jones, Albert H. 
Jones, Mrs. Dwight A. 

Jones, Edwin A. 
ones, Frank H. 
Jones, Mrs. Frank S. 
Jones, H. Bolton 
Jones, Henry L. 
Jones, Herbert E. 
Jones, J. G. 
Jones, Mrs. J. H. 
Jones, John M. 

} Jones, Paul R. 
Jones, Mrs. Pembroke 
Jones, Quill 
Tones, R. W., Jr. 
Jones, Robert M. 
ones, Rodney Wilcox 
ones, Van Dyke H. 
ones, W. S. _ 
onson, Edwin H. 
Jordan, Mrs. M. E. 
Jordan, R ; E. 
Jordan, Richard 
Jordan, Walter C. 
Jordon, Miss Marguerite 

Joseph, Eli 
Joseph, Hugo S. 
Joseph, J. Arthur 
Joseph, Mrs. John A., Jr. 
Joseph, Mrs. Leo 
Joseph, Morris 
Joseph, Rupert L. 
Joseph, Samuel L. 
Joseph, Sigmund 
Josephi, Mrs. I. A. 
Josephthal, L. M. 

Josephy, Edward 
osika-Herczeg, Mrs. Imre 
Joslyn, Charles D. 
Joslyn, Mrs. L. P. 
.'ouvard, Lucien 
Jowett, J. H. 
Jube, Albert R. 
,'ubrias, Julio 
.udd, George M. 
, udd, Mrs. James S. 
Judge, Arthur H. 
. udge, Mrs. John H. 
Judson, Charles 
Judson, Frederick A. 
Judson, H. I. 
Judson, William D. 
, [uillaird, Frederic A. 
Julian, Miss Irene 

Julian, R. Lewis 
Julius, O. H. 
Jungbluth, Karl 
Junghans, Mrs. William 
Jurist, David 
Juskowitz, Jacob 
Justi, Miss Katherine 
Justin, Mrs. Marie 
Kachurin, Philip 
Kadison, Louis 
Kaempfer, Joseph G. 
KaempfFert, Waldemar 
Kahanowicz, Alexander 
Kahle, Eugene 
Kahlen, Cornelius 
Kahn, Albert L. 
Kahn, Arthur J. 
Kahn, Douglas C. 
Kahn, Ely Jacques 
Kahn, L. Miller 
Kahn, Robert J. 
Kahn, Samuel 
Kahn, Samuel R. 
Kahn, Walter N. 
Kahn, William B. 
Kahrs, W. H. 
Kaiser, August 
Kalbfleisch, Charles C. 
Kaley, Frank E. 
Kaliski, David J. 
Kalkhoff, G. F. 
Kalley, Frederick D. 
Kallman, Irving 
Kallman, Mrs. William K. 
Kamaiky, Leon 
Kamber, Harry 
Kamber, Louis N. 
Kamen, Bernard I. 
Kamm, Miss Anna 
Kammerer, Frederic 
Kampf, Herman D. 
Kane, Mrs. Henry B. 
Kantack, Walter 
Kantner, L. R. 
Kaplan, Abram I. 
Kaplan, Mrs. Ella R. 
Kaplan, G. 
Kaplan, Samuel 
Karasick, Mrs. Samuel 
Kardos, Louis M., Jr. 
Karelsen, Eph A. 
Karman, E. 
Karminski, Victor E. 
Karmichl, Louis 
Karp, Bernard 
Karr, Arthur J. 
Karr, Edward B. 


Karsch, Barnard 
Karsch, Oswald J. 
Kasdan, M. 
Kashiwa, A. M. 
Kaskel, Miss Elinor 
Kaskel, Max 
Kasloff, N. 
Kassakian, H. S. 
Kastor, Adolph 
Kathan, Reid A. 
Katz, Elihu 
Katz,G. R. 
Katz, Harry 
Katz, Ira G. 
Katz, J. J. 
Katz, jack 
Katz, Michael 
Katz, Mrs. Sidney G. 
Katzenberg, Mrs. Herbert 
Katzenberg, Meyer 
Kauffer, H. J. 
KaufFman, Leon 
Kaufman, Charles 
Kaufman, Mrs. Fred 
Kaufman, John L. 
Kaufman, Lewis R. 
Kaufman, Michael 
Kaufman, Milton 
Kaufmann, B. 
Kaufmann, Charles B. 
Kaufmann, F. W. 
Kaufmann, Herbert M. 
Kaufmann, Jacob 
Kaufmann, Julius 
Kaufmann, Leo 
Kaufmann, Max 
Kaus, Edward C. 
Kauser, Miss Alice 
Kausmann, Albert 
Kavanagh, John M. 
Kay, I. 

Kayser, Henry A. 
Kayser, Mrs. Julius 
Kean, Hamilton F. 
Kearney, Mrs. James 
Kearney, Robert S. 
Kearns, John J. _ 
Keating, Frederick L. C. 
Keatinge, Joseph M. 
Keck, Charles 
Keck, Charles E. 
Keck, Thomas A. 
Keech, Frank B. 
Keedwell, Alfred U. 
Keefe, Walter F. 
Keeler, Mrs. Charles B. 
Keeler, Elmer A. 


Keeler, George W. 
Keen, Mrs. Albert R. 
Keenan, Mrs. Mabel Y. 
Keenan, Patrick J. 
Keene, Amor F. 
Keene, Charles S. 
Keeney, George A., Jr. 
Keep, Charles H. 
Kehaya, Mrs. Ery £. 
Kehaya, Mrs. Sava 
Keighley, William J. 
Keim, Smith A. 
Keister, George 
Keith, Henry M. 
Keith, Tames S. 
Kelchner, William W. 
Keleher, Bernard 
Kelekian, Dikran 
Kell, Henry T. 
Keller, Albert 
Keller, Mrs. Arthur I. 
Keller, Charles G. 
Keller, Miss Eleanor 
Keller, Howard F. 
Keller, Mrs. Joseph F. 
Keller, Maurice S. 
Keller, Morris D. 
Keller, Robert J. 
Keller, William C. 
Kelley, Augustus W. 
Kelley, Charles E. 
Kelley, Grant S. 
Kelley, J. D. J. 
Kelley, John C, Jr. 
Kelley, Nicholas 
Kelley, Sherman D. 
Kellner, George E. 
Kellogg, Asa B. 
Kellogg, Mrs. Clara 
Kellogg, F. Leonard 
Kellogg, Theodore H. 
Kellogg, Mrs. Waldo S. 
Kelly, Mrs. Hugh 
Kelly, James 
Kelly, Miss Rena Cronin 
Kelsey, Ernest H. 
Kemmerer, Mahlon S. 
Kemp, E. C. Mears 
Kemple, Frederick C. 
Kempner, A. W. 
Kempner, Miss Hazel G. 
Kempner, Isidor H. 
Kendall, George M. 
Kendig, Philip M. 
Kendnck, Athelstane 
Kenedy, Arthur 

Kennedy, Foster 
Kennedy, Henry W. 
Kennedy, J. J. 
Kennedy, James C, Jr. 
Kennedy, Jules E. 
Kennedy, Matthew A. 
Kennedy, Philip 
Kennedy, Robert G. 
Kennedy, William E. 
Kennedy, Wiljiam T. 
Kennerley, Mitchell 
Kenneth, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Kenny, A. S. 
Kenny, Mrs. William F. 
Kent, Mrs. D. Fleming 
Kent, Edwin C. 
Kent, Frederick I. 
Kent, G. H. 
Kent, Percy 
Kent, Stephen G. 
Kenyon, Miss Dorothy 
Kenyon, Miss Mary H. 
Kenzel, Edwin R. 
Kenzel, William H. 
Kepke, John, Jr. 
Keppler, Rudolph 
Keppler, Tobias A. 
Kerbs, Mrs. Edward A. 
Kerens, Mrs. Vincent 
Kerley, A. P. 
Kerley, Charles G. 
Kern, Edward J. 
Kern, William M. 
Kerngood, Mrs. Grace _ 
Kernochan, J. Frederick 
Kerr, Miss Agnes M. 
Kerr, E. Coe 
Kerr, Enrol 

Kerr, John Clapperton 
Kerrison, Philip D. 
Kerstetter, E. L. 
Kertscher, Edward A. 
Kerwjn, Andrew J., Jr. 
Keshishyan, John S. 
Kesner, M. L. 
Kessel, Leo 
Kessler, J. M. 
Kestenbaum, Jacob 
Ketchum, Nelson V. 
Keyes, Edward L. 
Keyes, Harold B. 
Keys, Clement M. 
Keys, William A. 
Keyser, Mrs. Ernest W. 
Keyser, Mrs. Samuel 
Khayat, Azeez 
Kiam, Edward 


Kidde, Frank 
Kidde, Regnar 
Kidder, Ben L. 
Keiffer, G. L. 
Kieger, Emil L. 
Kiem, John H. 
Kienbusch, C. 0. 
Kjesewetter, Walter 
Kiessling, Calvin 
Kilbourne, Mrs. Robert S. 
Kilenyi, Julio 
Killinger, John H. 
Kilmartin, Michael J. 
Kilmarx, Louis 
Kilner, Samuel E. 
Kilpatrick, R. F. 
Kilpatrick, William D. 
Kilroe, Edward 
Kilsheimer, James B., Jr. 
Kilvert, Mrs. Elsie 
Kimball, Benjamin 
Kimball, C. Denny 
Kimball, Mrs. Edward A. 
Kimball, Gustavus S. 
Kimball, W. Eugene 
Kimball, Warren G. 
Kimbel, A. 
Kimbel, Henry 
Kimbel, William A. 
Kimbly, Frank R. 
Kincaid, Elmer L. 
Kindgen, F. E. 
King, Mrs. Edward 
King, Edward J. 
King, Miss Ellen 
King, Francis T. 
King, Frank E. 
King, Fred R. 
King, Mrs. Herbert 
King, James Gore 
King, James J. 
King, R. Barfort 
King, Thomas R. 
King, Walter G. 
King, William B. 
Kingsbacher, Alvin 
Kingsbury, H. D. 
Kingsbury, Howard T. 
Kingsbury, John A. 
Kingsbury, Willoughby J. 
Kingsford, Daniel P. 
Kingsley, Darwin P. 
Kingsley, Walter J. 
Kingsley, William M. 
Kinnaly, Francis D. 
Kinnicutt, Francis H. 
Kinreich, Mrs. Leo 


Kinsella, James 
Kinsman, Charles F. 
Kinzler, Jacob 
Kip, Mrs. Garret B. 
Kip, Mrs. George B. 
Kip, W. Ruloff 
Kip, William F. 
Kip, William V. B. 
Kipp, John G. 
Kipp, Reuben E. 
Kirby, A. Eugene 
Kirby, Aaron B. C. 
Kircher, Mrs. Louis H. 
Kirchwey, George W. 
Kirk, John 
Kirk, William C. 
Kirkaldy, James B. 
Kirkpatrick, Miss A. C. 
Kirkpatrick, G. U. 
Kirkpatrick, J. C. 
Kirkpatrick, John 
Kirkpatrick, Miss Mary 

Kirschberger, Mrs. Moritz 
Kirsten, Frederick 
Kisch, David 
Kiser, Mrs. John W. 
Kiss, Emit 

Kissam, William Adams 
Kissel, Mrs. Gustav E. 
Kissel, W. Thorn 
Kissick, J. A. 
Kitchen, Victor C. 
Kittredge, Samuel D. 
Klaas, Max 
Klackner, George C. 
Klapp, Eugene 
Klapper, Max 
Klatscher, Ernst 
Klauber, Adolph 
Klauser, Miss Ella 
Klaw, Marc 
Klee, Sigmund 
Klehr, William 
Klein, Abraham W. 
Klein, D. Emil 
Klein, David 
Klejn, H. O. 
Klein, Leo M. 
Klein, Milton M. 
Klein, Philipp 
Klejn, S. H. 
Klein, Samuel A. 
Klein, Warren Charles 
Kleinhaus, D. W. 
Kleinmann, M. V. 
Kleinschmidt, Bernard 

Kleiser, Lorentz 

Klemann, John Jacob, Jr. 

Klenke, William H. 

Kline, W. C. 

Klingenstein, Charles 

Klingenstein, William 

Klipstein, Ernest C. 

Kloh, Alphonse 

Klots, Ephraim D. 

Klugman, Julius 

Knapp, Arnold 

Knapp, Edward P. 

Knapp, Mrs. Edward S. 

Knapp, H. K. 

Knapp, Joseph P. 

Knauth, Mrs. Percival 

Knauth, Mrs. Theodore 

Knebel, William L. 

Kneeland, Yale 

Knief, William F. 

Knight, Augustus S. 

Knjght, Harry E. 

Knight, Samuel Innes 

Knight, William 

Knobloch, Herman 

Knode, Charles W. 

Knoedler, Edmund L. 

Knopf, I. H. 

Knopf, Samuel 

Knott, William J. 
Knowles, Mrs. Edith W. 
Knowles, Frederic 
Knowlton, Eben B. 
Knox, A. S. 
Knox, Mrs. De Witt 
Knox, Mrs. Irving G. 
Knox, Lewis T. 
Kobbe, George C. 
Koblenzer, Mrs. Sidney J. 
Koch, Jonas 
Koch, Spencer B. 
Kodjbanoff, Basil G. 
Koechl, Otto R. 
Koehler, Jerome H. 
Koehler, Walter R. 
Koehn, Adolf 
Koehne, Robert 
Koellisch, Jacob 
Koelsch, Carl A. 
Koempel, Franz 
Koempel, John A. 
Koenig, Leo 
Koenig, Otto 
Koenigsberger, A. G. 
Kohlberg, Alfred 


Kohler, Arthur W. 
Kohlman, Charles 
Kohlman, Marion B. 
Kohlmann, Hugo 
Kohlsaat, Miss Amy M. 
Kohn, Achilles H. 
Kohn, Alfred A. 
Kohn, Alfred L. 
Kohn, Mrs. E. B. D. 
Kohn, Jacob 
Kohn, Marcus 
Kohn, Robert D. 
Kohring, William F. 
Koles, Henry M. 
Kolischer, Mrs. Gustav 
Kondolf, Frank N. 
Konta, Alex 
Konta, Geoffrey 
Koons, Lucius T. 
Koonz, Harold A. 
Kopetsky, Samuel J. 
Koplik, Charles M. 
Koppelman, Mrs. Esther 
Kopper, Mrs. P. W., Jr. 
Kops, Waldemar 
Korn, Philip 
Korn, Ralph H. 
Korn, Raphael C. 
Korn, William 
Korn, William 
Kornberg, Max 
Kornbluh, Ignatius 
Korndorfer, Raymond L. 
Kornfeld, Benjamin 
Kosch, Harry G. 
Koshland, Joseph 
Kosmak, George W. 
Kossar, Max 
Kossoff, Jacob 
Koster, Harry M. 
Koth, C. F. 
Kotzian, Henry 
Kouchakji, H. 
Kraetzer, Arthur F. 
Kraft, David H. 
Kraines, Isaac 
Krakeur, Jacques 
Krakow, Maurice 
Kramer, George W. 
Kramer, Harry 
Kramer, Mrs. I. H. 
Kramer, Louis N. 
Kramer, Samuel 
Kranich, Mrs. Charles 
Kranich, Frederick 
Kranz, Simon S. 
Krass, Nathan 


Kraus, Herman 
Kraus, S. B. 
Kraus, Walter M. 
Kraushaar, John F. 
Krauskopf, Henry 
Krauskopf, Nathan 
Krauter, Sigmund 
Krauze, J. W. 
Kravigny, F. W. 
Krech, Mrs. Alvin W. 
Kreienbuhl, Max 
Kreischer, John B. 
Kreistler, David 
Kremer, Mrs. William N. 
Kress, Claude W. 
Kress, Rush H. 
Kress, Samuel H. 
Kridel, Mrs. Alexander H. 
Kriehn, George 
Krimke, M. 
Kriser, Charles 
Kroehle, Charles J. 
Kroger, Henry 
Kroll, Leon 
Kronheimer, L. M. 
Kronman, Edward 
Kronsky, Samuel 
Kronthal, L. H. 
Kroto, George 
Krueger, Richard G. 
Kruger, H. B. 
Krugler, Wallace 
Krumbhaar, Hugh M. 
Kruse, E. H. 
Kudlich, Herman C. 
Kuehnert, Albin 
Kugelman, Julius G. 
Kuh, Charles E. 
Kuhl, C. W. 
Kuhn, Arthur K. 
Kuhn, August 
Kuhn, Julius 
Kuhne, Paul 
Kulberg, C. J. 
Kulies, George 
Kulla, Jacob 
Kullman, P. C. 
Kunhardt, H. R. 
Kunitzer, Robert 
Kunz, George Frederick 
Kuper, Mrs. Lillian H. 
Kupper, Herman C. 
Kurniker, Mrs. Henry 
Kurth, Wilfred 
Kurz, Isidor J. 
Kurzman, Charles C. 
Kuser, Mrs. Peter D. 

Kushel, Harold 
Kutil, Henry R. 
Kuttroff, Adolf 
Kutz, Abraham 
Kutzeb, Walter 
Kutzelmann, Frank 
Kyle, Howard 
Kyle, Samuel 
Lacey, James D. 
Lachenbruch, Morton 
Lachman, Samson 
Lacombe, E. Henry 
Ladin, Louis J. 
La Dow, Mrs. Stanley 
La Farge, C. Grant 
La Fetra, L. E. 
Laflin, Mrs. John P. 
La Gatta, John 
Lageman, C. 
Lahm, Mrs. Mortimer 
Laidlaw, James L. 
Lake, Miss Henriette 
Lake, Walter H. 
Lamb, Thomas W. 
Lambelet, Mrs. Henry 
Lambert, Adrian V. S. 
Lambert, Alexander 
Lambert, August V. 
Lambert, Henry J. 
Lambert, Howard A. 
Lambert, Vitus C. 
Lamborn, Arthur Henry 
Lamison, Jason G. 
Lamont, Thomas W. 
La Monte, George M. 
Lamport, Alexander 
Lamport, Mrs. Samuel C. 
Lancaster, W. W. 
Lanchner, Samuel H. 
Landa, Michael G. 
Landau, Siegfried 
Landau, Sydney S. 
Landauer, Mrs. Bella C. 
Landauer, Max 
Lande, Isaac 
Landes, Herman 
Landon, Francis G. 
Landres, George 
Landreth, J. V. 
Landsman, Samuel M. 
Landy, Mrs. James E. 
Lane, Mrs. Frederic H. 
Lane, James W. 
Lane, Wolcott G. 
Lang, Henry 
Lang, Mrs. Henry 
Langdon, Woodbury 


Lange, Alexander H. 

Lange, Gustav, Jr. 

Langenus, G. 

Langford, Herbert E. 

Langford, Thomas A. 

Langhorst, A. F. 

Langley, Mrs. Clifford 

Langmuir, Dean 

Langstaff, B. Meredith 

Langton, Miss Vera 

Lans, Herman A. 

Lapham, Mrs. John J. 

Lapham, Mrs. K. B. 

Lapham, Walter S. 

La Pierre, Lester S. 

Laporte, George L. 

Larke, Mrs. G. H. 

Larkin, John 

Larocque, Joseph 

Larter, Harry C. 

Lasker, Mrs. Harry M. 

Laskey, Mrs. W. L. 

Lasky, Jesse L. 

Lasser, Milton 

Latham, Mrs. John How- 

Lathers, Miss Ida _ 

Lathrop, Mrs. Elizabeth 

Lathrop, Harold W. 

Lathrop, Spencer 

Lathrop, William A. H. 

Latimer, Robert C. 

Lattin, Berton 

Laubheim, Arthur B. 

Lauer, Edgar J. 

Lauer, William E. 

Laufer, C. W. 

Lauritzen, A. T. 

Lauten, Henry G. F. 

Lauterbach, Mrs. A. F. 

Lauterbach, Aaron 

Lavers, Henry 

Lavezzo, Daniel H. 

La Vigne, Alfred J. 

Law, George 

Law, Herbert C. 

Law, Mrs Russell 

Lawlor, Andrew J. 

Lawlor, Frederick A. 

Lawrence, Emlen N. 

Lawrence, Mrs. J. Corlies 

Lawrence, John Burling 

Lawrence, Townsend 

Lawrence, W. A. 

Lawrence, William H. 

Lawrence, William V. 


Laws, Mrs. Marion B. 
Lawson, Robert S. O. 
Lawson, Walter U. 
Lawson, William M. 
Lawton, Thomas F. 
Lawyer, George 
Lax, Jacob W. 
Layman, David T., Jr. 
Lazarowitz, Alfred M. 
Lazarus, David 
Lazarus, Mrs. Harry E. 
Lea, Charles M. 
Leach, Arthur B. 
Leach, Henry Goddard 
Leale, Charles A. 
Leamy, Edmund 
Learned, Mrs. Walter 
Leary, Daniel J. 
Leary, William Arthur 
Leask, Mrs. Estelle 
Leaske, James R. 
Leavy, William L. 
Le Baron, William 
Lebenthal, Bernard S. 
Lebett, Charles A. 
Le Blanc, George 
Le Bloas, Jean 
Leckie, Mrs. John 
Le Courbe, E. 
Lederer, Adolph 
Lederer, Frederic 
Lederer, Mrs. Josephine 
Lederkramer, Harry 
Lederman, M. 
Ledlie, George 
Ledoux,- Albert R. 
Ledoux, Louis V. 
Lee, Albert R. 
Lee, Arthur L. 
Lee, Blewett 
Lee, Edgar H. 
Lee, Frederic S. 
Lee, George C. 
Lee, James T. 
Lee, Louis F. 
Lee, Mrs. R. C. 
Lee, W. J. 

Lee, Mrs. William M. 
Leeburger, Joseph 
Leeds, Mrs. Abraham L. 
Leeds, Jules C. 
Leeds, Warner M. 
Leeds, Mrs. Warner M. 
Leeds, Mrs. William B. 
Lees, Mrs. Leon S. 
Leet, G. Edwin 
Lefevre, Gustave 

Leff, Edward 
Leffer, Nathan 
Lefferts, Mrs. William H. 
Leffingwell, W. H. 
Lefkovics, B. 
Le Gallienne, Miss Eva 
Le Gette, Mrs. R. 
Legg, George 
Leggett, George H. 
Leggett, Henry T. 
Leggett, Warren F. 
Lehmaier, James M. 
Lehmaier, Mrs. Louis A. 
Lehman, Alfred 
Lehman, Edgar 
Lehman, Harold M. 
Lehman, I. Howard 
Lehman, S. M. 
Lehmann, Mrs. Harriet 

Lehmann, Mrs. Otto 
Lehne, John C. 
Lehrfeld, William F. 
Leibell, Vincent L. 
Leigh, Mrs. Esther L. 
Leigh, R. Walter 
Leiterman, Julius 
Leith, Miss Katherine 
Leith, Mrs. William 
Leitner, Joseph 
Leitner, Karel 
Lekowski, Victor 
Leland, Charles H. 
Leman, Angelo W. 
Lembcke, G. A. 
Lemcke, Ernest G. 
Lemkau, A. J. 
Le Naire, Lewis T. 
Lenhardt, J. A. 
Lenington, Norman G. 
Lent, Frank A. 
Lentilhon, Edward D. 
Lenygon, Henry 
Lenz, Matthew 
Leo, Ansel S. 
Leo, Edgar F. 
Leo, John P. 
Leon, Albert J. 
Leonard, Miss Baird 
Leonard, Miss Isabel 
Leonard, Lawrence G. 
Leonard, Mrs. Murray J. 
Leonard, Warren A. 
Leppert, Rudolph E. 
Lesch, Rudolf 
Leshen, Joseph J. 
Lesher, Arthur L. 


Leshure, John 
Leslie, John C. 
Lesser, Mrs. Harry J. 
Lesser, Leon M. 
Lesser, Louis 
Lester, A. Edward 
Lester, George B. 
Lester, Mrs. James D. 
Lester, Mrs. William C. 
Letcher, Henry W. 
Leupp, William H. 
Levene, Alexander 
Levene, P. A. 
Levene, Samuel A. 
Leventhal, A. N. 
Levi, Mrs. Albert A. 
Levi, Carl 
Levi, Emil S. 
Levi, Ernest Reese 
Levi, George 
Levi, Julien Clarence 
Levi, Mrs. Louis 
Levi, Philip J. 
Leviele, C. 
Levin, A. Lincoln 
Levin, Charles S. 
Levin, L. 
Levin, Robert 
Levine, Abraham 
Levine, Edmond J. 
Levine, Joseph M. 
Levinsohn, H. 
Levitan, Isidor 
Levitter, Edward 
Levy, Abraham H. 
Levy, David H. 
Levy, David W. 
Levy, Edgar A. 
Levy, Edward 
Levy, Edward B. 
Levy, Edward S. 
Levy, Miss Emily R. 
Levy, Ephraim B. 
Levy, Eugene N. 
Levy, Felix 
Levy, Harry H. 
Levy, Irving 
Levy, Isaac D. 
Levy, John 
Levy, Joseph L. 
Levy, Leo 
Levy, Leo E. 
Levy, Leo T. 
Levy, Louis S. 
Levy, Mark 
Levy, Mrs. Samuel M. 
Lewengood, Abraham 


Lewenthal, Benjamin 
Lewjn, Mack 
Lewinson, Mrs. Sydney 
Lewis, Arthur R. 
Lewis, Charles Howard 
Lewis, Clarence M. 
Lewis, David J., Jr. 
Lewis, Mrs. Frederic E. 
Lewjs, Frederick H. 
Lewis, George F. 
Lewis, H. L. D. 
Lewjs, Harlow 
Lewis, Harrison C. 
Lewis, Henry 
Lewis, Horatio W. 
Lewis, I. Newton 
Lewis, Israel 
Lewis, J. Pintard 
Lewis, Jack 
Lewis, Miss M. A. 
Lewis, Maurice 
Lewis, Merton E. 
Lewis, Nat 
Lewis, Richard V. 
Lewis, Robert 
Lewisohn, Frank _ 
Lewisohn, Frederick 
Lewisohn, Richard 
Lewisohn, Sam A. 
Lewisohn, Walter 
Lewson, Maximilian 
Lewy, George S. 
Leyendecker, Frank J. 
L'Hommedieu, William A. 
L|Hote, Victor 
Libbey, Mrs. Edward D. 
Liberman, Mrs. Herman 

Liberman, Isaac 
Libman, Emanuel 
Lichtenstein, Edward G. 
Lichtenstein, Isaac 
Lichtenstein, Oscar R. 
Liddle, Donald M. 
Liddle, Joseph G. 
Lidgerwood, John H. 
Lie, Jonas 
Lieb, Charles C. 
Lieb, J. W. 
Lieber, Hugo 
Liebig, F. 
Liebman, Philip L. 
Liebman, Walter H. 
Liebmann, Mrs. Adolph 
Liebmann, Alfred 
Liebmann, Alfred J. 
Liebmann, Charles 

Liebmann, Mrs. Charles 

Liebmann, George W. 
Liebmann, Rudolph 
Ljebowitz, Mrs. Benjamin 
Lightipe, C. A. 
Lilienthal, Albert M. 
Lilienthal, Howard 
Lilienthal, Joseph L. 
Ljllard, Mrs. Zachary F. 
Lillibridge, Harrison 
Lillie, Miss Gladys M. 
Limburg, Herbert R. 
Limpert, John H. 
Lincoln, Charles J. 
Lincoln, Charles M. 
Lincoln, Edward K. 
Lincoln, Frederic W. 
Lindau, Arthur 
Lindeberg, H. T. 
Lindenberg, Leo 
Lindley, Allen L. 
Lindley, Theodore J. 
Lindo, Aug. A. 
Lindsay, C. Seton 
Lindsay, G. N. 
Lindsay, W. H. 
Lindsley, Henry D. 
Lingley, Richard T. 
Linington, Stephen W. 
Link, Robert L. 
Linnard, Mrs. George B. 
Linscott, Hubert C. 
Linzee, Mrs. John T. 
Lione, John 
Lipke, Abraham 
Lipkin, Harry_ 
Lipman, Harris J. 
Lippe, John L. 
Lipper, Arthur 
Lipper, Milton W. 
Lippincott, Arthur H. 
Lippincott, Mrs. Arthur 

Lippincott, Richard H. 
Lippman, Max 
Lippmann, Leopold J. 
Lipschitz, Charles H. 
Lipton, Miss Ruby 
Lishawa, A. W._ 
Lisman, Frederick J. 
Lissberger, Miss Alma L. 
Lissberger, Edmond 
Lissberger, Henry 
Lissberger, Mrs. Milton L. 
Litchfield, Edward H. 
Litchfield, J. M. 


Littauer, Lucius N. 

Littauer, Ludwig 

Littenburg, S. J. 

Little, Ernest V. 

Little, Miss Jane 

Little, Robert F. 

Littlefield, Miss H. S. 

Littlejohn, Mrs. R. M. 

Littwitz, Max 

Litwin, K. I. 

Litwin, Maximilian A. 

Liverance, W. B. 

Livermore, Mrs. John R. 

Livingston, Benjamin 

Livingston, Edmund P. 

Livingston, Edward de P. 

Livingston, Ernest P. 

Livingston, Goodhue 

Livingston, Henry S. 

Livingston, John C. 

Livingston, Mrs. Lester 

Livingston, Louis 

Livingston, Mrs. Philip 

Livingston, Robert E. 

Livingston, Mrs. S. Hed- 

Lobsenz, Jacob M. 

Lobsitz, Maurice 

Locatelli, E. H. 

Lochhead, James D. 

Locke, Mrs. C. C. S. 

Locke, Mrs. Mabel D. 

Locke, W. A. 

Lockhart, Miss L. Marion 

Lockhart, Leslie S. 

Lockhart, Sydney W. 

Lockman, Myron A. 

Lockwood, Mrs. Fred- 
erick R. 

Lockwood, George Roe 

Loeb, Benjamin W. 

Loeb, Mrs. Carl M. 

Loeb, Mrs. Herman A. 

Loeb, Mrs. Irma S. 

Loeb, Otto S. 

Loeb, Miss Selma M. 

Loeb, William 

Loengard, Mrs. Otto 

Loening, R. R. 

Loewenheim, Mrs. Arthur 

Loewenstein, Hermann 

Loewenthal, Julius 

Loewj, Arnold W. 

Loewi, Hugo V. 

Loewy, Fred. 

Loewy, Nathan 


Logan, Mrs. John A., Jr. 
Logan, Mrs. Margaret S. 
Logie, A. W. 
Lohman, L. C. Frederic 
Lohse, Willis R. 
Lomb, Adolph 
London, Frank M. 
London, Horace 
Long, Edward S. 
Long, Mrs. Emile 
Long, W. Bayard 
Longacre, Miss Lydia 
Longman, Miss Evelyn B. 
Lonsdale, H. L. 
Loo, C. T. 
Looker, Julius 
Loomis, Guy A. 
Looram, Matthew M. 
Loose, Mrs. K. D. 
Lopez, Albert F. 
Lopez, J. A. 
Lopez, Joseph E. 
Lopez, Manuel 
Lorber, Herman 
Lord, Charles E. 
Lord, Chester S. 
Lord, Clarkson E. 
Lord, Franklin B., Jr. 
Lord, Frederic K. 
Lord, George De Forest 
Lord, George T. 
Lord, Mrs. Kenneth 
Lord, Mrs. Mary A. 
Lorenz, Mrs. Leo 
Lorenz, Miss Rose 
Loring, Daniel A. 
Lorsch, Arthur 
Lorsch, Henry 
Louchheim, Harry F. 
Louchheim, Walter C. 
Loucks, Frank H. 
Louderback, Arthur E. 
Loudon, Mrs. Frederic W. 
Lough, Walter G. 
Lough, Mrs. William H. 
Louphman, M. F. 
Louis, Leopold 
Louis, Mrs. Minnie D. 
Love, Aubrey 
Love, Miss June 
Love, William J. 
Lovejoy, Ernest W. 
Loveland, Mrs. Winifred 

Lovell, Leander D. 
Loveman, Adolph P. 
Lovett, Robert S. 

Lovis, Henry C. 
Low, Bela 

Low, Benjamin R. C. 
Low, Clarence H. 
Low, John M. 
Low, Joseph T. 
Low, Mrs. Paul H. 
Low, Seth 
Low, Mrs. Seth 
Low, Sol 
Low, William G. 
Low, William G., Jr. 
Lowe, Jacob 
Lowe, Watterson 
Lowell, Miss C. Russell 
Lowell, James B. 
Lowenbein, Edward 
Lowenbein, Ralph 
Lowenberg, Adolph S. 
Lowenheim, Frederick 
Lowenstein, Benjamin 
Lowenstein, Miss Estelle 
Lowenstein, Julius M. 
Lowenstein, Leo 
Lowenstein, Leon B. 
Lowenstein, Oscar 
Lowenstein, Sol. 
Lowenthal, I. R. 
Lowinson, Louis 
Lownes, Allan A. 
Lowrie, John M. 
Lubetkin, Herman 
Lubin, Mrs. Herbert 
Lubschez, Ben J. 
Lucas, Alzamon Ira 
Lucas, Mrs. George 
Luce, Henry J. 
Luce, Leverett J. 
Luckett, Mrs. Dainger- 

field G. 
Ludeke, Harry R. 
Ludington, George A. 
Ludlam, Malcolm C. 
Ludlow, Edwin 
Ludlum, A. C. 
Ludwig, B. A. 
Ludwig, Frederick W. 
Lueder, Eberhard L. 
Lueders, George 
Lufkin, Elgood C. 
Luke, Adam K. 
Luke, David L. 
Lumley, W. F. 
Lund, Mme. Charlotte 
Lund, Mrs. George 
Lusk, Graham 
Lustig, David L. 


Luthi, F. C. 
Luttgen, Walther 
Lutz, Frederick L. 
Luykx, Mrs. N. G. M. 
Lyall, Herbert J. 
Lybrand, William M. 
Lyeth, J. M. Richardson 
Lyeth, Mrs. John C. 
Lyford, Charles H. 
Lyman, Miss Anna Isabel 
Lyman, Robert H. 
Lynch, F. B. 
Lynch, Frankljn 
Lynch, Frederick 
Lynn, Ross W. 
Lyon, Charles O. 
Lyon, Charles W. 
Lyon, F. G. C. 
Lyon, J. Wesley 
Lyon, Leland H. 
Lyons, Alexander 
Lyons, Gordon V. 
Lyons, Howard J. 
Lyons, Reuben 
Lyons, Sidney C. 
Lyons, Mrs. Ulysses G. 
McAdoo, W. G. 
McAleenan, Arthur 
McAlpin, Kenneth R. 
McAlpin, William W. 
McAteer, H. W. 
McAuliffe, George B. 
McAuliffe, John J. 
McBarron, John D. 
McBride, D. H. 
McBride, Mrs. Herbert 
McBride, Thomas J. 
McBride, William M. 
McBurney, Mrs. John W. 
McCabe, George M. 
McCabe, John 
McCaffrey, Walter P. 
McCagg, Louis B. 
McCandless, Thomas 
McCann, Harrison K. 
McCartan, Edward 
McCarthy, Miss Louise 
McCarthy, Theodore K. 
McCarty, Edward W. 
McCarty, Mrs. Harry C. 
McClave, S. Wood 
McClellan, George A. 
McClelland, Mrs. Sadie S. 
McClintock, Mrs. E. I. 
McCloskey, George V. A. 
McQure.H. H. 
McCoon, Mrs. James H. 


McCord, John C. 

McCord, Miss Vera 

McCormack, William F. 

McCourt, James C. 

McCoy, John 

McCrea, A. Wallace 

McCrea, Mrs. J. A. 

McCready, Robert H. 

McCready, Robert L. 

McCreery, Henry Forbes 

McCrossin, E. Francis 

McCrum, Lloyd G. 

McCullagh, John W. 

McCullagh, Samuel 

McCullough, Mrs. J. H. 

McCullough, W. G. 

McCurdy, Miss Augusta 

McCurdy, Robert H. 

McCurrach, James 

McCutchen, Charles W. 

McCutchen, R. M. 

McCutcheon, George Barr 

McCutcheon, George S. 

McDaniel, Floyd C. 

McDewell, Henry M. 

McDoel, Mrs. William H. 

McDonald, Alexander W. 

McDonald, Mrs. C. Eric 

McDonald, Mrs. Donald 

McDonald, M. A. 

McDonald, Thomas B. 

McDougall, Mrs. James 

McDougall, Walter 

McElheny, Victor K. 

McEHigott, Mrs. Peter 

McEntyre, Mrs. A. John- 

McEveety, C. L. 

McEwen, Alfred 

McFarland, Warren C. 

McFarland, William L. 

McGeachin, George 

McGee, William H. 

McGinley, John R. 

McGlynn, James 

McGoey, John 

McGovern, John T. 

McGovern, Mrs. Joseph 

McGrann, William H. 

McGrath, John F. 

McGraw, F. H. 

McGraw, James H. 

McGregor, W. D. 

McGuinness, Madge C. L. 

McGuire, Charles F. 
McGuire, Clarence K. 
McGuire, Edward J. 
McGuire, James K. 
McGuire, Thomas A. 
McGuire, William J. 
McHose, Charles W. 
McHugh, James Slater 
McHugh, John 
Mcllhenny, John D. 
Mcllroy, George A. 
Mcllvaine, Tompkins 
Mcllwraith, William 
Mclnnes, Hamilton 
Mclntire, Stephen A. 
Mcintosh, Russell L. 
Mclntyre, William H. 
McKay, Mrs. Alexander 
McKay, J. A. 
McKearin, George S. 
McKee, Osbourn H. 
McKee, Robert T. 
McKelvey, J. J. 
McKendree, Charles A. 
McKenna, James A. 
McKenzie, Andrew C. 
McKenzie, Henry R. 
McKeon, Robert J. M. 
McKernon, James F. 
McKesson, Mrs. Donald 
McKew, John 
McKiever, William H. 
McKinney, Glenn Ford 
McKisick, Lewis 
McKnight, William C. 
McKnight, Mrs. William 

McKune, Clarence S.. 
McLane, Guy R. 
McLane, Thomas S. 
McLaren, Kenneth K. 
McLean, A. H. 
McLean, Frances B. 
McLean, James H. 
McLean, Malcolm 
McLean, Wilber S. 
McLeary, Miss Bonnie 
McLellan, Hubert B. 
McLellan, William W. 
McLennan, E. A. 
McMahon, Joseph H. 
McMahon, Thomas F. 
McMann, Mrs. H. W. 
McMann, James R. 
McManus, Edward F. 
McMartin, Mrs. D. 
McMeans, Henry 

1 20 

McMillan, Mrs. S., Jr. 

McMillen, Mrs. Drury A. 

McMullen, Robert M. 

McNair, William 

McNall, Robert H. 

McNamara, James F. 

McNamara, Stuart 

McNamee, Mrs. Luke 

McNaught, Roy Hyde 

McNeill, Joseph 

McNeir, George 

McNeir, Thomas S. 

McNevins, John A. 

McNulty, William J. 

McParlan, John P. 

McPherson, Ross 

McRoberts, William J. 

McVeigh, Mrs. Charles S. 

McVitty, Albert E. 

McWilhams, Clarence A. 

Maag, Edward 

Maas, Gustavus 

Maas, Milton 

Maass, Herbert H. 

Mabbott, Mrs. J. Milton 

Mabon, James B. 

MacArthur, Arthur F. 

Macbeth, Robert W. 

MacCracken, Mrs. G. G. 

MacCurdy, John T. 

MacDonald, George A. 

MacDonald, H. G. 

Macdowell, Mrs. Harn- 
ette L. 

Mace, Alfred C. 

MacElhinny, Mrs. Rose- 
mary M. 

MacEnulty, John F. 

MacFarlane, Wallace 

MacFarlane, William M. 

MacGregor, Herbert P. 

Machinist, Benjamin 

Maclntyre, Francis J. 

Maclven, David Randall 

Mack, Arthur J. 

Mack, H. Arthur 

Mack, Harry W. 

Mack, J. Herbert 

Mack, Julian W. 

Mack, Marc H. 

MacKay, Mrs. F. R. 

MacKay, Malcolm S. 

Mackay, William A. 

Mackenzie, Charles A. 

MacKenzie, Miss Land- 

Mackenzie, Robert 


Mackie, A. L. A. 
MacKinnon, Miss Mary 
Mackintosh, William 
MacKnight, William H. 
Maclay, Alfred B. 
Maclay, William H. 
Macleod, William P. 
MacMahon, Mrs. John 
MacMahon, Robert C. 
MacManus, Mrs. James 
MacManus, Tomas 
MacMillan, William J. 
MacMonnies, Frank 
MacNider, J. Stanley 
Macrae, Mrs. Ruth S. 
MacStay, Arnold B. 
MacVeagh, Charles 
Macy, Mrs. M. Law 
Madden, John T. 
Madden, William Jay 
Maddock, Edward S. 
Madsen, Charles P. 
Magee, Hugh F. 
Magee, James 
Magen, Mrs. Jake 
Mager, F. Robert 
Magid, Maurice O. 
Magin, Miss Bonnie 
Magnes, J. L. 
Magnin, Emanuel J. 
Magonigle, H. Van Buren 
Magor, Robert J. 
Maguire, A. G. 
Maguire, Samuel W. 
Maguire, Thomas F. 
Mahaney, George N. 
Mahany, Mrs. David 
Maher, Thomas A. 
Maher, William L. 
Mahler, Charles 
Mahlon, Thomas K. 
Mahony, Felix 
Main, Frank H. 
Mainzer, Mrs. Martha 
Mainzer, Robert H. 
Major, Alfred S. 
Major, Alphonse 
Malburn, William P. 
Malcolm, George 
Malevinsky, M. L. 
Mallinson, Hiram R. 
Mallory, Clifford D. 
Mallory, Mrs. Franklin I. 
Malloy, Joseph E: 
Malone, E. Halsey 
Maloney, Peter J. 
Maloney, William P. 

Man, Alrick H. 

Manashaw, Charles C. 

Mandel, Mrs. Henry 

Mandel, Mrs. Max 

Mandell, Kauffmann 

Mandell, Leonard 

Manden, R. R. 

Manee, Mrs. E. Stewart 

Mangam, Mrs. Daniel D. 

Manges, Harry L. 

Manheim, Armin 

Manheim, Jacob 

Manheim, Louis 

Manley, David 

Mann, Mrs. David S. 

Mann, Ellery W. 

Mann, Frank H. 

Mann, S. 

Mann, Walter L. 

Mannes, John N. 

Manning, Daniel 

Mantle, Joseph G. C. 

Manton, Martin T. 

Manville, Hiram E. 

Manz, Gustav 

Manzella, Frank 

Mapes, Eugene 

Marbury, Miss Elisabeth 

March, Sidney H. 

Marchbanks, Hal 

Marchmont, John H. 

Marckwald, Albert H. 
Marcus, Mrs. George E. 
Marcus, William Elder 
Marcuse, Alexander J. 
Marcuse, Moses M. 
Marden, Mrs. C. S. 
Margolish, Matthew L. 
Margon, Irving 
Marin, H. N. 
Marinace, Frank 
Marione, Mme. Edna 
Markelson, George 
Markewich, Samuel 
Markoe, Mrs. Harry 
Markowitz, Irving 
Marks, Mrs. Chapman D. 
Marks, Charles 
Marks, Charles A. 
Marks, George E. 
Marks, Henry K. 
Marks, Samuel 
Marks, Miss Silvia J. 
Marlow, Ernest W. 
Marquis, John A. 
Marr, Arthur P. 
Marr, William S. 


Marrow, Joseph 
Marschark, Max 
Marseilles, W. P. 
Marsh, Albert A. 
Marsh, Arthur E. 
Marsh, Charles C. 
Marsh, Edward D. 
Marsh, Fennimore C. 
Marsh, Homer P. 
Marsh, John B. 
Marsh, Mrs. Mae 
Marshall, Arthur A. 
Marshall, Charles A. 
Marshall, Charles C. 
Marshall, Mrs. Chauncey 
Marshall, George W. 
Marshall, Henry Rutgers 
Marshall, J. Markham 
Marshall, James 
Marshall, John W. 
Marshall, Mrs. Katherine 

M. H. 
Marshall, Miss Lloyd 
Marshall, Robert P. 
Marshall, William F. 
Marston, Edgar L. 
Marston, Russell 
Martin, Alexander T. 
Martin, Bernard F. 
Martin, Charles Blyth 
Martin, Drelincourt M. 
Martin, Edward S. 
Martin, Francis 
Martin; Frank S. 
Martin, George A. 
Martin, George V. 
Martin, Herbert S. 
Martin, Miss Myra B. 
Martin, R. Braudus 
Martin, Mrs. Ricardo 
Martin, Robert W. 
Martin, Thomas W. 
Martin, Timothy J. 
Martin, Townsend 
Martin, William M. 
Marvin, F. L. 
Marvin, Langdon Parker 
Marx, Miss Dorothea L. 
Marx, Joseph E. 
Marx, Julius 
Marxuach, M. J. 
Masback, Robert J. 
Mason, Alfred Bishop 
Mason, Charles N. 
Mason, Eugene W. 
Mason, Mrs. Frank H. 
Mason, Jarvis W. 


Mason, M. D. 

Maspero, Miss Fida P. 

Massam, Frank 

Massey, George M. 

Masten, Arthur H. 

Masterman, James S. 

Masters, Mrs. Francis R. 

Mastick, Seabury C. 

Mather, Frank J., Jr. 

Matheson, Avery A. 

Matheson, Mrs. Janet 

Matheson, William J. 

Mathews, Albert H. 

Mathews, Charles T. 

Mathews, Mrs. E. R. 

Mathews, Mrs. Frank S. 

Mathews, Mrs. Harold C. 

Mathewson, Charles E. 

Mathewson, E. P. 

Matienzo, Manuel 

Matsui, Yasuo 

Mattes, Max 

Matthews, Charles E. 

Matthews, Frank Cam- 

Matthews, Harry J. 

Matthews, William 

Mattlage, Charles Henry 

Mattson, Arthur W. 

Matzenauer, Mrs. Marga- 

Maurice, Miss Ruth 

MausoloiF, Paul 

Maxcy, Charles J. 

Maxson, Edward 

Maxwell, George T. 

Maxwell, Howard W. 

Maxwell, J. S. 

May, Charles 

May, George O. 

May, Joseph M. 

May, Lewis H. 

May, Milton 

May, Richard 

May, William B. 

May, William F. 

May, William R. 

Maybaum, Harry C. 

Mayer, Mrs. Agnes E. 

Mayer, B. W. 

Mayer, Bela 

Mayer, Bernhard 

Mayer, Charles 

Mayer, Edward L. 

Mayer, Edwin 

Mayer, Harry 

Mayer, Henry J. 

Mayer, Jesse 
Mayer, Joseph G. 
Mayer, Mrs. Joseph G. 
Mayer, Mrs_. Josh W. 
Mayer, Louis 
Mayer, Maurice A. 
Mayer, Max W. 
Mayer, Milton 
Mayer, Otto L. _ 
Mayer, Mrs. Philip 
Mayer, Mrs. Sidney N. 
Mayer, W. H. 
Mayers, S. A. 
Mayhew, Edward 
Mayhew, Karl S. 
Maynard, Miss Mary H. 
Maynard, Reuben Leslie 
Maync, William 
Mayosmith, Mrs. Rich- 
Mazza, B. Fu C. 
Mazzei, I. C. 
Meacham, Miss M. L. 
Mead, Mrs. Carl A. 
Mead, Giles W. 
Mead, Miss Mabel C. 
Mead, Miss Marcia 
Mead, Walter S. 
Meader, Herman Lee 
Meagher, Miss K. T. 
Mears, Clem B. 
Mears, Robert Henry, Jr. 
Medalie, George Z. 
Meding, Charles B. 
Medzigian, Dikran 
Meehan, Mrs. Alfred L. 
Meek, Mrs. John Emory 
Meeker, Henry E. 
Megargel, Mrs. Roy C. 
Megeath, Mrs. S. A. 
Megrue, Mrs. Joseph R. 
Mehlman, I. D. 
Mehrlust, J. 
Meier, B. 

Meikelham, T. M. R. 
Meinecke, A. P. 
Meinel, Edward 
Meiners, Gustav 
Meinhard, Morton H. 
Meinhardt, Charles E. 
Meinhold, Mrs. Henry 
Meissner, E. E. 
Meister, Albert 
Melcher, John S. 
Melillo, Nicholas J. 
Metis, Frederick L. 
Melius, Ludlow L. 


Mellen, Chase 
Mellen, Mrs. Katherine 

L. L. 
Mellin, G. E. 
Mellon, Mrs. Charles 

Mellon, Edward P. 
Mellon, Mrs. Edward P. 
Mellon, Mrs. Nora McM. 
Meloney, William Brown 
Meloy, Andrew D. 
Meltzer, Sol W. 
Meltzer, Victor 
Melville, Percy F. 
Memminger, C. G. 
Mendel, Mrs. Jules 
Mendel, Mrs. Maurice H. 
Mendelsohn, Mrs. Alfred 

Mendelsohn, Herman T. 
Mendelsohn, Sigmund 
Mendelson, I. 
Mendes, Mrs. Arthur D. 
Mendes, George A. 
Mendoza, Isaac 
Menke, William 
Menko, Mrs. Etta G. 
Mente, Eugene W. 
Mercer, George 
Mercer, John W. 
Mercer, Miss M. Doris 
Mercer, Mrs. William R. 
Mergentine, Miss Mar- 

Meritzer, H. S. 
Merkley, E. H. 
Mermin, Miss Alys F. 
Merrall, Miss Caroline M. 
Merrall, Mrs. Elizabeth A. 
Merrick, Mrs. Richard T. 
Merrifield, Miss Ella J. 
Merrifield, Richard 
Merrill, Charles E. 
Merrill, Miss Edith J. 
Merrill, Edwin G. 
Merrill, Mrs. Frances 
Merrill, Raymond A. 
Merriman, H. Morton 
Merriman, M. Heminway 
Merritt, Arthur H. 
Merritt, Mrs. Edwin A. 
Merritt, Israel J. 
Merritt, Walter G. 
Mersel, Alexander 
Mersereau, W. J. 
Meserve, Frederick H. 
Mesick, Herbert S. 


Messier, Benjamin E. 

Messmore, Carman H. 

Metcalf, Walter W. 

Metcalfe, Henry 

Metcalfe, Louis R. 

Metcalfe, Sidney A. 

Mettler, John W. 

Metz, Herman A. 

Metzger, David 

Metzger, David 

Metzger, Emanuel 

Metzger, Miss Fanny 

Metzger, Harry J. 

Metzger, Otto I. 

Metzger, Samuel 

Metzler, Michael M. 

Meuer, Henry 

Meurer, Jacob 

Meyer, Mrs. Annie Na- 

Meyer, Arthur S. 
Meyer, Charles G. 
Meyer, David F. 
Meyer, Felix 
Meyer, Frank 
Meyer, H. L. G. 
Meyer, Harry H. 
Meyer, Henry F. 
Meyer, Leonard B. 
Meyer, Louis 
Meyer, Max 
Meyer, Otto 
Meyer, Mrs. Samuel 
Meyer, William J. 
Meyer, William K. 
Meyerkort, Mrs. John 
Meyerowitz, Alfred 
Meyers, Charles Lee 
Meyers, Edwin L. 
Meyers, Harry 
Meyers, Morris 
Meylach, Isidor 
Meyn, Heinrich 
Meyner, Walter 
Meyrowitz, E. B. 
Meyrowitz, Paul A. 
Meyrowitz, Philip 
Mezes, Sidney E. 
Michael, Jerome 
Michaehan, G. 
Michaelson, Ben S. 
Michalis, Mrs. C. G. 
Michel, D. M. 
Michel, Theodore 
Michels, Michael 
Middleditch, Lyman 
Miehling, Edward 

Migel, Mrs. J. A. 

Migel, Moses C. 

Milbank, Mrs. Albert G. 

Miles, Mrs. Sidney E. 

Milius, Mrs. L. 

Millard, Mrs Le Roy 

Miller, Alexander Miller 

Miller, Andrew J. 

Miller, Mrs. C. G. 

Miller, Mrs. Charles E. 

Miller, Mrs. Clark A. 

Miller, Clifford L. 

Miller, Mrs. E. M. F. 

Miller, Edgar G., Jr. 

Miller, Miss Edyth L. 

Miller, Gardiner H. 

Miller, Harry 

Miller, Mrs. Henry Wise 

Miller, J. Doull 

Miller, James A. 

Miller, John Goodrum 

Miller, John R. 

Mjller, Joseph F. 

Miller, Lawrence McK. 

Miller, Mrs. Louisa C. 

Miller, Miss Madge 

Miller, Nathan J. 

Miller, P. A. 

Miller, Philip N. 
Miller, Mrs. Rosewell 
Miller, Roy O. 
Miller, Mrs. Rutger B. 
Miller, S. 
Miller, Samuel H. 
Miller, Mrs. Simon 
Miller, W. E. 
Miller, William H. 
Miller, Mrs. William S. 
Miller, William W. 
Millet, Mrs. Frank D. 
Millett, Miss Mary G. 
Millhauser, Mrs. DeWitt 
Millhiser, Mrs. Regina V. 

Millikan, M. F. 
Milliken, Hugh K. 
Milliken, S. M. 
Mills, Abraham G. 
Mills, Andrew 
Mills, Charles J. 
Mills, Edwin E. 
Mills, Frederic C. 
Mills, J. Clawson 
Milmine, Charles E. 
Mjlne, Clyde 
Milner, Joseph 


Miltenberger, Mrs. Mary 

Miltimore, Edward 

Milton, J. Merritt 

Milton, Sydney 

Minassian, George B. 

Minassian, Kirkor 

Mindheim, Max 

Mindlin, Henry 

Miner, Edward F. 

Miner, Justin L. 

Miner, Rice R. 

Minford, L. W. 

Mingle, Harry B. 

Minogue, P. J. 

Mjnott, Frederick S. 

Minton, Maurice 

Mirken* Nathan 

Mirsky, Israel 

Mishkin, Herman 

Misroch, Mrs. Rae 

Mitchell, Miss Addison 

Mitchell, Alexander S. 

Mitchell, Charles E. 
Mitchell, Clarence Blair 
Mitchell, J. A. 
Mitchell, Mrs. J. T. H. 
Mitchell, Mrs. John Mur- 
Mitchell, L. S. 
Mitchell, Martin M. 
Mitchell, Sidney 
Mitchell, Theodore 
Mitchell, Willard A. 
Mitchell, William 
Mitchell, William 
Mitchill, R. Milton, Jr. 
Mittag, Henry J. 
Mittelmann, Menyus 
Mittelstaedt, Miss Emma 

Mittendorf, Alfred D. 
Mittendorf, George S. 
Miya, Mataichi 
Moakley, Henry 
Mock, William J. 
Moeller, Edgar J. 
Moeller, Henry D. 
Moers, Albert A. 
Moessner, Thomas F. 
Moffat, Mrs. R. Burnham 
Moffat, Thomas W. 
Moffett, Mrs. James A. 
Mohlhenrich, J. George 
Mohrmann, William M. 
Molina, Edward C. 
Moller, Edwin Clarence 


Moller, William G. 
Molleson, George A. 
Mommer, Fred E. 
Monae-Lesser, M., Jr. 
Monell, F. Bronson 
Money, Charles 
Monfort, Mrs. F. D. 
Monger, Mrs. R. S. 
Monheimer, Milton L. 
Monjo, F. N. 
Monks, Edward 
Monod, Mrs. Elizabeth 

Monro, Hugh R. 
Monroe, Edward Thayer 
Monroe, J. R. 
Monroe, Holland G. 
Monroe, S. B. 
Monroe, Mrs. S. O. 
Monroe, T. H. 
Montague, Charles D. 
Montague, Gilbert H. 
Montant, Mrs. A. 
Montgomery, Carl D. 
Montgomery, Carleton 
Montgomery, Charles S. 
Montgomery, Mrs. John 

Montgomery, Mrs. R. W. 
Montgomery, Robert H. 
Montgomery, T. P. 
Montllor, Joseph 
Moody, John 
Moon, Roy 
Mooney, A. H. 
Mooney, C. J. 
Moore, Mrs. Barrington 
Moore, Benjamin 
Moore, C. A. 
Moore, Dwight 
Moore, Eugene M. 
Moore, Miss Faith 
Moore, Frederic P. 
Moore, Mrs. G. A. 
Moore, George G. 
Moore, Henry Du B. B. 
Moore, James Arthur 
Moore, Miss Katherine T. 
Moore, Samuel W. 
Moore, Stanley W. 
Moore, T. Fred 
Moore, Walter 
Moore, Watson S. 
Moore, William H. 
Mora, M. L. 
Moran, Miss Alice H. 
Moran, Charles 

Moran, Horace 
Moran, John J. 
Moran, William J. 
Mordecai, Walter C. 
More, Taylor 
More, Walter H. 
Moree, E. A. 
Moretsky, H. M. 
Morg, Richard J. 
Morgan, Miss Caroline L. 
Morgan, Charles C. 
Morgan, E. D. 
Morgan, Mrs. Edith P. 
Morgan, George W. 
Morgan, Nelson H. 
Morgan, Townsend 
Morgan, W. Forbes, Jr. 
Morgan, William H. 
Morgan, William L. 
Morgenthau, Mrs. G. L. 
Morgenthau, Henry 
Morgenthau, Mrs. Henry 
Morgenthau, Julius C. 
Morgenthau, Maximilian 
Mori, Albert 
Morison, Arthur 
Morison, Henry A. 
Moroukian, L. H. 
Morrill, William C. 
Morrin, John S. 
Morris, Aaron 
Morris, Allston J. 
Morris, Benjamin W. 
Morris, E. N. 
Morris, James H. 
Morris, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Morris, John B., Jr. 
Morris, Mrs. John J. 
Morris, Lewis R. 
Morris, Lewis Spencer 
Morris, Newbold 
Morris, Richard L. 
Morris, Theodore W. 
Morrison, A. Cressv 
Morrison, Charles L. 
Morrison, Edward 
Morrissy, K. A. 
Morron, Mrs. John R. 
Morrow, George S. 
Morrow, J. J. 
Morrow, John J. 
Morschauser, William A. 
Morse, Charles A. 
Morse, George L. 
Morse, Mrs. Harry 
Mortensen, Waldemar 
Mortimer, Mrs. Richard 


Mortimer, Stanley G. 
Morton, Mrs. E. S. 
Morton, J. Hatfield 
Morton, Rosalie S. 
Morton, W. Brown 
Moschcowitz, Eli 
Moscou, Paul 
Mosehauer, Edward 
Moses, Edmund Q. 
Moses, Henry L. 
Moses, Mrs. James 
Moses, Mrs. Robert 
Moses, Mrs. Samuel 
Moses, Vivian M. 
Mosher, Mrs. Arthur A. 
Mosher, William 
Moskowitz, Harry J. 
Moskowitz, William W. 
Mosle, Mrs. George R. 
Mosler, Fred Henry 
Mosler, Moses 
Moss, Mrs. Benjamin S. 
Moss, Mrs. Frederick Wil- 
Moss, Samuel 
Mosson, Mrs. Isidore 
Mott, Edgar P. 
Mott, Mrs. John Bowne 
Mott, William C. 
Mottet, Henry 
Mottola, John Henry 
Mount, C. B. 
Mount, Mrs. Frida B. 
Mount, Mrs. James T. 
Mount, Russell T. 
Mouquin, Louis C. 
Mowry, Eugene C. 
Moyer, Harry R. 
Moyses, Emanuel 
Muchmore, Mrs. M. S. 
Muckley, Ralph W. 
Muecke, Mrs. Carla M. 
Mueller, Werner 
Muhlfeld, Frank J. 
MuhlfeldJ. E. 
Mulford, Edwin H. 
Mulholland, Thomas F. 
Mullally, William 
Mullarkey, J. P. 
Mullen, Robert S. 
Mullen, William F. 
Muller, Frederick 
Muller, Frederick 
Muller, Joseph A. 
Mulligan, Joseph T. 
Mulligan, Ralph F. 
Mulliken, Harry E. 


Mulock, Percy 

Mulqueen, Michael J. 

Munday, Bert 

Mundin, Percy 

Mundy, Floyd W. 

Munn, John P. 

Munn, John R. 

Munn, Orson D. 

Munn, Mrs. Orson D. 

Munroe, Mrs. Henry W. 

Munroe, Miss Marjory 

Munroe, Vernon 

Munsey, Frank A. 

Munsill, Mrs. Eva M. 

Munson, Carlos W. 

Munves, Solomon 

Munyer, S. E. 

Murchinson, Miss Lucile 

Murck, Knud 

Murdock, Harvey 

Murphey, Mrs. J. Stafford 

Murphy, Anna H. 

Murphy, Charles F., Jr. 

Murphy, Mrs. D. E. 

Murphy, Eugene H. 
Murphy,. Grayson M. P. 

Murphy, Henry Killam 
Murphy, James B. 
Murphy, James R. 
Murphy, Patrick Francis 
Murphy, Miss Sara Muir 
Murphy, William C. 
Murphy, William Dudly 
Murray, C. Everett 
Murray, J. Archibald 
Murray, James G. 
Murray, James P. 
Murray, John A. 
Murray, Miss Mae 
Murray, Patrick J. 
Murray, Robert D. 
Murray, Walter F. 
Murtha, Arthur B. 
Murtha, Thomas F. 
Murtland, Mrs. Samuel 
Musmann, George A. 
Mustacchi, Mrs. Minna 

Mutnick, Louis B. 
Myers, Henry J. 
Myers, Jerome 
Myers, S. Howard 
Myers, William S. 
Myerson, Joseph G. 
Mygatt, Mrs. Lemuel C. 
Myrick, Mrs. Julian S. 

Nachmann, Lucien 
Nacht, A. F. , 
Nadelman, Eli 
Nadelweiss, Henry S. 
Nageldinner, Frank J. 
Nagle, James Franklin 
Nally, Edward J. 
Nardielle, V. A. 
Nascher, I. L. 
Nash, Mrs. Edmund S. 
Nash, John Burnet 
Nash, S. Edward 
Nash, Thomas 
Nash, William B. 
Nast, Adolph E. 
Nathan, Benjamin 
Nathan, Clarence S. 
Nathan, Harold 
Nathan, Max 
Nathan, Max 
Nathan, Norman L. 
Nathan, P. William 
Nathan, Paul 
Nathanson, Adolph 
Nattans, Mrs. Inez C. G. 
Nauheim, Simeon 
Naumburg, Aaron 
Naumburg, Elkan 
Naumburg, George W. 
Navarro, Alfonso de 
Neadle, Mrs. Jacob 
Neagle, Francis E. 
Necarsulmer, Henry 
Neely, Robert T. 
Neergaard, Arthur E. 
Neeser, John G. 
Nehring, Frederick W. 
Neill, Hugh 
Neilson, Robert H. 
Neilson.'Mrs. Robert H. 
Neilson, Theophilus 
Neiman, Howard S. 
Nelson, George F. 
Nelson, Godfrey N. 
Nelson, Mrs. Helen V. 
Nelson, J. Craig 
Nelson, John 
Nelson, Lester B. 
Nelson, Ray S. 
Nesbitt, Archbald 
Nesbitt, James L. 
Neshamkin, Alex. 
Nestler, Edwin J. 
Netter, Joseph X. 
Neuburger, Mrs. Max D. 
Neugass, Mrs. Edwin A. 
Neugass, Mrs. Otto L. 


Neuhauser, M, G. 

Neuhof, Mrs. Harold 

Neuhof, Selian 

Neuhoff, Karl Walther 

Neuman, Frederick F. 

Neumoegen, Manfred L. 

Neumond, Karl 

Neuschaefer, Alfred D. 

Neustadt, Mrs. S. 

Nevelson, Bernard 

Nevins, J. J. 

New, Mrs. Albert H. 

New, Alexander 

New, Sidney 

Newberger, Miss Dora 

Newberger, Max M. 

Newberry, William F. 

Newbold, Miss Edith 

Newborg, Moses 

Newcomb, H. T. 

Newcomb, Mrs. James E. 

Newcomb, James F. 

Newcomb, James G. 

Newcomb, Mortimer E. 

Newcomb, Miss Virginia 

Newcombe, Mrs. Charles 

Newell, Miss Carolyn 
Newgarden, Albert 
Newgass, George W. 
Newhouse, Leo H. 
Newkirk, Mrs. Charles 
Newlean, J. W. 
Newman, Mrs. A. E. 
Newman, Charles H. 
Newman, Mrs. Daniel 
Newman, Douglass 
Newman, Henry 
Newman, Mrs. J. K. 
Newman, R. 
Newman, S. L. 
Newman, S. Lang 
Newman, Samuel 
Newmark, Ralph 
Newmark, Samuel 
Newton, Miss A. G. 
Newton, Mrs. F. Maurice 
Nicchia, Joseph 
Nicholas, George D. 
Nicholl, Charles W. 
Nicholls, Aaron S. 
Nichols, Acost'a 
Nichols, Charles H. 
Nichols, F. J. 
Nichols, Mrs. John W. T. 
Nichols, William B. 
Nichols, William H., Jr. 


Nicholson, Angus K. 
Nicholson, Douglas 
Nicholson, Edward 
Nicholson, George P. 
Nickerson, John, Jr. 
Nicoll, Alexander 
Nicoll, Mrs. Benjamin 
Njcoll, De Lancey 
Niederwiesen, R. E. 
Niemann, J. 
Niemann, J. Frank 
Nies, James B. 
Niewenhous, August 
Nightingale, Miss Frances 

Nigo, Hardy A. 
Nikoloric, Artur 
Niles, Walter L. 
Nilsen, Arthur 
Nisbet, J. Douglas 
Nitchie, Mrs. Edward B. 
Niven, John B. 
Nixon, Mrs. Lewis 
Noecker, R. 
Noel, Auguste L. 
Nolan, John F. 
Noltemeier, W. A. 
Nooney, James A. 
Noorian, J. Zado 
Nordlinger, Emil S. 
Nordlinger, Louis 
Nordlinger, Sidney H. 
Norman, Mrs. A. E. 
Norman, Mrs. Love Nixon 
Norrie, Miss Mary 
Norris, Charles 
Norris, Charles A. 
North, George B. 
Northrop, Harry R. 
Norton, Alfred E. 
Norton, E. Hope 
Norton, Mrs. Eliot 
Norton, Mrs. Nathaniel R. 
Noyes, Mrs. D. C. 
Noyes, Mrs. Florence F. 
Noyes, Henry F. 
Nugent, Frank L. 
Nulle, Augustus 
Nurse, Godfrey 
Nute_, Frank S. 
Nutting, J. Frank 
Nydegger, Max 
Nygren, Werner 
Nymeyer, F. H. 
Oakes, Frank V. 
Oakes, George W. Ochs 
Oberndorf, David 

Oberstein, Abraham 
O'Brien, Eugene 
O'Byrne, Edward J. 
O'Connor, Mrs. Caroline 
O'Connor, Mrs. James W. 
O'Connor, John C. 
O'Conor, John C. 
Odell, Clarence P. 
Odell, Hamilton 
O'Donoghue, H. 
CDonovan, Leo J. 
CDwyer, Edward F. 
Gfferman, John 
Offerman, Theodore 
Ogborn, Mrs. R. J. 
Ogden, Charles W. 
Ogden, David B. 
Ogden, Miss Frances 
Ogden, George B. 
Ogden, J. Edward 
Ogle, Mrs. Ponsonby 
O'Gorman, Joseph F. 
O'Gorman, Richard 
CHara, Miss Kate 
Ohmes, Arthur K. 
O'Kane, Mrs. Jack 
O'Keeffe, Charles M. 
Okie, Miss Catherine 
Olcott, Eben E. 
Olcott, J. Van Vechten 
Olcott, Miss Mary 
Olcott, William M. K. 
Olds, Irving S. 
Olin, Stephen H. 
Olmsted, Miss Marion 
Olney, Elam Ward 
Olsen, Robert B. 
Olvany, Mrs. George W. 
O'Mara, Thomas J. 
O'Meara, Maurice 
O'Neil, Thomas J. 
O'Neill, C. H. F. 
O'Neill, Miss Rosetta 
Onitivia, J. Victor 
Opdycke, Mrs. Emerson 
Opdycke, Henry G. 
Opdycke, Mrs. Leonard E. 
Openhym, Mrs. Adolphe 
Openhym, Wilfred A. 
Operti, Albert 
Oppenheim, Laurent 
Oppenheimer, David E. 
Oppenheimer, Miss Elsa 

Oppenheimer, Fred. 
Oppenheimer, Frederick 



Oppenheimer, Miss Gert- 
rude W. 
Oppenheimer, Mrs. Henry 

Oppenheimer, Jack 


Opper, Edwin M. 

Opper, Miss Laura 

Ordway, Samuel H. 

O'Reilly, John G. 

Orkin, Julius 

Orlinger, Samuel L. 

Orr, Charles A. 

Orr, William C. 

Orsenigo, Henry 

Orvis, Edwin W. 

Osborn, H. Fairfield 

Osborn, Mrs. H. Fairfield 

Osborn, Mrs. W. H. 

Osborne, Miss Eleanor F. 

Osborne, Mrs. Ernest Bax- 

Osborne, L. J. 

Osgood, Alfred T. 

Osgood, Mrs. Alma R. 

O'Shea, Thomas E. 

Oshima, Kano 

Ostrander, Mrs. Charles 

Oswald, John C. 

Otis, Harold 

Otterbourg, Edwin M. 

Ottinger, Albert 

Ottinger, Nathan 

Ottinger, Samuel 

Overbeck, Frederick W. 

Overton, Clough C. 

Ovington, Charles K. 

Owen, Mrs. Henry E. 

Owen, Mrs. Thomas B. 

Oyler, William H. 

Pabst, Frederick 

Pace, Homer S. 

Packard, Edward W. 

Page, Arthur W. 

Page, Cecil 

Page, David U. 

Page, Mrs. Edward D. 

Page, Mrs. Howard 

Page, John Randolph 

Page, R. H. 

Page, William H. 

Pain, Henry J. 

Paine, Edward S. 

Paine, Miss K. L. 

Painter, H. McM. 

Palmateer, A. C. 


Palmenberg, Emil T. 

Palmer, A. Embury 

Palmer, Charles M. 

Palmer, Harry F. 

Palmer, John S. 

Palmer, Leslie R. 

Palmer, Lowell M., Jr. 

Palmer, N. F. 

Palmer, Russell 

Pancoast, Archer V. 

Panzironi, Ilario 

Papp, Florian 

Pardee, J. H. 

Paret, Robert L. 

Paret, Miss Ursula 

Paris, Francis U. 

Parish, Edward C. 

Parish, Henry 

Parish, Le Grand 

Parish, Wainwright 

Park, Edgar 

Parker, A. W. 
Parker, Albert E. 
Parker, Alton B. 
Parker, Bedell 
Parker, Robert M. 
Parker, Winthrop 
Parkhurst, Miss Helen 
Parkman, Mrs. Henry 
Parks, Elton 
Parmelee, James 
Parr, Benjamin 
Parrish, S. L. 
Parrish, Mrs. William P. 
Parry, Dr. Angenette 
Parry, Dr. Eleanor 
Parshall, DeWitt 
Parson, Hubert T. 
Parsons, Charles S. 
Parsons, Charles W. 
Parsons, Edgerton 
Parsons, Miss Frances N. 
Parsons, Miss Gertrude 
Parsons, H. de B. 
Parsons, Herbert 
Parsons, J. Graham 
Parsons, Marselis C. 
Parsons, Schuyler L., Sr. 
Parsons, William Barclay 
Parsons, William H. 
Pascale, Emil A. 
Paskus, Benjamin G. 
Paskus, Martin 
Patchin, Ira H. 
Paton, Mrs. Morton 
Pattee, Mrs. Elsie Dodge 
Patten, William D. 

Patterson, Mrs. A. M. 

Patterson, Andrew 

Patterson, Arthur C. 

Patterson, Harvey A. 

Patterson, Henry S._ 

Patterson, James William 

Patterson, John B. 

Patterson, Joseph R. 

Patterson, Mrs. Robert H. 

Patterson, Rufus L. 

Patterson, William Allen 

Patterson, William J. 

Paul, Mrs. Foster 

Peabody, Lincoln R. 

Peabody, Mrs. Robert S. 

Peabody, Stephen 

Peacock, Charles A. 

Peake, William W. 

Peale, Mrs. F. D. 

Pearce,_ Mrs. Henry (Of 

Pearl, Dyer 
Pearsall, C. H. C. 
Pearsall, G. H. 
Pearsall, Samuel J. 
Pearson, Mrs. Frederick 
Pearson, Miss Mary E. 
Peaty, F. H. 
Peck, Arthur J. 
Peck, Arthur N. 
Peck, Charles E. 
Peck, Charles H. 
Peck, Ralph B. 
Peck, W. Halsey 
Pedersen, Frederick M. 
Pedersen, James 
Peers, Henry M. 
Pegram, Edward S. 
Pegram, Heniy 
Peierls, Siegfried 
Peirce, Charles A. 
Peles, I. 

Pell, H. Gallatin 
Pell, Mrs. Haggerty 
Pell, Howland H. 
Pell, James D. 
Pell, Mrs. Stephen 
Pell, Stephen H. P. 
Pelletier, William T. 
Pelzer, B. Henry 
Penfield, Mrs. Frederic 

Penney, J. C. 
Penney, W. F. 
Pennie, John C. 
Pennington, Joseph P. 
Pereira, M. R. 


Perera, Lionello 

Pereyra, Thomas L. 

Perin, Charles Page 

Perkins, Mrs. Charles A. 

Perkins, Miss Clara Craw- 

Perkins, Mrs. Edward C. 

Perkins, Edward N. 

Perkins, Miss Emily S. 

Perkins, G. Lawrence 

Perkins, James H. 

Perkins, William H. 

Perley, Victor E. 

Perlmutter, Louis 

Perls, Arthur G. 

Perman, Samuel 

Perrin, Charles L. 

Perrochet, Charles 

Perry, Edward D. 

Perry, Harold Gordon 
Perry, Mrs. William Al- 
Persson, Carlos 
Pemtz, Leopold 
Peters, Mrs. Charles 

Peters, Edward McClure 
Peters, Mrs. H. T. 
Peters, Hebert Cushing 
Peters, Joseph R. 
Peters, Miss L. 
Peters, William F. 
Peters, William R. 
Peterson, Frederick 
Peterson, Miss Jane 
Peterson, Walter 
Petrasch, Carl Schurz 
Pettee, William 
Pettis, Clifton D. 
Pettit, Franklin 
Pettus, Miss Isabella M. 
Peyser, Theodore A. 
Pfeiffer, Ernest A. 
Pfeil, William A. 
Pfingstag, Louis 
Pfizer, Emile 
Pflomm, Frederick 
Pforzheimer, Carl H. 
Pforzheimer, Walter 
Phelan, John J. 
Phelps, Miss Helen Wat- 
Phelps, Henry Willis 
Phelps, Mrs. Herbert W. 
Phjlipp, M. B. 
Philipp, P. Bernard 
Phillips, Ellis L. 


Phillips, George H. 
Phillips, Harold M. 
Phillips, J. H. 
Phillips, W. Stanwood 
Phillips, William H. 
Phipps, Mrs. Henry 
Physioc, J. A. 
Picard, Henri 
Piccirilli, Attilio 
Picenardi, Marquise de 

Calvatone Sommi 
Pickelny, M. 
Pickslay, Joseph D. 
Piel, Gottfried 
Piel, Paul 
Piercy, N. S. H. 
Pierrepont, R. Stuyvesant 
Pierson, David H. 
Pierson, Lewis E. 
Pike, Henry H. 
Pilgram, William G. 
Pine, John B. 
Pinkham, Edward W. 
Pinkney, Townsend 
Pinneo, Alfred W. 
Pinney, Edward G. 
Pisani, Antonio 
Pisani, John A. 
Pitcairn, William S. 
Pitkin, Wolcott H. 
Pitney, John 0. H. 
Pitzele, Elias 
Pizzini, Mrs. Andrew J. 
Place, Ira A. 
Plain, George F. 
Plass, William E. 
Platoff, Harry 
Piatt, Miss Caroline M. 
Piatt, Charles H. 
Piatt, Mrs. Frank H. 
Piatt, Henry B. 
Piatt, John 
Piatt, Livingston 
Plaut, Edward 
Plaut, Herman 
Plaut, Joseph 
Plaut, Leopold 
Poel, Frank 
Poillon, Howard A. 
Poillon, Miss Mabel 
Polachek, Victor H. 
Polack, Albert M. 
Polhemus, Miss R. A. 
Polhemus, Theodore H. 
Pollak, Bernard E. 
Pollak, Charles N. 
Pollak, Henry 

Pollitzer, S. 
Pollock, Francis W. 
Pollock, Mrs. William 
Pomeroy, Daniel E. 
Pomeroy, Silas H. 
Pomroy, Henry K. 
Poole, Mrs. Ernest 
Poor, Mrs. Charles Lane 
Poor, Elwyn W. 
Poor, Horace F. 
Popham, Henry M. 
Popper, Arthur W. 
Popper, William C. 
Porter, Nathan T., Jr. 
Post, Abram S. 
Post, Mrs. Carroll J., Jr. 
Post, George A. 
Post, George B. 
Post, Mrs. J. Clarence 
Post, Mrs. Price 
Post, Sylvester 

Pott, James 

Pott, W. H. 

Potter, Alonzo 

Potter, Miss Blanche 

Potter, Charles H. 

Potter, Eliphalet N. 

Potter, Emil 

Potter, Frank Hunter 

Potter, Frederick 

Potter, Howard Nott 

Potter, Mark W. 

Potter, Samuel B. 

Potter, William C. 

Potts, Joseph 

Potts, William Brevoort 

Powell, Frederick J. 

Powell, Mrs. Irwin A. 

Powell, Miss Rachel H. 

Powell, William H. 

Powell, Wilson M. 

Power, Charles L. 

Prager, Abram J. 

Prahar, Renee 

Pratt, Mrs. C. M. 

Pratt, Dallas B. 

Pratt, Miss Elma 

Pratt, F. W. _ 

Pratt, Frederic B. 

Pratt, George C. 

Pratt, Mrs. Herbert L. 

Pratt, S. 

Pratt, T. D. 

Pratt, W. Augustus 

Pray, Charles H. 

Prentice, Alfred C. 

Prentice, Mrs. Bernon S. 


Prentice, Mrs. John H. 
Presbrey, Mrs. Frank 
Prescott, Amos L. 
Pressinger, Arnott M. 
Presspnch, R. W. 
Preston, Veryl 
Pretzfeld, E. W. 
Pretzfeld, Edgar S. 
Pretzfelder, Albert 
Preuss, Jacob 
Price, Benjamin H. 
Price, Mrs. Clarence 
Price, Clinton B. 
Price, David 
Price, Joseph M. 
Price, Norman 
Price, Walter W. 
Prichitt, Hugh K. 
Priddy, Lawrence 
Prideaux, Mrs. William 
Prime, Charles H. 
Prince, Leo M. 
Prince, S. S. 

Prince, Theodore 

Prindle, Frank M. 

Prichard, R. L. 

Proctor, David G. 

Proctor, John 

Proctor, William Ross 


Prosnitz, Charles 

Pross, Albert W. 

Provost, Cornelius W. 

Prudden, T. Mitchell 

Pruyn, Miss Mary L. 

Pruyn, Miss Neltje K. 

Pulaski, Elias W. 

Pullen, Charles D. 

Pulsifer, N. T. 

Pulsifer, William E. 

Purdy, Lawson 

Purdy, William Macnerv- 

Pusinelli, Fred. 

Putnam, Clifford 

Putnam, Miss Elizabeth 

Putnam, H. S. 

Putnam, James L. 

Putnam, Kingman N. 

Putney, Edmonds 

Putney, Miss Eva C. 

Putney, Mrs. William B. 

Putzel, Henry V. . 

Pyle, D. H. McAlpin 

Pyle, James McAlpin 

Pyle, William Scott 


Pynchon, George M. 
Pyne, Mrs. Grafton H ; 
Quackinbush, Benjamin 

Quaid, William 
Quaintance, William 8. 
Qualey, Joseph S. 
Quick, Douglas A. 
Quick, Howard 
Quimby, John L. 
Quimby, Louis S. 
Quinby, Frank H. 
Qujncy, C. F. 
Quinn, Edmond T. 
Quinn, John P. 
Quinn, Martin J. 
Quinn, William F. 
Quintard, Edward 
Quiro's, Belisario A. 
Rabassa, Juan M. 
Rabinow, I. A. 
Rabinowitz, Aaron 
Rabinowitz, L. M. 
Rademan, Otto 
Rady, G. H. 
Rafailovich, M. 
Rafferty, Mrs. Ewing L. 
Rahlson, K. J. 
Raiff, Frank R. 
Raiman, Mrs. Robert I. 
Rainey, Mrs. Roy A. 
Rains, S. G. 
Raisler, Samuel 
Ralston, Louis 
Ramacciotti, Albert D. 
Ramsay, Albert 
Ramsay, D. S. 
Ramsey, Henry A. M. 
Ramsey, Herbert H. 
Ramsperger, H. G. 
Rand, Charles F. 
Randall, Wilbur F. 
Randolph, Wilson F. 
Rankin, Robert 
Ransom, Mrs. Warren A. 
Rantoul, Charles W. 
Raphael, Ralph H. 
Raphel, Edward M. 
Rapoport, Jacob 
Raskin, William 
Rasmus, Carl G. 
Rasmus, William 
Rasor, Paul E. 
Ratisbonne, Edmond 
Ratner, Mrs. Richard 
Raub, Mrs. Emma 
Rauch, Frederick W. 

Rauh, Herbert S. 

Ravenel, Mrs. St. Julien 

Rawak, George 

Rawitser, Herman 

Raymond, Max 

Raymond, Sidney 

Raymond, Wayte 

Raynolds, Edward H. 

Reach, Charles H. 

Read, Mrs. Clark P. 

Read, Mrs. William Au- 

Read, William T. 

Ream, Robert C. 

Rearick, Allan C. 

Reaske, Herman 

Reavis, Holland S. 

Redfield, Albert 

Redfield, Miss Florence 

Redman, Fulton J. 

Redmond, Miss Emily 

Redmond, Mrs. H. S. 

Redmond, R. L. 

Reed, George E. 

Reed, Henry H. 

Reed, Lansing P. 

Reed, Robert R. 

Reed, Walter S. 

Rees, Harold B. 

Rees, Louis J. 

Reese, Albert 

Reese, Miss Margaret M. 
Reeve, William E. 
Reeves, Frederick L. 
Reeves, Richard. E. 
Regensburger, Melville H. 
Rehn, Frank K. M. 
Reichenbach, Louis 
Reichenberger, Mrs. Vic- 
tor M. 
Rejchert, John 
Reichert, Louis 
Reid, David C. 
Reid, John 
Reid, Miss M. Christine 

Rejd, William H. 
Reidemeister, Fredrich 
Reiling, Joseph L. 
Reimann, Arnold 
Reinthaler, Jones E. 
Reis, Charles 
Reischmann, Henry 
Reisinger, Curt H. 
Reiss, Henry 
Remick, William H. 


Remington, Franklin 
Remsen, Miss Margaret S. 
Renwick, E. B. 
Requa, J. Eugene 
Requena, J. Luis 
Rettenberg, Jere K._ 
Rettich, Hugo 
Reuben, A. A. 
Revell, Fleming H. 
Reyburn, Samuel W. 
Reynal, Mrs. Eugenie S. 
Reynders, Mrs. John V. 

Reynolds, Francis I. 
Reynolds, George W. 
Reynolds, Henry S. 
Reynolds, Miss Kate L. 
Reynolds, Thomas A. 
Rheinberg, Max S. 
Rhett, Miss Florence M. 
Rhett, William B. 
Rhinelander, Philip 
Rhoades, John Harsen 
Rhoades, Miss Katherine 

Rianhard, Thomas M. 
Ricci, Ulysses A. 
Rice, Arthur 
Rice, Edwin T. 
Rice, Melvin A. 
Rice, Mrs. William Lowe 
Rich, Charles A. 
Rich, Everett 
Richard, Edwin A. 
Richard, Edwin H. 
Richard, Miss Elvine 
Richard, Mrs. Harold C. 
Richard, Oscar L. 
Richards, C. A. 
Richards, Edward Osgood 
Richards, Fred L. 
Richards, George H. 
Richards, John H. 
Richards, Leonard, Sr. 
Richards, Lowell L. 
Richards, Nathaniel A. 
Richardson, Mrs. D. E. 
Richardson, Robert I. 
Richardson, Thornton R. 
Richmond, Mrs. C. A. 
Richtberg, Miss Emma 
Richter, Charles F. 
Rjchter, Charles J. 
Richter, Max 
Richter, William 
Rickard, Mrs. Abbie C. 


Rjckard, William L. 
Rickards, Dr. Caroline F. 

Ridenour, Louis 8. 
Ridgway, Robert 
Ridley, Albert S. 
Riefestahl, R. M. 
Riem, Simon R. 
Riemschneider, William 
Ries, Mrs. Clementine 
Riesenberg, Adolph 
Rjesenfeld, Victor S. 
Rieser, Norvin H. 
Riess, Ernst 
Riggin, Howard S. 
Riggio, Louis D. 
Riker, Henry I. 
Riker, Joseph J. 
Riley, Mrs. Champlain L. 
Riley, George W. 
Rimes, Charles 
Rinaldi, Frank J. 
Rindsfoos, Charles S. 
Ringer, Adolph I. 
Ringler, Frederick A. 
Rinschede, Charles A. W. 
Rios, Rafael 
Ripley, Julien A. 
Ritter, J. F. 
Ritter, Richard M. 
Ritter, William C. 
Rives, F. Bayard 
Robb, James T. 
Robbins, Chandler 
Robbins, Mrs. H. A. 
Robbins, Herbert D. 
Robbins, John J. 
Robbins, William A. 
Roberts, Albert 
Roberts, Benjamin H. 
Roberts, David 
Roberts, Miss Fanny 
Roberts, George 
Roberts, George E. 
Roberts, Gerard 
Roberts, Miss Grace Van 

Roberts, James S. 
Roberts, Nathan B. 
Roberts, Owen F. 
Roberts, Mrs. Percival Jr. 
Roberts, Walter Scott 
Robertson, Frederick Y. 
Robertson, Miss Jennette 
Robertson, Louis J. 
Robertson, Ross F. 
Robinson, Albert G. 

Robinson, Andrew J. 

Robinson, Beverly R. 

Robinson, Mrs. Douglas 

Robinson, George Henry 

Robinson, Herbert 

Robinson, Mrs. Monroe 

Robjnson, Mrs. Phillips 

Robinson, Robert H. 

Robinson, Sanford 

Robinson, T. Douglas 

Robison, Gerson 

Robison, Lewis 

Robison, Mrs. William 

Roby, Harry E. 

Robyn, Alfred G. 

Rock, Mathew 

Rockefeller, John D. 

Rockefeller, Mrs. William 

Rockel, Mrs. Sue 

Rockwell, Walter S. 

Rockwood, Miss Emily 

Rockwood, Nash 

Roe, Charles F. 

Roe, Frank 0. 

Roeser, Edward N. 

Roesler, Edward 

Roessle, EUwood 0. 

Roessler, Franz 

Roff, Augustine Ward 

Rogers, Allen M. 

Rogers, Archibald 

Rogers, C. W. 

Rogers, Edgar W. 

Rogers, Francis 

Rogers, Frederick B. 

Rogers, Gustavus A. 

Rogers, Hubert E. 

Rogers, Mrs. James Gam- 

Rogers, Mrs. John S. 

Rogers, Noah C. 

Rogers, Robert Fletcher 

Rogers, Mrs. Rowland 

Rogers, Wilbur H. 

Rogers, William 

Rogers, William J. 

Roggen, Harry 

Rohde, Mrs. Sara P. 

Rokenbaugh, Henry S. 

Rolandow, Gotfried W. 

Rolker, Charles M. 

Rolland, Hugo 

Rollins, Philip A. 

Rollinson, William H. 

Romaine, Louis T. 


Rome, Miss Sara 
Ronald, Arthur 
Roome, William J. 
Roos, Mrs. A. A. 
Roos, Moritz 
Roosa, I. P. 
Roosevelt, Mrs. Hilborne 

Roosevelt, Mrs. J. West 
Roosevelt, Miss Jean S. 
Root, Arthur L. 
Root, Mrs. Elihu, Jr. 
Roper, John 
Roper, JosephC. 
Ros, Miss Emilia 
Ros, S. E. 
Rose, Isaac A. 
Rose, Menko 
Rose, Mrs. S. J. 
Rose, Samuel W. 
Roselius, Frederick L. 
Rosen, Felix 
Rosen, Harry B. 
Rosen, Walter T. 
Rosenbaum, Mrs. E. F. 
Rosenbaum, John L. 
Rosenbaum, William A. 
Rosenberg, Bernard 
Rosenberg, J. William 
Rosenberg, James N. 
Rosenberg, Louis 
Rosenberg, Louis 
Rosenberg, Max M. 
Rosenberg, Mrs. S. 
Rosenblum, William 
Rosenfeld, Bertie 
Rosenfeld, Edward L. 
Rosenfeld, I. H. 
Rosenfeld, William I. 
Rosenfield, Isaac 
Rosenschein, Ben 
Rosenstein, Hugo 
Rosenstein, William H. 
Rosensweig, Charles S. 
Rosenthal, Max 
Rosenthal, Sylvan E. 
Rosenwald, Benno 
Rosenwald, Max 
Rosenzweig, Samuel 
Ross, F. J. 
Ross, Henry Clay 
Ross, P. Sandford 
Rossano, Augusto T. 
Rossbach, Jacob 
Rossbach, Mrs. Leopold 
Rossin, M. _ 
Rossiter, Clinton L. 


Rossiter, Edward L. 
Rost, N. G. 
Roth, Ignatz 
Rothbarth, Albert 
Rothenstein, Eugene 
Rothschild, Aaron 
Rothschild, Clarence G. 
Rothschild, Edward S. 
Rothschild, Joseph 
Rothschild, Julius 
Rothschild, Louis F. 
Rothschild, M. D. 
Rothschild, Morris H. 
Rougeron, Marcel J. 
Rouland, Orlando 
Roumage, C. C. 
Rounds, Arthur C. 
Rounds, Ralph S. 
Rouse, William L. 
Rousmaniere, John E. 
Roux, Alexander J. 
Rowan, W. A. 
Rowbottom, Thomas 
Rowe, Mrs. John C. 
Rowe, William V. 
Rowland, Mrs. Henry 

Rowland, John R. 
Rowley, Mrs. Walter E. 
Roy, Frank Austin 
Roy, John H. 
Ruben, Isaac 
Rubin, Edward 
Rubin, Isidor C. 
Rubin, Jacob H. 
Rubin, Simon 
Rubinstein, Abraham 
Ruck, John M. 
Rucker, Augusta 
Rucker, Robert Hamilton 
Rudkin, Henry A. 
Rueff, Clement 
Ruhl, Louis 
Ruhlender, Henry 
Ruhm, H. D. 
Rumsey, Mrs. C. C. 
Rumsey, David 
Rundell, Forrest 
Rundquist, Emil A. 
Runk, Charles A. 
Ruperti, Justus 
Ruppe, Ernest F. 
Ruppert, Jacob 
Rusch, Adolphe 
Rusch, Henry A. 
Ruspini, Angelo 
Russek, Frank 

Russell, Alexander 
Russell, Henry M. M. 
Russell, John F. 
Russell, R. Forrest 
Russell, Salem T. (In 

Memory of) 
Russell, Mrs. W. F. 
Russell, Walter 
Russell, Worthington S. 
Rutchik, Max. M. 
Rutherfurd, Livingston 
Ruyl, Louis H. 
Ryan, Edmurid W. 
Ryan, Mrs. Thomas F. 
Ryder, GeorgeH. 
Ryle, Miss Julia 
Ryley, Rupert A. 
Sabin, Joseph F. 
Sachs, B. 
Sachs, Edward 
Sachs, Miss Gertrude 
Sachs, Paul J. 
Sachs, Walter E. 
Sackett, Mrs. Augustine 
Sackett, Charles A. 
Sackett, Clarence 
Sadlier, Frank X. 
Sadock, Aaron 
Saenger, Walter . 
Safford, Ray J. 
Safian, Joseph 
Sage, Dean 
Sage, John 
Sager, Lawrence K. 
Sahlein, Moses 
Sahler, Miss Helen G. 
Sailer, L. F. 
St. John, E. A. 
St. John, Henry L. 
Saint-Lanne, Louis 
Saks, Isadore 
Saks, William A. 
Salant, Aaron B. 
Salfher, Theodore 
Salisbury, Miss Adelene 
Salmon, Walter J. 
Salomon, Arthur K. 
Salomon, Mrs. Edward M. 
Salomon, Herbert 
Salomon, Percy F. 
Salvatore, Victor 
Sammis, John S. 
Sampson, Alden 
Samson, Charles F. 
Samuels, Charles B. 
Samuels, Philip C. 
Samuelson, Frank 


Samuelson, Jacob 
Sanborn, George P. 
Sand, Miss Alice Low 
Sanderson, Lloyd B. 
Sandford, George S. 
Sands, Augustus H. 
Sands, Mrs. B. Aymar 
Sands, Miss Louise 
Sanford, Miss D. McK. 
Sanford, Elmer B. 
Sansome, Mrs. Frederick 

Santaella, Mrs. Antonio 
Sarafian, Sarkis A. 
Sarg, Frederick A. 
Sargent, Merritt W. 
Sarnoff, Mrs. Max 
SarnofF, Mrs. Simon 
Satenstein, Louis 
Satterlee, Hugh 
Satterwhite, Preston P. 
Sattler, Mrs. Theodore 
Saul, Charles R. 
Saunders, Robert Eaton 
Saunders, T. Lawrence 
Sauter, A. J. 
Savage, Henry W. 
Savage, Joseph K. 
Savin, William M. 
Savim, Carlo 
Sawyer, Cleon J. 
Sawyer, Oliver H. 
Sayles, Miss Corrie 
Sayre, Miss Mary Hall 
Sayre, Reginald H. 
Scarborough, C. R. 
Schaaf, Hermann 
Schackno, Henry G. 
Schaefer, Albert 
Schaefer, Edward C. 
Schaefer, George G. 
Schaefer, J. Louis 
Schaefer, R. J. 
Schaetzer, Carl 
Schafer, Leonard 
Schall, Frederick M. 
Schall, William 
Schall, Mrs. William 
Schamberg.Mrs. Lewis M. 
Schanck, George E. 
Schanck, Will H. 
Schapiro, Jacob 
Scharps, Albert T. 
Schatia, Mrs. D. 
Schaus, Adolph 
Schefer, Anton H. 
Schemer, Frederick A. 


Scheiner, James M. 
Schell, Miss Mary E. 
Schenck, Edwin S. 
Schenck, Mrs. G. Elliott 
Schenck, Henry 
Schepp, Leopold 
Scherer, Albert G. 
Schermerhorn, Mrs. Amos 

Schetter, Miss Charlotte 

Scheuber, Henry J. 
Scheuer, Jacob H. 
Scheuer, Percy C. 
Schey, Robert P. 
Schieffelin, Miss D. 
Schieffelin, William Jay 
Schier, Helwig 
Schieren, Charles A. 
Schiff, Gustave H. 
Schiff, Harry 
Schiffer, Edwin H. 
Schiffer, Mrs. Walter A. 
Schiller, Bernard 
Schiller, Michael 
Schilling, Jacob H. 
Schimmel, Siegfried 
Schindler, Kurt _ 
Schirmer, Baldwin F. 
Schirmer, Mrs. Martha B. 
Schlegel, George, Sr. 
Schlemmer, William F. 
Schleussner, Philip 
Schley, Evander B. 
Schley, Kenneth B. 
Schley, Reeve 
Sshlichting, Emil 
Schlussel, Seymour 
Schmelzel, Mrs. Irving 
Schmelzel, James H. 
Schmelzel, Miss Jane E. 
Schmid, Ernest E. 
Schmid, George F. 
Schmidt, Charles 
Schmidt, Dedrick H. 
Schmidt, Herman C. 
Schmidt, Paul H. 
Schmidt, William H. 
Schmieg, Karl 
Schmitt, George 
Schmitt, Louis 
Schmoll, Armand 
Schmuck, Peter 
Schnabel, R. A. 
Schnakenberg, Henry 

Schnee, Berthold 

Schneider, Arthur 
Schneider, Charles T. 
Schneider, Harry 
Schneider, Theodore I. 
Schniewind, Ewald 
Schnuerer, Alfred 
Schoen, Carl 
Schoen, Eugene 
Schoenfeld, David 
Schofield, Peter F. 
Scholle, Howard A. 
Scholle, Melville J. 
Schonbrunn, S. A. 
Schorr, Abraham 
Schorsch, Isaac 
Schram, Louis B. 
Schramm, Louis 
Schramm, William 
Schreiber, Rudolph 
Schrenk, Otto V. 
Schrier, Aaron 
Schroeder, J. Langdon 
Schuck, Augustus 
Schuller, Frederick 0. 
Schulte, Mrs. Anthony 
Schulte, Miss Antoinette 

Schulte, Mrs. David A. 
Schulte, Theodore E. 
Schultheis, Henry 
Schultze, Charles A. 
Schurman, George W. 
Schurz, Carl L. 
Schussler, Louis 
Schuster, Richard _ 
Schuyler, Miss Louisa Lee 
Schwab, Charles M. 
Schwab, David 
Schwab, Miss Emily 
Schwab, Mrs. Gustav 
Schwab, Mrs. L. H. 
Schwanhauser, Frederick 
Schwartz, H. J. 
Schwartz, Hans J. 
Schwartz, Samuel L. 
Schwarz, Arthur 
Schwarz, Arthur A. 
Schwarz, Henry F. 
Schwarz, Herbert F. 
Schwarz, Herman 
Schwarz, Walter M. 
Schwed, Frederick 
Schweinler, Charles 
Schweisguth, Francis 
Schwenk, August C. 
Schwep, C. Frank 
Schwinzer, John R. 


Schwob, Adolphe 
Scimeca, Enrico 
Scobie, John C. 
Scofield, Mrs. Leonard B. 
Scott, Francis M. 
Scott, Mrs. Frank H. 
Scott, Mrs. George S. 
Scott, George W. 
Scott, Mrs. L. Graeme 
Scott, Mrs. Miriam Finn 
Scott, William 
Scotti, Antonio 
Scoville, Herbert 
Scoville, Miss Mary F. 
Scribner, Arthur H. 
Scribner, Charles 
Scudder, Edward M. 
Scudder, Myron T. 
Seabrook, H. H. 
Seal, Mrs. Frances Thur- 

Seale, Charles L. 
Seaman, Joseph B. 
Seaman, Joseph H. 
Seaman, Lloyd W. 
Seaman, Louis L. 
Seaman, William W. 
Searles, Albert R. 
Seasongood, Mrs. Charles 
Seasongood, Edwin A. 
Sedgwick, Henry R. 
Seeley, Mrs. Henrietta 

Seeligman, Louis F. 
Seeligmann, Gustave 
Seeman, Mrs. Deborah J. 
Seeman, "Isaac W. _ 
Seggerman, Frederick E. 
Seggerman, Victor A. 
Seibert, Jacob, Jr. 
Seidenberg, Otto 
Seiz, Edmond G. 
Selig, Arthur L. 
Seligman, Albert J. 
Seligman, Arthur R. 
Seligman, Edwin R. A. 
Se igman, George W. 
Seligman, Henry 
Seligman, James B. 
Seligman, Walter 
Seligsberg, Alfred F. 
Sells, E. W. 
Selznick, Lewis J. 
Semken, George H. 
Semler, George 
Semple, Allan 
Senegas, Pierre V. 


Senior, H. D. 
Senn, Edward R. 
Sentner, Richard 
Sessler, Mrs. B. 
Seton, Alfred 
Sewall, Henry F. 
Sewall, Miss Katharine 

Seymour, Mrs. Edith G. 
Seymour, John S. 
Shalek, Bernard A. 
Sharp, William Willough- 

Shattuck, A. R. 
Shattuck, Frank G. 
Shaw, Frank S. 
Shaw, Mrs. James F. 
Shaw, James K. 
Shaw, Robert Alfred 
Shaw, Samuel T. 
Shaw, William N. 
Shea, Maurice A. 
Shear, T. L. 

Shearer, Mrs. Leander H. 
Shearman, Lawrence H. 
Shearson, Edward 
Sheehy, WiUiam H. 
Sheets, Elmer A. 
Sheldon, William H. 
Shenk, Joseph 
Shepard, C. Sidney 
Shepard, Charles S. 
Sheppard, John R. 
Sheppard, John S. 
Sheppard, William B. 
Sheridan, Charles B. 
Sherman, Charles C. 
Sherman, George C. 
Sherman, Richard B. 
Sherr, Ivens 

Sherrill, Mrs. Charles H. 
Sherwood, Mrs. J. K. 

Shibley, Fred. W. 
Shiman, David 
Shipman, R. D. 
Shire, Edward I. 
Shnitter, Adolf 
Shoaff, John R. 
Shoemaker, Henry W. 
Shoff, Ard K. 
Sholl, Mrs. Edward P. 
Shongood, Charles, Sr. 
Shonnard, Horatio S. 
Short, George W. 
Shuldner, Michael 
Shulhof, Otto B. 

Sibley, Frank E. 

Sicard, Montgomery H. 

Sice, Louis J. 

Sidenberg, Alfred H. 

Sidenberg, George M. 

Sidenberg, Henry 

Sidenberg, Mrs. Joseph 

Sidenberg, William R. 

Siedle, Edward 

Siedler, Miss Julia F. 

Siegel, Alexander B. 

Siegel, Jonas 

Siegel, William 

Silberman, Morris 

Silberstein, Sol D. 

Silliman, Harper 

Silliman, Joseph E. 

Silo, James P. 

Sjlva, J. C. da 

Silverberg, Aaron S. 

Silverman, Jacob M. 

Silverstein, Joshua 
Silverstein, Morris 
Sjm, Robert L. 
Simmons, Charles H. 
Simmons, Mrs. Edward 
_ De Forest 
Simmons, H. Leonard 
Sjmmons, Isaac 
Simmons, Leonard W. 
Simmons, Morris 
Sjmon, Alfred L. 
Simon, Fitzhugh 
Simon, Harry G. 
Simon, Horace E. 
Simon, Jacques R. 
Simon, Mrs. Leo L. 
Simon, Leopold 
Simon, Mrs. Robert 
Simon, Robert L. 
Simon, William A. 
Simonds, Mrs. William R. 
Simons, Herbert F. 
Simonton, Miss Clover 
Sjmpson, David Bennet 
Simpson, Ernest L. 
Simpson, George H. 
Simpson, Malcolm D. 
Simpson, Willis H. 
Sinclair, Mrs. WiUiam 
Singer, Arthur J. 
Sirooni, Ardsher 
Sisson, Francis H. 
Sivin, Isaac 
Sizer, Robert R. 
Skinner, Miss Belle 


Slade, Arthur James 
Slade, Miss Elizabeth 

Slauson, Mrs. Emma F. 
Slawson, George L. 
Slee, J. Noah H. 
Sleight, Mrs. Elizabeth 

Sloan, Mrs. William S. 
Sloane, Mrs. William 
Slocovich, George 
Slocum, Thomas W. 
Sluter, Randolph 
Smadbeck, Warren 
Small, H. W. 
Smedberg, Carl G. 
Smedley, Victor J. 
Smiley, Hugh 
Smith, Abel I., Jr. 
Smith, Miss Alice M. 
Smith, Alien A. 
Smith, Mrs. Bettie 
Smith, Bradish G. 
Smith, Charles A. 
Smith, Charles G. 
Smith, Charles Gilbert 
Smith, Mrs. Clarence E. 
Smith, Daniel C. 
Smith, Miss Elisabeth M. 
Smith, Mrs. Eugenie J. 
Smith, G. Butler 
Smith, Mrs. Gerrit 
Smith, Henry B. 
Smith, Henry G. 
Smith, Henry G. 
Smith, J. Wesley 
Smith, James A. 
Smith, John Durrell 
Smith, John William 
Smith, Miss Josephine C. 
Smith, Lee Thompson 
Smith, Miss Lucy E. 
Smith, Miss M. Kate 
Smith, Mrs. Margaret 
Smith, Miss Marguerite 

Smith, Philip M. 
Smith, Pierre J. 
Smith, Robert M. 
Smith, S. Willard 
Smith, W. Schuyler 
Smith, Willard M. 
Smith, William H. 
Smith, Mrs. Wilson L. 
Smith, Winthrop D. 
Smithe, Ferdinand L. 
Smull, J. Barstow 


Smulski, Edward 
Smyth, Francis 
Smyth, Louis 
Smythe, Frederick W. 
Snare, Frederick 
Snow, Elbridge G. 
Snow, William F. 
Snow, William W. 
Solan, Luigi 
Soldwedel, Frederick 
Solley, Frank D. 
Solley, Mrs. John B., Jr. 
Solomon, Mrs. Albert £. 
Solomon, Leopold 
Soman, Nathan 
Somers, Arthur S. 
Somma, John 
Sonderling, Samuel J. 
Sondheim, Phineas 
Sondheimer, J. 
Sonnenschein, Sol. 
Soper, Frederick D. 
Soper, H. McL. 
Soper, J. H. Gardner 
Soule, Louis H. 
Sour, Bernard 
Southmayd, Samuel D. 
Southworth, Augustus G. 
Souto, Baldomero 
Souvay, Robert M. 
Spackman, William M. 
Spadone, Henry 
SpafFord, Joseph H. 
Spahr, John 
Spain, William J. 
Spalding, Mrs. George A. 
Spalding, H. Boardman 
Spalding, J. Walter 
Spark, Morris 
Sparrow, Mrs. Edward W. 
Spear, Alexander 
Specht, William H. 
Speitel, William 
Spence, Lewis H. 
Spencer, Charles H. 
Spencer, Mrs. Edwards 
Spencer, George Frink 
Spencer, J. Ginton 
Spencer, Mrs. Seth S. 
Spengeman, Edward A. 
Speranza, Mrs. Gino C. 
Sperry, Elmer A., Sr. 
Sperry, William M. 
Spetnagel, John M. 
Speyer, James 
Spicer, Miss Dorothy 

Spiegel, Hyman 
Spiegelberg, Isaac N. 
Spiegelberg, Walter S. 
Spiegelberg, William I. 
Spingarn, Arthur B. 
Spingarn, Joel Elias 
Spitzer, Louis 
Spitzner, George W. 
Spivacke, Charles A. 
Spooner, Mrs. Charles P. 
Sprague-Smith, Mrs. 

Spraker, Mrs. H. M. 
Spraker, John S. 
Spreckels, Claus A. 
Spreckels, Mrs. Claus 

Springs, Richard A. 
Squier, Charles B. 
Squier, Edwin M. 
Squire, George S. 
Squire, Irving 
Squires, Frederick W. 
Stack, Mrs. Cornelius 
Stafford, George A. 
Stagg, James Hardwick 
Stake, Theodore W. 
Stalker, William H. 
Stallforth, F. 
Stallman, Frederick L. 
Stamm, Paul 
Stancliffe, Noah A. 
Stanfield, George D. 
Stanfield, Otto M. 
Stanfield, Theodore 
Stanlaws, Penrhyn 
Starbuck, C. A. 
Starr, M. Allan 
Starrett, Paul 
Starring, Mason B. 
Stasse, Marcel 
Staudt, John 
StaufFen, Ernest, Jr. 
Stearn, Herman 
Stearns, Eckley H. 
Stearns, John N. 
Stechert, Frederick C. 
Stechmann, F. William 
Steers, Henry 
Steers, James Rich 
Steers, Stuart J. 
Steffanson, Hokan 
Steif, Erwin A. 
Steiger, Ernest, Jr. 
Stein, Alfred G. 
Stein, Arthur 
Stein, Fred M. 


Stein, John Bethune 



in, Joseph W. 

in, Leo 

n, Leonard L. 

in, Morton 

in, Samuel 

inan, Mrs. Edward S. 

inback, Gustave E. 

indler, David M. 

ner, Burghard 

iner, Clarence S. 

Steiner, Jules 

ner, Leo 
iner, S. V. 
inhardt, David J. 
inhardt, Henry 
inhardt, Joseph H. 
inhaus, Isaac 
inmetz, John A. 
nthal, Albert E. 
inthal, Martin 
nway, Mrs. Theodore 

Stella, Antonio 
Stelle, Peter R. 
Stenhouse, J. Armstrong 
Sterling, Edward M. 
Stern, Albert 
Stern, Arthur H. 
Stern, Benjamin 
Stern, Benjamin H. 
Stern, Edwin H. 
Stern, Emanuel A. 
Stern, Emil 
Stern, Frederick 
Stern, Leopold 
Stern, Louis 
Stern, Louis 
Stern, Mrs. Milton H. 
Stern, Morris 
Stern, Samuel 
Stern, Sigmund 
Sternbach, Morris 
Sternbach, Sidney M. 
Sternberg, Morris 
Sternberger, Maurice M. 
Sternfeld, Mrs. Dorothea 
Stetson, Nahum 
Stetson, Rufus E. 
Stetten, DeWitt 
Stettenheim, Isador M. 
Steuer, Max D. 
Steuhl, Jacob 
Steurer, John A. 
Stevens, Edward L. 
Stevens, Joseph E. 
Stevens, W. Tyrie 


Stewart, Cecil P. 

Stewart, George David 

Stewart, John A. 

Stewart, Mrs. Percy H. 

Stewart, Mrs. William A. 

Stewart, William J. 

Steyne, Mrs. Abram N. 

Stickley, J. G. 

Stickney, Mrs. Albert 

Stickney, Mrs. Henry A. 

Stickney, Miss Josephine 

Stieglitz, Albert 

Stieglitz, Alwin G. 

Stieglitz, Leo 

Stier, Joseph F. 

Stillman, Miss C. F. 

Stillman, Miss Charlotte 

Stillman, Franklin W. 

Stimson, Frederic J. 

Stine, Marcus 

Stitt, William J. 

Stix, Otto L. 

Stix, Sylvan L. 

Stock, William 
Stockton, Charles W. 

Stoddard, Mrs. Louis E. 

Stoddard, Ralph 
Stokes, Fredenck A. 
Stone, Mrs. Charles A. 
Stone, Edmund J. 
Stone, Elliot 
Stone, George C. 
Stone, Junius H. 
Stone, Wilbur M. 
Storck, Herman C. 
Storey, James V. 
Storey, John de R. 
Storrs, Frank V. 
Stout, Andrew V. 
Stout, Mrs. Joseph S. 
Stowell, Harley L. 
Strachan, Miss M. Lola 
Strack, Otto 
Strahan, Thomas R. 
Strance, Amos G. 
Strange, Albert B. 
Strange, Edwin 6. 
Stransky, Josef 
Strasbourger, Samuel 
Strasser, Mrs. Arthur L. 
Strauch, Albert T. 
Straus, Miss Dorothy 
Straus, Ferdinand 
Straus, Harry H. 
Straus, Lionel F. 

Straus, Marcus 

Straus, Nathan 

Straus, Mrs. Nathan, Jr. 

Straus, Roger W. 

Strauss, Harry 

Strauss, Miss Henriette 

Strauss, Israel 

Strauss, Jacob 

Strauss, John Francis 

Strauss, Julius 

Strauss, Lawrence L. 

Strauss, Louis 

Strauss, Martin 

Strauss, Maurice J. 

Strauss, Samuel 

Strawn, W. H. 

Street, Charles F. 

Street, Miss Susan W. 

Street, William A. 

Streeter, Mrs. M. B. 

Streeter, Thomas W. 

Strickland, Miss Florence 

Striffler, Edward C. 

Strodl, George T. 

Stroh, Frederick A. 

Stroheim, Salo J. 

Strohmeyer, Frederick G. 

Stromberg, Mrs. Gustaf 

Strong, George A. 

Strong, Nat C. 

Strong, Richard A. 
Stroock, Joseph 
Stroock, Louis S. 
Struss, William J. 
Strype, Frederic C. 
Stuart, Nigel 
Stuart, Robert 
Stuki, August George 
Sturdevant, John T. 
Sturges, Clarence B. 
Sturgis, William 
Sturgis, Mrs. William 
Sturmer, Miss Victoria F. 
Suarez, Jose 
Sulley, A. J. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Catharine 

Sullivan, Charles A. 
Sullivan, Cornelius J. 
Sullivan, Leonard 
Sulzbacher, Joseph H. 
Sulzberger, Mrs. Cyrus 
Sumner, Graham 
Sumner, Ralph E. 
Sunderland, Edwin S. S. 
Susman, Louis 


Susmann, J. H. 

Sussman, Otto 

Sutcliffe, A. S. 

Suter, George A. 

Sutherland, Fred B. 

Sutro, Lionel 

Sutro, Richard 

Sutro, Victor 

Suval, Philip 

Suydam, Mrs. John R. 

Suydam, Lambert 

Swacker, Frank M. 

Swain, Frank T 

Swan, Mrs. Charles F. 

Swan, Miss Harriette S. 

Swan, John L. 

Swann, Mrs. Arthur W. 

Swartwout, Frank G. 

Swayne, Francis B. 

Sweeny, Thompson Tyler 

Sweet, Mrs. Reginald L. 

Sweet, Stanley A. 

Sweezy, Everett B. 

Swenson, Mrs. Eric P. 

Swenson, S. A. 

Swenson, Mrs. Swen A. 

Swift, Miss Alice M. 

Swift, Samuel 
Swords, Mrs. Charles R. 
Swoyer, Alfred P. 
Sykes, Walter H., Jr. 
Symmes, William B., Jr. 
Symonds, Brandreth 
Symons, Henry 
Szakvary, Desire R. 
Szarvas, Thedor 
Taber, Mrs. D. Shearman 
Taber, Miss M. 
Tabor, F. H. 
Taft, Henry W. 
Taft, Theodore M. 
Taft, Walbridge S. 
Taggert, Rush 
Takamine, Jokichi 
Talbert, Mrs. Joseph 
Talcott, J. Frederick 
Tallmadge, Henry O. 
Talmage, E. T. H. 
Tameling, Gerard P. 
Tanenhaus, Max 
Tannenham, S. A. 
Tanner, Brent M. 
Tappan, Charles O. 
Tappenbeck, William 
Taranto, Leon N. 
Tas, Emile 
Tassi, Mrs. Emil 


Tate, Alfred O. 
Tate, Joseph 
Tatham, Edwin 
Taussing, Walter M. 
Taylor, B. L., Jr. 
Taylor, Carl 
Taylor, Charles G. 
Taylor, Charles H. 
Taylor, Clarence C. 
Taylor, Mrs. F. Carroll 
Taylor, Fred A. 
Taylor, George C. 
Taylor, Miss Grace Le 

Taylor, Harris 
Taylor, Henry A. 
Taylor, Henry R. 
Taylor, Herbert C. 
Taylor, Mrs. James B. 
Taylor, Myron C. 
Taylor, Richard A. 
Taylor, W. A. 
Taylor, W. H. 
Taylor, Walter P. 
Taylor, Winthrop 
Teague, Walter D. 
Teall, Gardner 
Tears, Daniel W. 
Teele, Arthur W. 
Teets, Herbert M. 
Tefft, Erastus T. 
Teichman, Louis M. 
Telleen, S. Frederick 
Tencoorn, Mrs. Carrie 
Ten Eick, Cornelius 
Ten Eyck, Herbert B. 
Tenney, Daniel G. 
Tenney, Mrs. Mabel A. 
Tenney, Theodore S. 
Tepper, Barney 
Terhune, R. S. 
Terrell, Mrs. M. E. W. 
Terry, Albert S. 
Terry, Charles Thaddeus 
Terry, Franklin S. 
Terry, John T. 
Terry, Roderick, Jr. 
Teschner, Mrs. Isaac 
Teschner, Miss Ruth 
Testi, P. 
Tetard, Louis C. 
TewksDury, J. Winthrop 
Thacher, Mrs. Archibald 

Thacher, Mrs. Thomas D. 
Thacher, William Hutton 
Thalmann, Mrs. Ernst 

Thayer, Arnold 
Thayer, Benjamin B. 
Thayer, Harry B. 
Thibaut, Mrs. Josephine 

Thjel, Philip 
Thiele, Emil 
Thorn, William B. 
Thomas, Allen M. 
Thomas, Charles G. M. 
Thomas, Mrs. Frank S. 
Thomas, Hector W. 
Thomas, Mrs. Howard L. 
Thomas, James P. 
Thomas, John 
Thomas, Mrs. John H. 
Thomas, Miss Roberta 
Thomas, Seth E., Jr. 
Thompson, Arthur G. 
Thompson, Mrs. Charles 
Thompson, Mrs. Ella M. 
Thompson, Henry B. 
Thompson, Henry F. 
Thompson, James H. 
Thompson, John A. 
Thompson, John C. 
Thompson, Mrs. M. A. 
Thompson, Payson 
Thompson, R. L. 
Thompson, W. J. 
Thompson, Wilfred M. 
Thompson, William E. 
Thompson, William J. 
Thompson, William O. 
Thompson, Wilson W. 
Thorns, George 
Thomson, Edward T. 
Thomson, Miss Evelyn M. 
Thomson, Frederick A. 
Thomson, George J. 
Thomson, Henry P. 
Thomson, James 
Thomson, James R. 
Thomson, Nelson 
Thorn, Mrs. William E. 
Thorne, Albert E. 
Thome, Albert G. 
Thorne, Charles Stockton 
Thorne, Edwin 
Thorne, Mrs. Landon K. 
Thorne, Robert 
Thorne, S. B. 
Thorne, Mrs. W. V. S. 
Thornell, Henry L. 
Thorns, Frederick R. 
Thornton, John S. 
Thornton, Miss Lucile 


Thornton, William D. 
Thorp, Frank 
Throckmorton, Mrs. C. E. 

Thun, Victor H. 
Thurber, Howard F. 
Tjdd, Mrs. George N. 
Tiedemann, Henry F. 
Tiefenthal, Ernest R. 
Tierney, Myles J. 
Tjers, Mrs. Alexander H. 
Tiffany, Charles L. 
Tiffany, Mrs. Dexter O. 
Tiffany, Miss Jane Perry 
Tifft, Henry N. 
Tilford, Mrs. Henry M. 
Tilney, John S. 
Tjlton, Edward L. 
Tilton, Mrs. George H., 

.J r - 

Tilton, Mrs. Joseph W. 

Tilton, Newell W. 
Tim, Bernard L. 
Tim, L. B. 
Timken, William R. 
Timme, Walter 
Tjmmerman, Richard H. 
Timmermann, Henry G. 
Timmons, William T. 
Timms Walter, B. 
Timolat, J. G. 
Timpson, James 
Tinker, Edward R. 
Tinker, Mrs. Horace H. 
Tirrell, Martin L. 
Tisdale, Glenn A. 
Tishman, Mrs. David 
Titman, Benjamin 
Tobin, Abraham I. 
Tobin, Mrs. Genevieve W. 
Tobin, Mrs. John W. 
Toch, Henry M. 
Todd, Henry A. 
Todd, John G. 
Toel, Miss Adelina L. 
Toerge, Mrs. Josephine H. 
Tolfree, E. R. 
Tolles, Brainard 
Tolson, Arthur M. 
Tomlinson, Mrs. A. A. 
Tomlinson, Edward S. 
Tomlinson, Joseph D. 
Tompkins, Mrs. E. F. 
Tompkins, Leslie J. 
Tompkins, Uriah W. 
Tompkins, Walstein M. 
Tonjes, John H. 


Tonnele, John N. 

Tooker, Joseph D. 

Toplitt, Nathan 

Toppin, Frederick 

Tornroth, Bruno 

Toro, Luis 

Torok, Mrs. Ervin 

Torras, Joaquin 

Torrence, Miss Mary W. 

Tosi, Charles A. 

Tout, T. Atkins 

Tower, Edward M. C. 

Towle, Miss Mary R. 

Towne, Paul R. 

Townes, Willis G. 

Townsend, Dallas S. 

Townsend, David C. 

Townsend, Frederick M. 

Townsend, H. Notting- 

Townsend, Howard 

Townsend, J. Henry 

Townsend, James M. 

Townsend, Mrs. John J. 

Townshend, Arthur B. 

Tracy, William D. 

Trainor, P. S.. 

Trask, George F. D. 

Trautmann, Franklin P. 

Travers, W. E. 

Travis, Charles Mabbett 

Travis, John C. 

Trawick, Samuel W. 

Treadway, Mrs. Heaton I. 

Treadwell, Chauncey E. 

Treat, Sidney J. 

Trebing, Herbert A. 

Tredwell, Edgar A. 

Treganza, Mrs. E. G. 

Tregoe, J. Harry 

Trench, Charles S. Le 

Trevithick, H. P. 

Trevor, Miss Emily 

Trevor, Herbert Edward 

Trevor, John B. 

Tridon, Andre 

Triest, Hans, Sr. 

Triest, W. Gustav 

Trimble, Richard 

Trimble, Mrs Richard 

Trimble, Walter 

Tripler, Frederick R. 

Tripp, Donald F. 

Troescher, Albert A. 

Trouchman, Nathaniel 

Trounstine, Lewis J. 

Troup, Miss Agnes G. 
Troy, B. 

Trueb, Rudolph O. 
Truesdale, Joseph R. 
Truesdale, William H. 
Truslow, Henry A. 
Truslow, Miss Marie J. 
Tryon, G. H. 
Tuck, Alvin J. 
Tucker, Allen 
Tucker, Mrs. Gilman H. 
Tucker, William A. 
Tuckerman, Miss Emily 
Tuckerman, Miss Jane F. 
Tufts, Frank E. 
Tully, William J. 
Tuna, Anthony 
Tunik, Joseph 
Turberg, Philip 
Turck, Fenton B. 
Turle, Mrs. Kathleen G. 
Turnbull, Arthur 
Turnbull, Edward 
Turnbull, Mrs. Ramsay 
Turnbull, Mrs. Robert J. 
Turner, Alfred R. 
Turner, Ernest A. 
Turner, Mrs. J. Spencer 
Turner, James H. 
Turner, Miss Margaret E. 
Turner, Ross M. 
Turner, William J. 
Turner, Mrs. William L. 
Turnure, George E. 
Turtle, Harry F. 
Tuska, Alonzo L. 
Tuska, Benjamin 
Tuska, Gustave R. 
Tutt, Miss Myra R. 
Tweed, Mrs. Harrison 
Tweedy, Mrs. Alice B. 
Twining, E. S. 
Twining, Mrs. Kingsley 
Tyler, Mrs. C. B. 
Tyler, Ernest F. 
Tyng, Mrs. Lucien H. 
Tyng, Stephen H., Jr. 
Tysen, Edward P. 
Tyson, Anderson H. 
Udall, Frank O. 
Uehling, F. F. 
Ughet, Mrs. Serge A. 
Uhl, August 
Uhlig, Gustav H. 
Ukers, William H. 
Ullmann, E. S. 
Ulman, Mrs. Morris S. 


Ulmann, Mrs. Doris 

Ulmann, Ludwig 

Ulmer, Julian E. 

Underhill, Elmer 

Underbill, Frederic Edgar 

Underhill, Mrs. Richard 

Underhill, Walter 

Underwood, John T. 

Unger, Mrs. Carrie 

Unterberg, Mrs. Israel 

Untermeyer, Mrs. Sophia 

Untermeyer, Walter 

Untermyer, Alvin 

Untermyer, Isaac 

Untermyer, Samuel 

Upson, Maxwell M. 

Uterhart, Mrs. Henry A. 

Uttmark, Fritz E. 

Vail, Mrs. George I. 

Vaillant, Miss Abby A. 

Valente, Louis A. 

Valentine, Mrs. Henry C. 

Valentine, Langdon B. 

Van Aken, Charles H. 

Van Alstyne, Mrs. David 

Vanamee, Mrs. William 

VanBeuren, Mrs. Fred- 
erick T. 

Van Beuren, Mrs. M. M. 

Van Boskerck, Miss Edith 

Van Boskerck, Thomas R. 

Van Brink, M. 

Van Brunt, Jeremiah R. 

Van Courtlandt, A. # 

Vander Bent, Teunis J. 

Vanderbilt, Clarence A. 

Vanderhoof, Benjamin P. 

Vanderlip, Frank A. 

Vanderlipp, W. T. 

Vanderpoel, Mrs. John A. 

Vander Poel, Mrs. Wil- 
liam H. 

Van De Water, George R. 

Vandiver, Almuth C. 

Van Doom, William 

Van Dusen, Samuel C. 

Van Dusen, Mrs. Thomas 

Van Duzer, Henry S. 

Vandyck, James R. 

Van Emburg, Miss J. E. 

Van Etten, Nathan B. 

Van Fleet, Herman 

Van Haelen, John B. 

Van Horn, Mrs. Burt 


Van Iderstine, Robert 
Van Kleeck, Miss Mary 
Van Loan, Joseph T. 
Van Loan, Thomas 
Van Patten, L. A. 
Van Praag, Henry L. 
Van Rensselaer, Mrs. 

Van Sant, Mrs. John T. 
Van Santvoord, Seymour 
Van Sinderen, Howard 
Van Tuyl, George C, Jr. 
Van Voorhis, Mrs. Rich- 
Van Wagenen, Bleecker 
Van Wagenen, Cornelius 

Van Werveke, George 
Van Winkle, Miss Grace 


Van Wyck, Frederick 
Vaughan, Harold S. 
Vedder, George C. 
Veeck, Gustave A. 
Veeder, Mrs. Van Vechten 
Veer, Francis S. vander 
Veiller, Lawrence 
Velie, Miss Janet 
Veltin, Miss Louise 
Venner, Mrs. C. H. 
Verhoeff, N. G. 
Vermeule, Cornelius C. 
Vemay, Arthur S. 
Vernon, William B. 
Verran, Harry E, _ 
Vesey, Miss Minnie C. 
Vickery, John T. 
Vidaver, Mrs. Nathan 
Vietor, Carl L. 
Vietor, Mrs. George F. 
Vietor, Thomas F. 
Vilas, Charles A. 
Villa, Alfonso P. 
Villard, Oswald Garrison 
Vincent, George 
Vincent, George E. 
Vincent, Walter W. 
Vineberg, Hiram N. 
Violett, Atwood 
Vitale, Ferruccio 
Vitelli, Givonni 
Voelcker, August 
Voelker, John Ph. 
Vogel, Earl_ 
Vogel, Edwin C. _ 
Vogel, Mrs. Edwin C. 
Voeel, Felix A. 

Vogel, Mrs. H. G. 
Vogelstein, Ludwig 
Vogler, Edward C. H. 
Voigt, Mrs. Owen M. 
Volk, Albert A. 
Volk, Douglas 
Von Bernuth, Frederick A. 
Von Bernuth, Mrs. Paula 
Vondermuhll, Mrs. George 

Von Dorn, Theodore F. 
Von Lengerke, Justus 
Von Lossberg, Victor F. 
Voorhees, Joseph P. 
Voorhees, Stephen F. 
Vore, Miss Gladys _ 
Vorhaus, Mrs. Louis J. 
Vorhaus, Martin G. 
Vought, G. Tracy, Jr. 
Vought, Isaac S._ 
Vreeland, Frederick K. 
Vreeland, Mrs. H. H. 
Vuilleumier, Jules A. 
Wachsmann, S. 
Wadelton, Thomas D. 
Wagner, Charles L. 
Wagner, Mrs. Clinton 
Wagner, Edward O. 
Wagner, Frank 
Wagner, H. F. 
Wagner, Robert F. 
Wagner, T. B. 
Wagstaff, Mrs. David 
Waid, D. Everett 
Wainwright, Mrs. J. 

Wainwright, William P. 
Wakelee, Justus 
Wakeman, Stephen H. 
Walbridge, John H. 
Walcoff, Isaac 
Walcott, George 
Walker, Mrs. A. Stewart 
Walker, Alexander 
Walker, Alfred S. 
Walker, Clarence J. 
Walker, Henry L. 
Walker, Miss Jane B. 
Walker, Mrs. John B. 
Walker, Miss Katherine C. 
Walker, Roberts 
Walker, Miss Sophia A. 
Walker, W. G. 
Wallace, Mrs. Gustavus S. 
Wallach, Moses 
Wallen, George S. 
Wallenstein, Milton H. 


Waller, Newton B. 
Waller, Steward 
Wallerstein, Alfred 
Wallerstein, Leo 
Wallstein, Michael 
Walsh, Myles 
Walsh, Mrs. Samuel A. 
Walsh, Simon J. 
Walter, William I. 
Walther, Frank O. 
Walther, William L. 
Walton, David S. 
Walton, Francis E. 
Wanamaker, John 
Wanless, Richard 
Wanninger, Charles 
Warburg, Paul M. 
Warburton, Frank T. 
Ward, Mrs. Charles Mon- 
Ward, Charles T. 
Ward, Freeman F. 
Ward, Harry E. 
Wardwell, Allen 
Wardwell, Henry L. 
Ware, Arthur 
Warfield, David 
Warman, Percy S. 
Warner, C. Blaine 
Warner, Mrs. Donald J. 
Warner, George H. 
Warner, Mrs. Henry W. 
Warner, Lucien C. 
Warner, Mony J. 
Warner, William H. H. 
Warner, Worcester R. 
Warnock, James Knox 
Warren, Miss Eugenie 
Warren, Howard C. 
Warren, Joseph A. 
Warren, Lloyd 
Warren, Mrs. Whitney 
Warrin, Edmondson 
Warschauer, Isadore 
Washburn, Fred P. 
Washburn, William Ives 
Wassermann, Jesse A. 
Waterman, Lewis E. 
Watermeyer, Frederick E. 
Watjen, Louis 
Watkins, Thomas H. 
Watkins, W. E. 
Watson, Alexander 
Watson, Mrs. Clarence W. 
Watson, Miss Gertrude 
Watson, Henry S. 
Watson, J. Curry 


Watson, Mrs. J. Henry 

Watson, John J., Jr. 

Watson, Macdermid Par- 

Watts, John J. 

Waugh, Leuman M. 

Wearne, Harry 

Webb, Mrs. Alexander S. 

Webb, F. Egerton 

Webb, Mrs. Vanderbilt 

Webb, W. Seward 

Weber, Albert V. 

Weber, George A. 

Weber, Mrs. Oscar B. 

Weber, Wjlliam F. 

Weber, William J. 

Webster, David H. 

Webster, Franklin 

Webster, Norman E. 

Webster, Mrs. Sidney 

Wedgwood, Kennard 

Weekes, Arthur D. 

Weekes, H. Hobart 

Weekes, Harold H. 

Weeks, Benjamin E. 

Weeks, Charles L. 

Weeks, Edward A. 

Weeks, Frank A. 

Weeks, John E. 

Weeks, John L. 

Weeks, Leon J. 

Wehmeyer, Eugene 

Weigel, George A. 

Weigert, Hugo 

Weil, Arthur W. 

Weil, Edmond 

Weil, Mrs. Harriet 

Weil, Henry V. 

Weil, Isaac 

Weill, Leo 

Weiller, Louis M. 

Weinberg, Charles 

Weinberg, Jacob 

Weinert, Joseph L. 

Weinschenker, Charles 

Weinstein, Harris 

Weiss, Jules C. 

Weiss, Samuel 

Weitling, William W. 
Welch, Alexander Mc- 
Weld, Mrs. Edward M. 
Weld, Mrs. Francis M. 
Weldon, Richard E. 
Welker, Franklin 
Welles, Miss Harriet K. 
Welles, Paul 

Wells, Edward H. 

Wells, Frank M. 

Wells, Gabriel 

Wells, Mrs. John 

Wells, Judd E. 

Wells, Norman F. 

Wells, Oliver J. 

Welsh, Mrs. J. R. 

Welsh, S. Charles 

Welwood, John C. 

Wemple, WiUiam Y. 

Wendell, Arthur R. 

Wendt, Alfred 

Wendt, Miss Mary B. 

Wengenroth, William F. 

Wentz, Theodore 

Werner, George G. 

Werner, Theodore 

Wertheim, Joseph B. 

Wertheim, Mrs. Maurice 

Wesendonck, Max A. 

Wessell, Fernando A. 

Westerburg, Emil 
Westerfield, Jason 
Westergren, Moritz F. 
Westermayr, Arthur J. 
Westervelt, William 

Westin, Morris H. 
Wheeler, Miss Emily M. 
Wheeler, Harry R. 
Wheeler, Henry L. 
Wheeler, Herbert L. 
Wheeler, I. N. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Jane H. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Schuyler S. 
Wheelock, George L. 
Wheelwright, Miss Eliza- 
beth G. 
Wheelwright, Joseph S. 
Whelan, J. J. 
Whinery, Samuel B. 
Whipple, Allen 0. 
Whitaker, Frederick P. 
Whitaker, Louis P. 
Whitcomb, Mrs. Julia G. 
White, Mrs. Alfred L. 
White, Burton F. 
White, Mrs. Caroline 
White, Clarence H. 
White, Edward Hurley 
White, Eliot 
White, Francis F. 
White, Frederick W. 
White, Mrs. James W. 
White, John F. 
White, Lawrence Grant 


Whjte, Samuel M. 

White, Mrs. Stanford 

White, William A. 

Whitehill, W. 

Whitehouse, C. Austin 

Whitehouse, J. Norman de 

Whitenack, J. Odell 

Whitlock, Mrs. H. A. 

Whitlock, James A. 

Whitman, Alfred A. 

Whitman, Clarence 

Whitman, James S. 

Whitman, Royal 

Whitmarsh, Theodore F. 

Whitmore, John 

Whitney, Arthur 

Whitney, Edward F. 

Whitney, H. Le Roy 

Whitney, Stanton 

Whiton, Henry D. 

Whittemore, Howard 

Whittlesey, Granville 

Wiborg, Frank B. 

Wick, fiermon 

Wickham, Miss Louise F. 

Wickham, William H. 

Wickware, Miss Margery 

Wickwire, Arthur M. 
Wiemann, George F. 
Wiener, Ernest H. 
Wiener, Richard G. 
Wierum, Otto C. 
Wight, Sidney B. 
Wilcox, Delos F. 
Wildenstein, Felix 
Wildnauer,_Max G. 
Wiley, Louis 
Wiley, W. H. 
Wilkie, John L. 
Wilkin, John L. 
Wilkins, Frederick Hayes 
Wilkinson, Miss Katha- 
rine M. 
Willard, Miss Mary L. 
Willard, Thomas H. 
Willenbrock, Berthold D. 
Willets, Howard 
Willets, Miss Maria 
Willets, Morris L. 
Williams, A. 
Williams, Arthur 
Wjlliams, Arthur P. 
Williams, Calvin E. 
Williams, Mrs. Charles M. 
Williams, Henry D. 


Williams, Herbert M. 

Williams, James D. 

Williams, Mrs. Jesse 

Williams, John 0. 

Williams, Mrs. Lloyd 

Williams, Louis W. 

Williams, Percy H. 

Williams, Walter Thomas 

Williams, William H. 

Williamson, Edward 

Williamson, Frank E. 

Williamson, Frederick J. 

Willis, William P. 

Williston, James R. 

Willstatter, A. 

Wilmerding, Lucius 

Wilmerding, Lucius K. 

Wilner, Max 

Wilputte, Louis 

Wilsey, Frank D. 

Wilsnack, William A. 

Wilson, Edward W. 

Wilson, Edwin Bird 

Wilson, Henry F., Jr. 

Wilson, Jerome J. 

Wilson, John E. 

Wilson, Luther B. 

Wilson, Marshall Orme 

Wilson, Myron H. 

Wilson, Thomas H., Sr. 

Wilson, Mrs. Washington 

Wilson, William J. 

Wimelbacher, Sigmund 

Wineburgh, Abraham 

Wineburgh, Henry 

Wing, Lucius A. 

Wingate, George W. _ 

Winslow, Mrs. Francis D. 

Winsten, Albert 

Winterburn, Frederick W. 

Winthrop, Bronson 

Winthrop, H. R. 

Wise, Henry M. 

Wjse, Leo H. 

Wise, Sidney L. 

Witcombe, Herbert A. 

Witherspoon, Mrs. Her- 

Wittnauer, Miss Martha 

Wittson, Girard S. 

Wodiska, Julius 

Woerz, F. W. 

Wohlgemuth, Abraham 

Wolf, Alfred M. 

Wolf, David 

Wolf, Milton 

Wolf, Simson 

Wolf, Theodore 

Wolff, Hermann H. 

Wolff, Kurt 

Wolff, Moritz 

Wolff, William Edward 

Wolfson, Tobias 

Wood, Mrs. Arnold 

Wood, Mrs. Grace 

Wood, Howard K. 

Wood, Miss Mary Ellen 

Woodbury, Daniel T. 

Woodbury, Mrs. John T. 

Woodford, Walter E. 

Woodhouse, Mrs. Lorenzo 

Woodin, W. H. 

Woodruff, Mrs. Susan H. 

Woods, William 

Woodward, Deaconess C. 
V. B. 

Woodward, Miss E. Con- 

Woodward, Miss Marie 

Woodward, Mrs. 0. S. 

Woodward, Mrs. William 

Woolley, Mrs. Cornell 

Woolley, John 

Woolley, Mrs. Park M. 

Woolsey, Heathcote M. 

Woolsey, Mrs. John M. 

Woolsey, Minthorne 

Worcester, Wilfred J. 

Worden, Mrs ; Daniel T. 

Workum, Julius F. 

Wormser, Max E. 

Worrall, Walter L. 

Worth, Benjamin W. 

Wrenn, G. L. 

Wright, Albert S. 

Wright, Charles H. 

Wright, Fred W. 

Wright, Glen 

Wright, Miss Mary C. 
Wright, Wendell J. 
Wright, Wilfred L. 
Wupperman, Mrs. George 
Wyatt, Henry J. 
Wyatt, Vincent P. 
Wyckoff, Edward G. 
Wyeth, Marion S. 
Wyle, Julius J. 
Wyler, Sigmund 
Wylie, James A. 
Wylie, John P. 
Wynkoop, John 
Wynne, Marvin W. 
Yandell, Mrs. L. P. 
Yandell, Lunsford P. 
Yerkes, William S. 
York, Edward P. 
Yorke, George M. 
Young, A. Murray 
Young, Mrs. A. Murray 
Young, Clarence R. 
Young, Horace G. 
Young, Mrs. Thomas 

Zabriskie, Mrs. Andrew C. 
Zabriskie, Christian B. 
Zabriskie, Cornelius B. 
Zabriskie, George A. 
Zaro, Henry C. 
Zawistowski, Martin 
Zehnder, Charles H. 
Zeidler, William A. 
Zeiller, Oscar F. 
Zeno, Norman L. 
Ziegler, Henry 
Zimetbaum, Israel 
Zimmele, Mrs. J. J. 
Zimmer, Edward 
Zimmerman, John 
Zinsser, August, Jr. 
Zinsser, Hans 
Zinsser, William H. 
Zipser, Jacques E. 
Zobel, Robert P. 
Zoller, Charles 
Zucker, Samuel 
Zuckerman, Henry 
Zukor, Adolph 
Zwilling, Elihu J.